TRUTH: The TEACHINGS of Christianity and Islam are Negations of Each Other

There is a difference between the people who actually embrace and try to live according to the teachings of a given religion; people who follow a version of their own making with teachings of their own design; and people who only claim to believe in that religion but do not follow any of its teachings.  In every case, understanding this difference demands that you know what that given religion actually teaches.  This way, you can compare their actions to those teachings to determine to which category a person belongs: a true believer, a follower of a sect; or a hypocrite who only claims to be a follower but isn’t.  But why should this matter to us today?  Well, in the case of Christianity and Islam, the two largest religions in the world, their teachings are negations of each other.  In a very real sense, they are Spiritual photo negatives.  This matters to us because these two religions cannot coexist, and now that they are clashing, there must be a victor.  If the Western world wants to survive, it must come to grips with this issue — then act accordingly.

At the heart of this issue is the mistaken belief in ‘radical’ and ‘moderate’ Islam.  These are Western — Christian ideas.  They have no place in Islam.  They simply do not apply.  Whether we in the West want to accept it or not, the fact remains: the Western world is founded upon Christian values.  Christianity is inherent to the Western mind.  Westerners don’t understand this because it is inherent: it is in everything they know from the moment they are born.  But the Western way of thinking is alien to that of the Middle East.  In the West, we tend to think in terms of the abstract:  in the Middle East, people think in more concrete, more literal terms.  It may not seem like a big difference, but it is.

The West inherited the Greco-Roman culture, which is where we get our tendency to think in the abstract.  Originally, Christianity was a Middle eastern faith, with everything that entails.  However, when it moved beyond Israel’s borders, Christ’s Gospel message was conformed to fit the culture in which it was being preached.  This does not mean the teachings were changed to fit a given culture.  It means the people who were preaching the Gospel made every attempt to do so in terms that the people of a given culture could understand.  This is the source of much opposition to the Apostle, Paul.  Paul was instrumental in adapting the Gospel to the culture and many people misunderstood what he was doing.  By adapting to the sensitives of a given people, Paul was better able to spread the true teachings of Christ’s Gospel message by helping people understand and accept those teachings without having to become Jews.  This is partially manifested in the fact that, though heavily influenced by Christian thinking, the West retained national and cultural identities.  The same cannot be said for Muslims.

Whereas the Bible accepts differences in people and teaches that believers become one in a spiritual sense, but not a national sense, Islam makes no such distinction.  In Christianity, ‘The Body of Christ‘ is the term used to refer to this Spiritual family of all believers (also called Spiritual Israel).  The Bible teaches that all people can keep their cultural and national identities, yet they can still be a member of The Body of Christ/Spiritual Israel.  Islam has a similar term.  They call the entire Muslim world the Umma.  However, according to Muhammad, there can be no cultural or national differences between Muslims.  Muhammad commanded that all of Islam is one: culturally and nationally.  What’s more, Muhammad said this is a material reality for Muslims, not just a spiritual identity.  Therefore, where Christianity allows for many Peoples and nations, Islam demands that people become Muslim in every way.

Christianity also allows for non-believers to coexist with Christians.  In fact, the Bible commands that non-believers must be cared for in the same way as believers.  Though there are differences between believers and non-believers, the Bible Commands that they are to be treated fairly, justly — especially under the law.  Again, Islam teaches something similar, but it only applies to Muslims.  Muhammad commanded that non-Muslims are not to be viewed or treated as equals.  Islam does not command that non-believers be cared for, nor do they have guaranteed legal rights or protections.  In many cases, they can be enslaved and even killed without ramification to the Muslim(s).

Christianity commands that believers obey civil laws.  the only time a Christian is commanded to break a civil law is if that civil law conflicts with God’s moral law.  But even then, the Christian is told to submit to the civil law.  This means the Christian must disobey civil laws that contradict God’s moral law, but the Christian is not to resist the civil penalty for doing so.  In the first century, Christians refused to renounce Christ even though the penalty was death, but they did not resist by force.  Instead, they went to the lions willingly.  MLK taught his followers to do the same thing: they disobeyed unjust laws, but they did not resist arrest and prosecution.  Islam teaches something different.  Muhammad gave Muslims permission to live according to the laws of a foreign land– when the Muslim community in that foreign country is too weak to resist!  However, once the Muslims in that land are strong enough — even if only in a given part of it — Muhammad commanded them to live according to his commands (Shari’a, Islamic law).  What’s more, once the Muslims are strong enough, they are to resist local laws and enforce Islamic laws by any means necessary.  Muslims can use the local system against itself, but they are not limited to such means: they are also permitted to use force.

Christianity commands that believers spread Christ’s Gospel message to the whole world.  However, Christ also told His disciples they are not to force belief on people.  If they offer His Gospel and people reject it, Christ told His disciples to move on and leave those people in peace.  Islam is just the opposite.  Muhammad commanded Muslims to force people to either convert to Islam, to pay a tax and live as slaves among the Muslims, or kill them!  What’s more, as the end draws near and the world finally comes under control of Islam, those non-Muslims still alive and paying the subjugation tax must then convert or die!  The simple truth is that Muhammad commanded Muslims to spread Islam by the sword.

Now, here is the problem: if a person actually follows the teachings of Jesus Christ, he will not present a threat to any individual, to the culture or the nation.  However, if a Muslim is faithfully following the teachings of Muhammad, he will present a mortal threat to every non-Muslim, to the culture and the nation.  Christ and His disciples taught that it is possible to be a Christian and still be confused as to our understanding of every aspect of Scripture.  Muhammad made no such allowance.  He said that, once he settled something, Muslims were compelled to accept it or they were not Muslims.  Christ said believers are to have compassion for other believers who are confused.  Christians are to teach them and — if necessary — try to correct misunderstandings, but they are to love these other believers.  Muhammad said that Muslims who reject or refuse to obey his commands are to be killed. What’s more, when people pervert Christianity, it can be reformed by returning to Christ’s original Gospel teachings, but this does not apply to Islam.  If people follow Muhammad’s commands, they will kill those ‘Muslims’ who do not obey or try to change Muhammad’s commands..  If they speak out against the ‘radicals,’ or try to reform Islam, ‘moderate’ Muslims will be killed — because Muhammad said Islam does not change and commanded Muslims to kill anyone who tries to change it.

So, if a Christian is violent  (except in legitimate self-defense), or tries to force conversion to Christianity, that person is not following Christ’s teachings.  However, if a Muslim tries to live in peace with non-Muslims (where the Muslim community is strong enough to organize), that Muslim is disobeying Muhammad’s commands.  This is why ‘moderate’ Muslim is a lie: because Muhammad taught that there is no such thing.  According to Muhammad, there are only Muslims and hypocrites/apostates (those who only pretend to be Muslims and those who leave or reject Islam/Muhammad’s commands).  Everyone else is kafir (worse than, below infidel — animals).  Anyone who lives according to the way Muhammad taught and lived, they will be a threat to the entire world.  This is what the West is facing, and it is not going to go away by trying to understand Muslims; by giving jobs to Muslims; buying in to the global warming lie or by telling ourselves that we need ‘moderate’ Muslims to help us reform Islam.  All the West can do is accept Islam for what it claims to be and deal with it accordingly.

While it does not excuse the corruption of the faith that was involved; once you understand the threat, you will at least understand the necessity for the Crusades…


14 thoughts on “TRUTH: The TEACHINGS of Christianity and Islam are Negations of Each Other

  1. Islamic terror is just the latest tactic in Satan’s eternal contest with God for human souls.

    God’s desire for mankind is individual liberty matched with individual responsibility, so that our faith in His existence and His Word can bring us to be with Him in heaven.

    Satan’s desire is to use individual liberty to violate God’s rules so as to keep lost souls under his control and away from heaven. He would prefer to have one government over the entire planet. His best tool is the lust for power over other people. Islam is one of the nastier ways to gain power over others, but there are many. Almost any form of government offers its participants a ladder they can climb to gain positions of power. Socialism and communism vary in intensity, but they resemble Islam in that they all seek to replace God as the source of moral authority. Radical environmentalists have that tendency; so do capitalists, but they can be mollified with money. Now we even have a secularist government in America that seeks to place itself above God as the moral arbiter. This secular urge to disrespect Christianity is the reason that political liberals are so soft on Islam and Sharia law. The fact is, all these little political skirmishes are part of the eternal battle between good and evil, God and Satan. Everyone must choose their side carefully, and soon.

    1. Yep, good read, thanks. However, I was aware of this ‘theory.’ But to anyone who has bothered to learn Islam, it is not so much ‘theory’ as likely fact! The idea of Islam preserving anything of another culture is ludicrous. Where is was done, it was done by people in direct defiance of the teachings of Islam. Islam forbids anything that would allow the development of what we know as modern science. It also commands the destruction of all vestiges of any previous culture — especially their religion.

      Islam IS the 4th Beast of Daniel/the last Beast in Revelation. It tramples and devours and utterly destroys everything it conquers. Rome did not do this. If you payed your taxes and followed Roman law, Rome left your culture alone. ONLY ISLAM matches the description of the beast the prophets warned us about!

  2. Please can you give the verses where is written that “Muslims can use the local system against itself, but they are not limited to such means” and that “they are also permitted to use force.”?

        1. Actually, no, they cannot. Scripture may have commanded violence in certain circumstances, but not as the primary means of spreading the faith. In fact, Christ commanded just the opposite. And while lying may have been used in the OT, it was never sanctioned by Yahweh.

          So, nice try, but you swung and missed 🙂

    1. As for using the local system against itself: how about Muhammad’s multiple commands to obey MUHAMMAD and no one else? It is easy to make the short step from there to using a system to bring about Shari’a.

      If you do not see this, you either do not understand Islam as MUHAMMAD taught and lived it, or you have fallen for Islamic miss-information (i.e. lies)

      And yes, Muhammad said Muslims can lie to further the ’cause of Allah’

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