TRUTH: Moral Relativism is a Lie Told By Bullies!

I wrote a post about how moral relativism is a self-contradicting idea. You can find it on my other blog page, The Road to Concord.  Now I’d like to show you an example of how moral relativism is used by bullies.  The specific issue here is Christianity and homosexuality.  Now, be honest: doesn’t this post sound like ‘fun’ already?  Why not keep reading?

Most of you are probably already aware that the gay community has labeled Christians who oppose homosexuality as ‘haters.’  To the gay community, their life style is as equally valid as any heterosexual.  This argument is based on moral relativism — and it is a lie!

Any way you want to slice this one, the truth is simple: the gay lifestyle is not equal to that of the heterosexual.  Let’s say I reject God and look at this simply as a matter of biology.  Gays cannot reproduce, so they are an evolutionary mistake that should be allowed to die out.  If we believe in evolution, then we have to accept this.  Because they cannot reproduce, nature has already rejected them as a failure of biological evolution.  But there is a problem with this argument: the evidence has failed to support the claim that people are born homosexual:

Study: No, There’s No Evidence Of a ‘Gay Gene’

At the very least, this casts reasonable doubt on the claim of equality between homosexuals and heterosexuals.  Now, I am well aware that many will disagree with what I just said.  That does not change the fact that we have two opposing views that cannot be reconciled.  So, for the moment,  let’s just take this problem with equality and set it on the shelf.  There is yet another grounds by which the gay community argues for equality: ‘fairness.’  This is a moral claim.  But there is a problem here, too.  In fact, it is an even larger problem.  You cannot have morality without God.

So let’s just assume God exists — just for the sake of argument.  If God exists, what can we know about His laws governing homosexuality?  Well, if Natural law is to be used as a guide, we are back to the fact that homosexuals cannot reproduce and are, therefore, engaging in an ‘un-natural’ lifestyle.  Then there are the many religions of the world.  Some would seem to permit homosexuality — even encourage it — while others are vehemently against it.   Once again, we are not looking to make any final conclusions here.  The point is that we will find there is no equality among religions on the matter of homosexuality.  Therefore, there can be no such thing as relativism.  Any claim that one way is better than another — and relativism is a way — is proof that relativism is a lie.  So you cannot argue relativism without admitting it is a lie.  So what should we make of people who argue for relativism?  Simple: they are seeking to silence others, and the people they seek to silence are usually in the majority.  Here is an example of what I mean in the headlines:

Gay Sportswriter on Mets’ Daniel Murphy: ‘I Disagree with His Christian Lifestyle’

In simple terms, the gay writer is using political correctness to silence people he doesn’t like.  In this case, political correctness is built upon the lie of relativism.  So, in simple terms, the gay writer is bullying Christians.

At this point, you might object by saying it is the Christians who are bullying gays.  Here again, this is a lie.  Even if it is due to ignorance, it is a lie to claim that Christians are harming gays.  People do not have to agree with an action to still be decent to each other.  I may not like baseball, but you love it.  I can disagree with your likes and still be decent to you. In fact, I can even be your friend.  In the case of Christians, they are commanded to be kind and to love those who reject God’s laws.  This includes homosexuals.  But when a homosexual claims that his or her lifestyle somehow gives them a  right to use government force to make the Christian behave the way the homosexual wants them to, then the wrong is with the homosexual.  They are bullying.

Now I ask you which is better than the other: a Christian who disagrees with the homosexual lifestyle but is still decent to the homosexual, or the homosexual who uses force to trample on the Christian because the Christian refuses to treat homosexuals as equal?  Or in another illustration, which is better: the Christian who rejects Islam but seeks to live peacefully, or the Muslim who kills the Christian for rejecting Islam?

Relativism is a lie!  All things are not equal, and we are forced to decide which is better than which.  This is because we are dealing with morality, which means there is a Universal Law Giver (God) and none of us can escape the fact that He will hold us individually responsible for those choices.


2 thoughts on “TRUTH: Moral Relativism is a Lie Told By Bullies!

  1. The above sentence, “You cannot have morality with God.” seems to be missing a syllable. Perhaps it should be “You cannot have morality without God.”

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