TRUTH: Ted Cruz is Correct: You cannot Claim to Support Christians while Hating Jews

To all who claim they support Christians who are coming under persecution throughout the world: you cannot claim to support Christians while calming to hate the Jews.  Nor can you claim to love America if you hate Israel.  Spiritually, Israel and America are as Jews and Christians: they are one family!  Ted Cruz was booed off the stages for being bold enough to deliver this message to a gathering claiming to support Christians being persecuted in the Middle East.  Ted Cruz was right, and the people at that gathering were wrong — period!

Why Ted Cruz Was Right to Walk Out on the ‘In Defense of Christians’ Conference

Romans 11: 11-31 tells us that Gentiles (Christians) are ‘grafted in’ to the Body of Christ (all believers — Jew and Gentile — who have ever been and will be redeemed).  But Christ also said it, and He said it just as clearly:

John 10:16  New American Standard Bible (NASB)

16 I have other sheep, which are not of this fold; I must bring them also, and they will hear My voice; and they will become one flock with one shepherd.

Here, Jesus was telling the Jews they were going to have to accept Gentiles (Christians) into the Lord’s Family.  They responded much the same way as the supposed Christians or Christian supporters did to Cruz: they rejected Christ’s Words.  But God’s Family does not discriminate between Jew and gentile: God’s family includes all who love and fear Him, and who seek to keep the Lord’s commands.

Finally, in the history of this world, there have only been two nations which has been dedicated to the God of the Bible: Israel and the United States.  So, if you claim to support one but hate the other, then you lie in your own heart.  In spite of any differences we may have, Israel and the United States are one: we are of the same family — the Body of Christ, Jeshua, the Messiah.

Ted Cruz was correct to deliver his message — the Lord’s message.  He was equally correct to walk out on that nest of vipers.  Stand firm in the Lord’s Word, my brethren.  No matter what this world may throw at you, seek his strength and His righteousness and, once you have found it, hold to it with all your might — no matter what the cost.  Your reward will be eternity with Him, sharing in His glory which He has promised to freely share with all who make Him the Lord of their lives.


15 thoughts on “TRUTH: Ted Cruz is Correct: You cannot Claim to Support Christians while Hating Jews

  1. I was sent this by a Portugese blogger in response to a post on Totalitarian islamic threat in Europe. It was in Portugese. But I translated it:

    They sang a new song, saying, Thou art worthy to take the scroll and to open its seals ; for thou wast slain , and with your blood you purchased men for God from every tribe and tongue and people and nation ; And to our God made ​​us kings and priests ; and we shall reign on the earth. Revelation 5 : 9,10 ;

    Can you help me interpret why he would have sent this in relation to me railing against the muslim invasion ? He put me on his follow list too…. Thanks.

    1. If he is implying that those singing the new song are Muslims, tell him he is 100% WRONG!

      The people singing the new song in those verses are all those saved by their faith in the risen Christ. The old song is sung by all those who believed under the old covenant, under the law of Moses. But the new song is sang by the Christians. They are singing to Jesus, who was slain by the world and yet Lives, having risen from the grave because He is God! He makes us kings and priests along with Him because He shares His righteousness with us. It is imparted to us through His shed blood, His sacrifice. He died in our place, and paid the price for sin which we could not pay. And once we accept Him as Lord and Savior, and we make Him Lord of our lives by obeying His commands, He imparts His righteousness to us. This is how we become kings and priests with Him.

      Let me know if this helps.

      1. His site is all in Portuguese It Shows Jesus battling the Devil.

        So I don’t think he is saying the muslims are anything but the old song. I think he was saying the way to fight is through Jesus and that the muzzies were the Devil’s spawn.

        But thought I would ask as my expertise on things Portuguese is limited to Port.

        1. I do not understand Portuguese, either. But, if he is saying Christ is the way, he is correct. However, those singing the old song are the Jews. This reference is in both Old and New Testaments. It is the same thing as when Christ spoke about new wine in new wine skins and old wine in old wine skins. Jews were the old wine skins, and the law of Moses the old wine.

          Jesus will defeat Islam. If you are interested, you should get hold of a book called “Hidden Beast 2” by Elis Skolfield. You can get some of his works from his site at They are free pdf downloads. His study on Daniel’s 70 weeks is excellent. You might also want to look here:

          Skolfield actually explains the old and new song in his book. BTW: he is still alive and I have exchanged emails with him. He is truly gifted of the Lord.

            1. Just an FYI. The one place where I differ with Skolfield is in his view of Rome being the 4th Beast and his attempt to tie Hitler into Daniel. If you get to this point, email me direct and I’ll walk you through it, but the 4th Beast in Daniel is Islam. The signs are there, we just couldn’t understand until now.

              1. I’m reading so much now…. Couden-Kalergi Plan. Enoch Powell and the Rivers of Blood speech 1968 !

                The 1965 Race Relations act ( Britain)
                The 1965 Hart-Celler act ( USA-Ted Kennedy)

                You ought to consider or perhaps Utah or perhaps both doing a Post on these. It is hard to think it was NOT all a planned take-down of the West through immigration starting with these two 1965 acts.

                Anyway when I get to Danial/4th Beast via Skolfield I will read it with your interpretation in mind. What about ‘Socialism’ being the antichrist you mentioned a while back ? Fits in right? Think about you guys looking into the twin 1965 acts especially in relation to Amnesty and Illegal immigration in the election…….would be very timely and important information/analysis.

                1. Interesting. I am not prepared to accept his denial of Muhammad’s role in the creation of Islam, but this is still worth people watching. What’s more, even if he is correct, nothing he says contradicts what I have learned or teach. In fact, I would say that those who grant Muhammad EVERYTHING that Islam claims hold the more powerful position as we can STILL destroy Muhammad and the Qur’an — even after granting everything Islam teaches. This man is trying to undermine Islam by denying its author.

                  BTW: his attack on oral tradition is fallacious. If he is going to stand on what he says, then he is undermining the Bible, too. That is foolishness, because the people trusted with these oral traditions were carefully schooled so they did NOT change what was given to them.

                  1. Right. Oral tradition has been proven to be accurate dependingf on how it is transmitted….the Greeks, the American Indians, the Vedas ( before they were written), various folk traditions etc ! Even some testimony corroborated by later physical evidence. However his larger point about that is good…..15-60 years by those who knew Jesus versus 200-300 years by those not even in the Locale of Muhammad. That’s a powerful Point.

                    As is his noting the subsequent physical evidence that has shown the Bible to be correct….. VERY powerful. Versus the physical evidence which shows the koran to be false !!

                    The point that we don’t know what muhammed said is key. He isn’t denying ( at least as I see it) muhammed’s role in islam……so much as saying nobody even knows what it really is….including the supposed ancient authorities. Because his “words” are said to be from God, but can be proven to be not from muhammed OR God at this point. So I rather see it like a Bull Horn pincer movement. pedophile worshippers can be destroyed along the avenue you highlight. But if they retreat into the “evidence” they can ( and should also) be defeated that way as well.

                    To me *the denying of islam’s author’s connection in any way to God* are what both you and he ( and the others he mentioned) are doing. In a way someone ( a muslim apologist) could hear what you have been saying and say….”OK….but if what you say is true…then how do you explain the genesis of the koran and it’s ancient unbroken tradition?”…..To which the next answer is ..”OK…’s the supposed authenticity you speak of “….and the work of Jay and etc can be shown. It’s part of the arsenal which follows from the premise you highlight.

                    1. Don,

                      Oh, I LIKE this video. I saved it and will use it in the future. But he could have saved himself some time by saying he grants EVERYTHING Islam claims Muhammad said, then showed them that Muhammad said all TRUE prophets come from Isaac, but Muhammad claimed to come from Ishmael. That is called check-mate, my friend, and it comes in the form of Muhammad’s own words testifying that he is a false prophet. 🙂

                      Now, where have I heard about a false prophet who will lead the world to worship a false god or cut off their heads…? 😉

                    2. Yes exactly.

                      BUT….. Notice I said “muslim apologists* ! He knows he is ALSO addressing those who consider themselves “secularists”….and Shows that even there the argument fails! And thus perhaps some of those “secularists” will look at scripture in a different light.

                      He’s attacking the arguments of those sitting on the fence and those giving credence via PC to islam and “interpretation”. Because he also knows there are those in western society who have an affinity towards Judeo-Christian values but have been brainwashed by academic cultural relativism. Using the tools of Cultural Relativism he ( and the others) de-construct the relativists own arguments….. via texts, history, archeology etc.

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