Major Media Voice Explains Difference between ‘Radical’ and ‘Moderate’ Muslims

Once again, a major media voice who will remain nameless has demonstrated a dangerously arrogant ignorance of Islam.  This voice is all the more dangerous because of the size of their audience, and their best selling book claiming to explain what America needs to know about Islam.  But this voice proved beyond all doubt that they should not be listened to on matters of Islam.  In fact, this person should be ignored in any matter dealing with God and faith.  But, in regard to Islam, here is how this voice defines a ‘radical’ Muslim:

Today, this major media voice said that any Muslim who believes in Shari’a law is ‘radical.’  In converse, the implication is that any Muslim who is willing to accept man’s laws above Shari’a law is ‘moderate.’  But worse still, this voice made these comments in the process of accusing Obama of being a hypocrite and of thinking he, Obama, is God.  Please, hear me, and hear me very clearly:

This major media voice is not only a lying, but also a dangerously arrogant hypocrite!

Now, please understand, I am a hypocrite too!  Truth is, we all are, but the difference between me and this major media voice is that I know it and I will admit it.  What’s more, I will accept it when others point out my hypocrisy, and, at all times, I will try to avoid and/or correct my hypocrisy.  But this major media voice is blind to their hypocrisy while, at the same time, this voice is accusing others of being hypocritical for doing the very same things this voice is doing.  What’s more, this major media voice has repeatedly said that anyone who disagrees with them on these points is a ‘hater.’  Well, what this voice said about Islam today demonstrates why those who seek the Truth should not be listening to this major media voice.

This major media voice said that the difference between a ‘moderate‘ Muslim and a ‘radical‘ Muslim is that the ‘radical‘ Muslim believes in Shari’a law.  This is a lie, and it is arrogance at its highest form.  In fact, it borders on blaspheme!  Why?  Let me explain it as clearly as I can by putting it in the equivalent terms, only using Christianity instead of Islam.  What this major media voice just said about Islam is exactly the same as if this person had said:

The difference between ‘moderate’ Christians and ‘radical’ Christians is that ‘radical’ Christians actually believe in the Ten Commandments and Christ’s Gospel.

This is exactly what this voice said about Muslims.  Muslims believe that Allah is god, and that Allah gave his laws and commands through their prophet, Muhammad. To the Muslim, this means they must either do what Muhammad commanded them to do or they are disobeying Allah.  Shari’a law is nothing more than the laws Muhammad gave to Muslims.  This is exactly the same as the Christian believing that Yahweh is God, and that Christ, His Son, gave Christians the Father’s Commands in His Gospel message.  Jesus said that those who love God will obey God’s Commands.  So, to disobey Christ is to disobey God — just as, for the Muslim, to disobey Muhammad is to disobey Allah.  So to say the ‘radical‘ Muslim is the one who believes in Shari’a law is the exact same thing as calling the Christian who believes in Christ’s commands a ‘radical‘ Christian.  But this is not the worst of it.

By making this statement about Islam, this major media voice is claiming authority to re-define Islam.  To the Muslim, this is blaspheme.  It is the very same as this voice claiming they are greater than and above Allah.  But it should not be a surprise to anyone who listens to this major media voice.  This person believes they have the same authority to re-define Christianity.  To a true disciple of Christ, this is blaspheme, but this voice says anyone who says they are blaspheming Jesus and His Gospel is a ‘hater.’  Whether this voice is aware of it or not, this is claiming to be above both Allah and Yahweh.  If this major media voice is then going to chastise Obama for thinking that he, Obama, is God, then this voice is saying they are above Obama, as well.

Dear reader, whether you believe in God or not, this should bother you because it is indicative of the social decay in our world.  This major media voice constantly preaches peace and love and tells people to seek god, but this voice is acting as though they are god.  The Bible describes this as ‘the man of lawlessness.’ If Allah is god, then telling Muslims who are trying to follow Allah’s commands that they are ‘radical‘ and need to change their beliefs is blaspheme.  If Yahweh is God, then telling Christians that they are ‘radicals‘ and need to change their beliefs is blaspheme.  In both cases, a man is claiming to know better than or have the authority to over-rule god.  That means such a person is either advancing their god over another, or — more likely — they are claiming to be god, themselves.  That makes such a person lawless, and that means this major media voice is lawless!

Now, why would anyone who cares about the Truth want to listen to a lawless person?

NOTE: Please understand that calling someone who clings to a definition ‘radical’ is insanity.  It is saying that anyone who seeks to follow the spirit of a law is ‘radical.’  If you try to adhere to the founding principles of the Constitution, you are a ‘radical.’  If you cling to the dictionary definition of a word, you are a ‘radical.’  If you cling to the laws of mathematics or logic, you are a ‘radical.’  This is like saying nothing has any meaning except what the individual says it means at any given time, and that the individual has authority to change meaning for all people at any time based on how that individual feels at any given time.  This is insanity!  That is what this blog is really about: the insanity in our society and how thoroughly it has spread.  In this case, I chose this major media voice to show how their claims to see more clearly than most demonstrate their blindness.  This voice attacks people who try to redefine the Constitution or language, then turns around and redefines Islam.  What’s more, this voice is blind to their own hypocrisy?  How can society survive if those who claim to see and understand are blind?  How can the  blind guide those who follow them?  According to Christ, if the blind follow the blind, both will fall into the ditch.  We are individually responsible for our actions.  This means we have a duty to find the Truth so that we can do the right thing.  The Truth exists.  For me, it is found in the Bible.  The reader may disagree, but I would challenge you to find a higher, more pure moral code than Christ’s Sermon on the Mount.  Once I actually started studying God’s Word, I also discovered it does not contradict itself.  I also discovered that it does not command killing in the way skeptics claim.  What’s more, I found that the promises God makes in the Bible are real.  I know because I have seen God keep His promises in my own life.  So, if you are seeking Truth, I urge you — please — if you do not already know Him, seek Christ…NOW!  Because the decay we are seeing in this world was foretold in Bible prophecy, and it is connected to the second coming of Christ.  Time is short.  Seek the Lord now!


4 thoughts on “Major Media Voice Explains Difference between ‘Radical’ and ‘Moderate’ Muslims

  1. Reblogged this on THE ROAD TO CONCORD and commented:

    This is about religion, but we need to understand that the principle underlying it is the same as claiming that those of us who are trying to adhere to the original intent of the Constitution are ‘radicals.’ In fact, the underlying intention here is to say anyone who clings to the dictionary definition of a word is a ‘radical,’ or to the laws of mathematics — you are a ‘radical;’ to the rules of logic — you are a ‘radical;’ to anything that is True — you are a ‘radical.’

    The implication is that we must be fluid: willing to bend to the whim of the day (as defined by whoever is exerting this foundational idea). In short, this is another story about just how wide-spread the insanity has spread in our society, as well as how blind we are to it — even those who claim to see clearly…

  2. You’re spot on. What the pundits and “Voices” trying to be “Politically correct” fail to understand is that Islam is Islam and that you are either a true believer of the Koran/Sunnah of Muhammad or not. They accept whatever these Muslim/Islam reformers are saying, disregarding taqiyya or that these reformers are basically perpetuating their own death sentence to Islam.

    1. kikmor,

      The sad part — at least to me — is that many of these people make a living by telling people how their political opponents reject truth, yet they then turn around and prove they do not see or understand truth any better than their opponents. If a person tells you what they believe and why, then you must take them at their word until their actions prove otherwise. In the case of Republicans, this means we can count the GOP as being allied with the Democrats. They say one thing, but they actually do the opposite. In the case of Islam, we need to take them at their word because they say Muhammad told them to convert or kill the ENTIRE world and they are trying to do just that. The person who argues otherwise is the one who is insane, not the Muslim. We may disagree with their religion, but we cannot disagree with the truth that they are living it as Muhammad taught it. To do so is to say that 2+2=5

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