LESSONS IN LOGIC: Gender Does NOT Refer To Sex

From my other blog, The Road to Concord:

Like mathematics, Language is a form of logic.  This means, like mathematics, Language is governed by a known set of rules.  In order for mathematics to work, the rules which govern it cannot change.  If 2+2 equals 4 here but 5 where you are, then we cannot be sure of the result of any equation we use.  This means we cannot be confident in anything that uses mathematics, most especially engineering.  So, if the rules governing mathematics can change, you should not cross a bridge or get on an aircraft as you cannot know they will hold up or fly.  The same is true for Language.  In order for us to have any confidence that we can make ourselves understood, or that we properly understand what others are saying to us, the rules governing our language cannot change.  Now, let’s look at one of the most fundamental rules of any language: words have specific meanings and you cannot change that meaning without making it abundantly clear to all parties that you have redefined the word!  This especially applies to the ‘gender’ issue in our society today.

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