WARNING TO THE CHURCH: It’s Time to Suit Up, because Our Persecution is Nigh at Hand!

Several years ago, I was only playing at being a follower of Christ.  Back then, I didn’t read my Scriptures very often, and when I did, it was mostly prophecy.  I was trying to figure out when I would be removed from the trials to come.  Then, in His infinite Wisdom and perfect Grace, the Lord called me to teach.  Now, I did not know or understand much Scripture at that time, but I did know what God’s Word says about holding teachers to a higher standard.  So, when I was called to teach, I got serious about studying God’s Word — and it was also about that time I started to humble myself and obey His commands.  Once I did this, God began to open His Word to me, including His prophecies.  He also  lead me to some of His other servants whose teachings the Lord wanted me to hear.  Because I set myself aside and allowed God’s Word to speak for itself, I have a knew understanding of prophecy, and with it, a new command.  The Lord has called me to warn whomsoever will listen, and not to cease sounding this alarm until He tells me to.  So it is that I say to all who have ears to hear: it is time to put on the full armor of God for the time of our persecution is nigh at hand!


Too few of us understand exactly what Islam is. Some believe the lie: that it is a religion of ‘peace.’  Others think it is a fascistic system of domination masquerading as a religion.  The truth is, it is all these things and more, but if you do not have spiritual eyes, you will never see the ‘more.’  But, if you call yourself by the Lord’s name, you need to see and understand Islam for what it truly is.  There is so much to learn, and this blog post cannot possibly cover everything.  All I can do is warn you of the danger and point you in the right direction so that those who do hear the Lord’s voice can know where to find the answers they need to affirm the things I am about to share.  For many, I know what follows will be difficult to accept.  It goes against much of what we have all been taught.  All I can do is ask you to set aside what you think you know and read what I have been given to tell you.  Then, do not dismiss it, but go test it against your Scriptures — as Scripture commands us to do.

I need to offer one more word of explanation before I start.  The Lord made me such that I understand inconsistency very, very well.  For most of my life, this made me prideful and arrogant, which also made me useless to the Lord.  But I finally humbled myself and laid His works in me at His feet, and now I see Him using what He built into me every day.  Now, I do not say this to boast — not anymore.  No, now I realize it is not me, but the Lord’s Hand in me that catches inconsistency and contradiction.  And it is this aspect of the Lord’s Hand in who He made me to be that He now uses to warn others.  You see, before I gave myself over tot he Lord, I knew there were serious problems with the ‘end times’ theories the church has been teaching since before I was born.  Most of what we all believe simply does not match what Scripture says.  Even before I surrendered, I knew this was true.  But now, now that I am a servant of the Lord, He has helped me to see His prophecy more clearly and, while I still do not see with perfect sight, I see well enough to recognize that we are close to a time of great persecution of the Church — the True Church.

For me, the questioning of the pre- mid- post-tribulation rapture and the seven year tribulation story started long before the Lord led me to one of His faithful servants.  There is nothing in Scripture that even comes close to hinting at this version of end-times theorizing.  It is a myth!  It is not going to happen the way the “Left Behind” series tells it, and I can show this to you in your Scriptures!  So I was already starting to question everything I had been taught when the Lord led me to the works of His servant, Ellis Skolfield.  When I read the revelations that God had given brother Skolfield, I immediately realized they were pretty much consistent with what I knew Scripture actually says.  In fact, brother Ellis even helped me to better understand how to read my Scriptures by teaching me about Hebrew poetry, and Hebrew idioms and the many forms of symbolic speech in Scripture.  He also showed me how to read Scripture as a whole, putting all these necessary pieces together in the process.

Now, I need to pause here to make sure I stress something.  I want to make it perfectly clear that I am not teaching Skolfield, nor does Skolfield claim his own teachings.  To be honest, I believe there are pieces of what Skolfield shares with us that are not quite correct, but then, God’s Word tells us that each of us is given only a part of the picture.  It is when we share these parts that we, the Body of Christ, gain the larger picture.  Skolfield knows this, too and in everything Skolfield writes to the Church, he points to Scripture for support, and gives credit to the Lord every time it is due.  I do the same.  I neither point to Skolfield as an authority, nor as a prophet.  He is merely another servant who has been given a message, by the Lord, and is sharing it with those who will listen — just as I am.  So please, understand that Skolfield merely explains prophecy in the same way that the Apostles explained the Scriptures.  The Lord has used our brother to open our eyes — nothing more.  Now I am doing nothing more than amplifying the Lord’s message as delivered through His servants.

[If you are interested in the full argument and supporting Scripture, you can read Skolfield’s latest book on his revelations, “The False Prophet.”  The pdf is available as a free download.  Part I here, and Part II here.  Skolfield’s website is www.fishhouseministries.com, and a separate but supporting site can be found at Behold the Beast.]


Setting aside the theological arguments for why, let me just say that I believe that we are in what Daniel defined as ‘The End Times.’  This means ‘The Last Days,’ or ‘Times of the Gentiles,’ are behind us.  I also believe that Islam is connected to the seven-headed Beast of Revelation.  In fact, it is one-in-the same as the head with the mortal wound that is now coming back to life or already lives.  But to understand this, you have to understand that, when used in prophetic terms, the Bible defines a ‘beast’ as a kingdom — not a person!  If so, then Islam is going to sweep across the face of the earth, bringing death and persecution in its wake.

I also believe that Satan has been loosed from the pit and that we are now in the ‘short season’ when he is free to once again deceive the nations.  It is all explained in the Gospels and in Revelation, we’ve just been looking at Revelation the wrong way.  It is not a mystery to be decoded: Revelation is the decoder ring by which we understand all the other mysteries of prophecy which came before.  When Jesus spoke of binding or chaining the strong man, He was referring to Satan, and the house that was being robbed is this world: Christ was coming to take souls away from Satan. This is the same scene as in Revelation when it speaks of Satan being bound and thrown in the pit.  You just have to look at things differently (and understand a few transnational issues we have missed in the original Greek).  Once you see it, it all falls into place and you can never ‘un-see’ it again (please read ‘The false Prophet’).

The two witnesses of Revelation are not actual people.  They are the two olive trees and two candlesticks.  Again, Scripture defines a candlestick as a Church, and Israel as the olive tree.  The two trees — one domestic and the other wild — are Israel and the gentile believers/church.  They, the Jews and Christians, have witnessed for the Lord until recent times, when they died.  Yes, the two witnesses have already died or dying.  The Jews are now back in Israel, so they are no longer sheltered in the wilderness where they witnessed to the nations into which they had been sewn.  And the Church has largely been corrupted by secular forces.  All of this happened in 1948, which is a pivotal date in God’s prophetic plan.  In fact, 1948 is the most important date/event in prophecy since Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection.  But this is the secular manifestation of the Spiritual war going on around us.  You have to see the secular events of history for their Spiritual meaning, as well.  In this case, 1947-48 is when the campaign to sever the Christian Church in America from our civil government and public life began in earnest, culminating in the mid-1060’s (read “Communist Infiltration of American Churches” and “Man of Sin“).   This is very close in time to another prophetic milestone foretold by Christ: the day Jerusalem came back under Hebrew control — 1967!  So, somewhere between 1948-1967, the two witnesses either died or started to die.  The restrainer has been removed and the world has quickly fallen away from God.

And herein lies the warning.  If this is the correct understanding of God’s prophecy, and the two witnesses are dead or dying, that means the whole world will soon turn on the Jews and Christians and a persecution like nothing the Church has ever seen will soon begin — exactly as the Scriptures foretold.  But do not despair!  This is a blessing, for the world does not hate its own.  If it hates you, it hates you because you do not belong to it, but to Him, the One true Living God!

What we must do now is put on the full armor of God.  Bury yourself in His Word every day.  Cling to Him and His promises.  Remain faithful — even unto death.  Do not grow weak, or faint, for He will be true to His promises.  Even if we die, we live.  The same will not be true for the people of this world.  But this also means we must get our lives in proper order.  We must focus on His work, not our own.  The time is short, and the harvest is still great.  We must share the Gospel with as many as we can.  Do not delay!

Hear the warning, and obey — obey God’s Word before it is too late.



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