Is Glenn Beck Standing with Pope Francis in Promoting Christlam?

If you listen to Glenn Beck, I beg you to hear me out and read this entire post.  Please understand that I do not ‘hate’ Glenn Beck.  I have said that he has taught me a great deal, and I have admitted that we — as a nation — owe Beck a great debt when it comes to matters of history.  However, when it comes to matters of God, Beck is blind.  My concern is that, if people are not made aware of Beck’s blindness, he may lead them astray.  So, if you would please give me a few minutes of your time, I would like to explain why Beck concerns me and why I think you should keep him at arms length whenever he starts to talk about God and especially about Islam.

Glenn Beck has been telling his audience that there is a difference between Muslims and what he is calling ‘Islamists.’  According to Beck, the ‘moderate’ Muslims are trying to follow a ‘better’ form of Islam and the ‘Islamists’ are somehow perverting it.  However, now that I have read his book, “It IS about Islam,” I know that Beck is intentionally deceiving his audience.  In short, he is lying.  But before I address his lie directly, let me try to explain this issue in terms where you and I may agree with Beck.

If you listen regularly, then you know that Glenn Beck is the reason America knows about the Progressive movement.  Beck and others like Mark Levin have also taught us about how the Progressives used what is known as ‘the living document’ doctrine to change the Constitution through ‘interpretation’ and the bastardization of the language.  If we read the Constitution and the Federalist and Anti-Federalist Papers, then we know what the framers intended.  They left very little of their original intent unexplained.  So, when the Progressives come along and start amending the Constitution by changing the clear meaning of the language, Beck is justified in opposing them because he is standing on the correct understanding of the Constitution.  However, when it comes to the Bible and Islam, Beck is a Progressive.

When Beck dives into matters of faith, he is as guilty as guilty of perversion as the Progressives.  I say this because Beck changes the clear meaning of the teachings of Christ and His Apostles as well as those of Muhammad.  Beck is a Mormon.  Up until the 1970’s, Mormons would have told you they are not Christians.  This is because they do not accept the teachings of the Bible as it has been preserved.  They claim the original text was perverted and that their prophet, Joseph Smith, was chosen to ‘restore’ the original Scriptures.  After the 1970’s, Mormons started trying to convince people they are Christian so as to gain a more wide-spread acceptance, thereby making it easier to win converts to their religion.  The whole result is that Beck now uses the same language as Christianity, but he has assigned different meanings to the words he uses.  This is exactly what he attacks Progressives for doing when they apply this technique to the Constitution.  The problem is that he is blind to how he does it where the Bible is concerned.

Now, please hear me clearly on this next part.  I am not speaking from an assumption of authority here.  I am merely relaying what the Bible says about people like Glenn Beck.

Because Glenn believes the Bible has been perverted and that the Mormon religion is the correct religion, when he talks to his audience about matters of god, he speaks as a false prophet/teacher!  And the Bible is very clear about false prophets and false teachers:

What Does The Bible Say About False Prophets/Teachers

In order to spot these false prophets/teachers, you must know the Scriptures.  If you do, then you should already agree with me about Beck where matters of faith are concerned.  However, if you have questions about whether or not the Bible would consider Beck to be a false teacher/prophet, here is an excellent link that clearly and concisely explains this issue:

How Can I Recognize A False Teacher/False Prophet?

OK, so let us understand that the Bible — not me, God — calls Beck a false prophet/teacher.  So how does this affect his teaching about Islam?  This is where it gets harder to explain and understand, so I need to beg you to please stay with me and concentrate on what I am saying rather than trying to find ways to pick me apart.  You can do that after you hear me out, but for now, please, consider my argument.  It is crucial that you understand it.  Once you do, if you want to disagree — fine!  But make sure you understand me first, please.

Beck has shown us — by word and deed — that he feels empowered to change Scripture — even within the teachings of his own religion.  Beck has told his audience that he does not believe in polygamy.  Yet, Joseph Smith said ‘the sacrament’ (polygamy) was an essential part of the Mormon religion.  And just like Muhammad, Smith said he could not be disobeyed without disobeying the Mormon god.  So, by discarding polygamy, Beck is assuming the seat of his god.  Now, to him, this is ‘reform.’  However, if you believe in God and that you are worshiping Him, then to disregard any of His commands is to willingly sin against God.  It is like saying the Progressive is perfectly entitled to pick and choose what parts of the Constitution he will obey, and to even change the parts he chooses to suit his desires.  Beck does not accept this from Progressives where the Constitution is concerned, yet he feels he has the right to do so with matters of his god’s commands.  This is actually addressed in the Bible (see the man of lawlessness).

 Now, in his book, “It IS about Islam,” Beck admits several things about Islam that he then rejects and tries to replace.  First, he never takes a position on Islam’s claim to worship the God of Abraham.  The truth is, Allah is not Yahweh — period!  When Beck says that Islam is an evil culture and should be destroyed, but he does not explain that Allah is not the God of the Bible, Beck is calling Allah evil.  If Beck does not differentiate, then by extension, he is condemning his own god.   But in his mind, Beck does not see what he is doing because he thinks it is about the culture and not the teachings.  So Beck makes up something he calls ‘Islamists’ and claims they — ISIS — are the problem because they do not follow the teachings of Muhammad.  The problem here is that, in his book, Beck admits ISIS IS following the commands and example of Muhammad.  This is an act of cognitive dissonance exactly like the double-speak he condemns Progressives for using to destroy the Constitution, and it is one of the clearest signs that we are dealing with someone who is intentionally trying to deceive.

I continue: in his book, Beck admits that Muhammad said Islam cannot change — yet Beck continually calls for a reform of Islam.  Here again, Beck is claiming the authority to change Muhammad’s teachings.  This is the height of arrogance.  He is literally claiming to be a god.  If one believes that Allah is god, then to change his commands is to assume authority over Allah.  But Beck has already done this with his own god by picking and choosing which of Smith’s commands he will obey and which he will disregard, so why should we expect Beck would have any hesitation to do the same with Islam?  We shouldn’t.  In fact, we should expect it.  But there is the problem: if we know he does not follow the teachings of his own faith, then why should we listen to him when he tries to tell us about other religions?  The answer is: we shouldn’t.  If we cannot trust a person to obey the commands of their own god, then we should ignore them when they try to tell us about the commands of another person’s god.

Finally, here is where this ties into the Pope.  Like Glenn Beck, Pope Francis has been preaching a message that not only does not distinguish between the Christian faith and Islam, but actually claims they are one in the same!  They are not, and by speaking in such a way as to suggest that all faiths worship the same god, the Pope blasphemes the One True God.  Beck is no different.  They are all promoting something being called ‘Christlam,’ and it is a blaspheme.  What’s more, they are claiming to do so in the name of peace and love.  Now, if you know Bible prophecy, then you should know that many will be destroyed by false prophets/teachers who come in the name of peace and love.  Well, if you have ever wondered how such a thing could happen, you are seeing it happen right before your very eyes!

Hear my warning and take heed!


When Beck, or any Muslim apologist tries to tell you that Shari’a is not a part of Islam, understand that they are either too ignorant to be teaching about Islam, or they are lying!  Shari’a Law is the same to Islam as the Ten Commandments are to the Bible: you cannot separate them.  According to Muhammad, no Muslim can disregard Shari’a without going to hell.  SO, when you see what ISIS is doing in the Midle East, you need to understand that most of it is in complete compliance with Shari’a Law.  They are literally following Muhammad’s example, which means they are living as ‘good’ Muslims.  You must understand that this is the absolute truth — according to Muhammad!



2 thoughts on “Is Glenn Beck Standing with Pope Francis in Promoting Christlam?

  1. Important post and thanks for sharing! I wonder if Beck is being “politically correct” on the air via his website show, but feels free to tell the truth, (well, some of the truth) about Islam via his book?

    Beck is “all over the place” when it comes to discussing “religion.” I have been grateful for his past informative TV shows about history and how we got to where we are now with the rise of radical Islam. But the truth is, those who consider (or claim) to be “moderates” can either be apostates from the Koran, or taqiyya LIARS – a tenet in the Koran that allows them to lie in order to advance Islam around the world. Why can’t people see this? Dr. Ben Carson is talking about this very issue – and the lady on CNN? (I think) had a look on her face of absolute hate towards him for TELLING THE TRUTH about Sharia law being totally incompatible with our U.S. Constitution!

    I will be back to read the links in your post! Excellent reporting!

    1. christinewjc,

      No, Beck delivers the same duplicitous message in his book. He says Islam cannot change in one chapter, and in the very next chapter, he calls for an Islamic reformation. He is being deliberately two-faced, and we know who the father of such things is 😦

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