LESSONS IN LOGIC: One More Time, Obama IS A Muslim — And HE Said So!

Once again, people are trying to assert that Obama is a Christian.  Well, I can safely say that the Scriptures and even Christ say otherwise, but more than this, Obama says otherwise.  Hear me very clearly: no Christian would ever make this mistake:

But this is not the only time Obama has revealed he is a Muslim.

We must remember that Obama has revealed his embrace and admiration for Islam many times.  No Christian would do this because a Christian would know that Islam is an apostate cult.  Yet, here he is, praising Islam:

No Christian would denigrate Christ or the Bible, but Obama does so without hesitation:

Obama Rips Bible, Praises Koran

Scripture tells us we will know a man by his fruit (by what he does).  Obama has persecuted Christians and Biblical teachings. He has denied asylum to Christians seeking to flee from Germany where they would have their children taken from them if they were forced to return.  He has also refused to help the Christians being butchered by Muslims in the Middle East.  At the same time, he is using tax payer money to import whole communities of Muslims from the same region — Muslims who do not have any allegiance to the U.S. Constitution.  This is cultural Jihad exactly as Muhammad described and practiced it!

Make no mistake about it: Obama is a Muslim!  He always has been.  By Shari’a law, if your father is Muslim, you are a Muslim.  Obama has never renounced his Muslim faith:

Jeremiah Wright: I “Made It Comfortable” For Obama to Accept Christianity Without Having to Renounce Islam (Video Report)

Obama has admitted it with his own words and through his own deeds.  His former Pastor has affirmed it.  Obama is a Muslim.  So, what difference should this make?  Well, how about the fact that it is impossible for a Muslim to uphold the duties of the President of the United States?  Or the fact that Obama is openly committing treason by arming our enemies and even importing them into our nation?  If treason and subversion are not enough to convince you that this man is a clear and present danger, then hear me clearly: you are as much a part of the problem in this nation as Obama and the people who defend him are!


8 thoughts on “LESSONS IN LOGIC: One More Time, Obama IS A Muslim — And HE Said So!

  1. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:
    America made a terrible mistake in electing this man and we have paid dearly for this mistake.

    Father forgive them for they know not what they do and were led astray by false prophets.

    May God have mercy on our souls and lead us in the right direction in the next election.


  2. Spiritual blindness grows stronger every day. Putin opens new Grand Mosque in Moscow. Vows it is for reforming Islam and serve the 2 million Muslims living their today. Sixteen percent of the population.

    Might as well hand them the keys to city now.

    Putins prize is Israel with Muslim support. He wants the Leviathan oil discovery. He now has a full blown military base in Syria which he will soon control. He should send a thank you note to Obama for all the help.

    Youy can really see Biblical prophecy in motion.

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