Some Things that Should REALLY Offend Us

Today is the anniversary of September 11, 2001.  Today, we can only look back on that date and wonder: how did 19 terrorists manage to destroy America?  You say they didn’t destroy America?  Then let me ask you a few questions — and answer me honestly.  Then tell me again whether or not they destroyed this once great nation.

1st question — I heard a news clip talking about the anniversary of 9/11 this morning, and in the clip, the reporter said America was attacked by four airplanes.  Airplanes?  America was attacked by nineteen Muslim terrorists.  On 9/11, the media had no trouble naming the attackers by name and identifying them as Muslim attackers.  So, if we are still the same nation, why won’t our media name our enemy?

2nd question — Shortly after 9/11, our President stood in the wreckage of the Twin Trade Towers and named our enemy by name, and identified them as what they were: Muslim terrorists.  Today, we have a president who refuses to say ‘Muslim Terrorist.’  Instead, he and his administration tells us that our own military veterans and those few remaining Patriots fighting to salvage the Constitution and rule of law are the ‘terrorists.’  So, if we are still that same nation, why has our president turned on us instead of our enemy?

3rd question — Shortly after 9/11, we placed severe restrictions on any and all people entering this nation who might have had any connections to Islamic terrorism.  Today, we have refused to accept true Christian refugees fleeing from Muslim terrorists seeking to kill them, but we are flying Muslims into our nation by the tens of thousands.  Could you imagine FDR flying tens of thousands of Germans into America during WW II?  So, if we are still the same nation, why are we turning our back on those who are truly being persecuted while opening our arms to the enemy that attacked us?

4th question — After 9/11, America was painfully aware of who our enemy was, and we sought to seek out and end any connections that enemy may have had with our government and within our economy.  Today, we have an Administration that has welcomed the enemy into the White House and even appointed his operatives to the highest levels of our defense and intelligence networks.  If we ares till the same nation, why are we inviting the enemy into our government and placing the defense of this nation under the enemy’s influence?

5th question — In recent years, our government has given military aid to the enemy that has sworn to destroy us.  This aid has come in the form of direct U.S. military support, as well as weapons and political and financial support.  If we are still the same nation, why are we funding and arming the very enemy which attacked us on 9/11?

Last question — Today, on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, we have allowed our President  and our Congress to violate the Constitution and make a treaty without going through the ratification process.  This treaty is with Iran, the heart of the enemy which still openly declares that it will destroy us.  This treaty places us in the position where we are actually obligated to defend our enemy should their nuclear facilities come under attack.  This treaty even requires us to fund our enemy’s quest for nuclear weapons — nuclear weapons he has already said he will use against us and our allies.  So, if we are still the same nation, why are we agreeing to fund and defend the enemy that has sworn to destroy us?

Do you still believe this is the same nation those nineteen terrorists attacked?  Before you answer, let me put this to you a different way.  What if FDR had refused to condemn Japan and Germany after Pearl harbor and, instead, had told America it was the true enemy and it was to blame for those attacks?  What if FDR had started flying German and Japanese citizens into America by the tens of thousands, and started to place them into the highest positions in our defense department?  What if FDR had armed Japan and Germany and even signed treaties promising to fund Japan and Germany — even to defend them — the while Germany and Japan were saying and actively acting on their proclamation that they would destroy America?  Would you think that that America, under that FDR, was the same America that was attacked on Dec 7, 1941?  Or would you think it was an America that had surrendered to its attackers?

So I ask you again:

Could you ever have imagined that nineteen Muslim terrorists could have destroyed America?


13 thoughts on “Some Things that Should REALLY Offend Us

  1. God rebukes and chastens those He loves , this from His warning to the church in Laodicea . Look who He used against the Northern Tribes and look at who He is using now . Be prepared !

      1. Just heard a very scary theory. A caller in to Rush Limbaugh’s show stated, “what if Iran already has nukes and this is “hush money” being given to them so that they won’t use it until 0zero is out of office?” 😦

        1. If Iran had nukes, then either they or Mecca would already be glowing. Israel cannot allow them to strike first, so Israel will hit them before they can use their weapons.

          I’d be more afraid of the nuclear weapons they have already smuggled into the US.

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