Before You Buy into all the Lies about How Wonderful Socialism is…

We have several open Socialists running for President, and another in office.  We have Socialists in both Parties who deny they are Socialists, but their policies betray the truth about their beliefs.  One of the several nations that is always named as an example of hos Socialism ‘works’ is Norway.  Well, I’d like you to read something I received from one of my customers.  This is ‘organic,’ in that it is real — not the product of government propaganda or ‘media’ lies and obfuscation.  Just read what Socialism produces before you decide to buy into the lies we are being told — and remember: this customer of mine is one of the ‘little people’ for whom Socialism is supposed to provide:

Taxes are a huge problem here. We’re financing “refugees” by giving every single one more money per month than most norwegian workers – all welfare – a house, car, etc.

Our elderly in overcrowded nursing homes are forced to sleep in hallways and bathrooms. Our children are taught in schools filled with mold. Our “free healthcare” only applies if you have a cheap disease, if not – feel free to die. We don’t have the money to keep police stations open, nor hospitals. I had to travel across the country for an X-ray!

And we have an oil crisis. Thousands of offshore workers are unemployed, billions in revenue lost. Those unemployed have no future, since there are no jobs for them!

I am very angry about this mess.
I fear for the future of my children.

Sorry about my rant, it’s just hard to see it fall apart.

This came from an email that resulted from a transaction this person made with my company.  He bought a $57.00 item from me and had to pay a $31.56 VAT tax on top of that — and I even marked it as a gift!  That is a 55% tax.  He already pays close to 75% of his personal income in taxes and he is not ‘rich.’  This is the reality of Socialism.  It is the end result of Socialist policy — every time!!!  There are no  historic exceptions to this rule — none! Socialist systems seldom survive beyond the life of the generation that establishes it, and never survive more than 76 years.  Even the Soviet Union collapsed in the lifetime of the youngest members of the generation that saw its creation.  So, the next time you hear someone telling you that Socialism is the answer to anything, remember my customer’s email to me about the ‘utopia’ in which he lives — and that it is held out as one of the better examples of Socialism’s ‘success.’

[NOTE: Socialism fails because it violates Natural Law.  It violates the laws of economics, liberty and personal accountability — not to mention their corresponding equivalents to the laws of conservation of energy and thermodynamics.  It simply does not work — period.  And those who keep trying are — in reality — claiming to be god, because only God can change Natural Law.]


3 thoughts on “Before You Buy into all the Lies about How Wonderful Socialism is…

  1. Reblogged this on The Rio Norte Line and commented:

    If you have EVER been in favor of ANYTHING even RESEMBLING Socialism, take a moment and read this post. See what the end result of Socialist policy is for the ‘little man,’ and understand that the people pushing Socialism are always lying. Either they are the elite lying because they seek to rule you, or the greedy lying because they want the elite to steal for them, or the lazy lying to themselves to escape responsibility for themselves. But make no mistake, Socialism is ALWAYS pushed by lies. Now read! Hear what someone who has to live it has to say about it when they are being honest about their reality.

  2. Remember – The one that can give you everything can also take it away , after taking everything that is yours to give to those to lazy to work for it themselves .

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