Without Wisdom and Discipline, Modern Man is just a Monkey with Technology

We live in an age of wondrous technology with amazing potential to do good.  Sadly, however, our technology is not leading to advancement.  Instead, it is leading to regression.  Now, if it were in the hands of responsible people, things might be different, but it isn’t.  The bulk of our technology is in the hands of foolish people who have allowed our technical marvels to blind them to reality.  That reality is this: without wisdom and discipline, man is just a monkey with some very dangerous toys.

Have you seen any of these stories?

Could a super collider end the world? Proposed upgrade could create black holes and ‘strange matter’, warn experts

Scientists at Large Hadron Collider hope to make contact with PARALLEL UNIVERSE in days

The Brave New World of Three-Parent I.V.F.

2045: The Year Man Becomes Immortal

All of these stories represent infants playing around with incredibly dangerous technologies.  If you doubt me, then try to look at it this way:

Why don’t you let your 5-year-old child play with a loaded gun?  Or with a lighter and a can of gasoline?  Your 5-year-old can certainly pull the trigger, or light the lighter, so they are perfectly capable of handling the gun or gasoline and lighter responsibly, right?  WRONG!  If you are a responsible person with an ounce of common sense, you know full well that a 5-year-old does not possess the wisdom or discipline necessary to handle a gun or gasoline and lighter safely and responsibly.  So why — exactly — should we accept that the people behind these four stories understand the forces with which they are playing any better than a 5-year-old understands a gun or gasoline and lighter?

Did you see the movie Jurassic Park?  It was an entertaining movie.  The visual effects were absolutely stunning.  Unfortunately, the movie was so far removed from the book as to have lost the fact that Ian Malcom was actually the main character.  What’s more, the movie disregards the whole focus of the book.  Yes, the movie plays lip-service to the central theme of the book, but it is done in a way as to dismiss the warning in the book, “Jurassic Park.”  Instead, the movie focuses our attention on the possibility that we might actually be able to do some of the things it shows us without really making us think about what the book was about.  The book is about what happens when technology is wielded by people who lack wisdom and discipline.  In case you missed it (or have never seen the movie), this is the most important scene in the whole film:

Now, here is the problem with getting modern man to understand the danger in his technology: wisdom is spiritual in nature.  Therefore, the further we turn from God and God’s law, the more foolish we will become.  When we turn far enough — as many already have — we will become blind.  At that point, we will convince ourselves that our inventions, our technology, are miracles, and that we can actually control them.  We will convince ourselves that we are gods.  When that happens — if it hasn’t already — we will dismiss the warnings of the wise (like to be careful about doing things that could create a black hole or rip between two universes) and embrace non-sense such as the lie that man has created ‘global warming’ on a planet that we know is in a historically cooler period than it has been for most of existence.  At that point, man becomes little more than a monkey playing with the detonator to a nuclear bomb.



4 thoughts on “Without Wisdom and Discipline, Modern Man is just a Monkey with Technology

  1. Read Proverbs , there is much to be said about wisdom and knowledge in those verses . The problem with many is they leave God out of the wisdom/knowledge equation .

    1. Michael,

      I have learned this as I have gotten older. Wisdom is more correctly defined as ‘spiritual discernment.’ If one does not know God, one can have what appears to be wisdom, but it isn’t. I have seen this in people who have earned degrees in Bible studies, yet they do not understand anything they read in the Scriptures. They know man’s understanding, but they miss God’s message in His Word. Interestingly enough, this is exactly what God’s Word says it will do to those who do not know Him.

  2. Joe,

    How true. October is here and the hot weather in Texas finally broke. My wife and I are setting on the porch enjoying the cooler weather and watching the sun set.

    I look to the heavens and know God has full control. He is separating the wheat from the chaff. My heart truly feels sorrow for those that our outside his will.

    All have been called. God’s Love and Justice requires “all men” have the opportunity to accept or reject. The number will be few.

    If the Hadron Coolidor goes negative we will likely witness it from above. See you in Heaven.

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