AGENDAS: A Modern Role Model for Christians

Rowan County Clerk, Kim Davis, is a role model for all Christians who seek to obey the Lord rather than men.  I have heard many people claiming she ‘broke the law,’ including at least one friend of mine who used to be a pastor.  The problem is, Mrs. Davis did not break the law.– the courts have.  There is nothing in the U.S. Constitution that speaks to marriage because marriage has its roots in religion, and the Constitution specifically forbids Congress from making law in this area.  Therefore, the Court had no jurisdiction, and any court that acts on the basis of the Supreme Court’s over-reach joins in their usurpation of power.  But that is a different conversation because — legal or not — the courts have told Mrs Davis she must violate a right that is Constitutionally protected (her right to conscience/religion) or go to jail.  So, in true allegiance and obedience to the teachings of Roman’s 13, Mrs. Davis chose to go to jail.  In so doing, she has made herself a true role model and an excellent example for Christians who wish to obey the Lord rather than men.

Romans 13 tells believers they must submit to the authority of governing authorities, but it does not say we must obey them.  If this were the case, the Christian faith would be no more as they would have renounced their faith when Caesar told them to do so or die.  A believer must recognize that his or her first King is Christ, and that we have a duty to obey His commands before those of men.  But this does not mean we have a right to resist the governing authorities in this world.  Romans says to submit to them, and submit means to do exactly what the early Christians did.  They refused to obey, but they did not resist with violence when Caesar sent them to the lions.  Instead, they went willingly and praising the Lord.  This is exactly what Mrs. Davis has done: she submitted to the consequences of her obedience to God’s law over man’s.

This nation has already turned away from God.  Now we are moving farther and farther away from him.  In fact, given the fact that our authorities now persecute the righteous, I would say we are actually moving toward open warfare with God.  Our government has elevated the status of homosexuals over that of heterosexuals.  It has refused to enforce the laws where Planned Parenthood is concerned, choosing instead to seek legal action against the reports who exposed the horror that is Planned Parenthood and rewarding the butchers with more tax money.  Our leaders are giving aid and protection to ‘Black Lives Matter,’ which is openly calling for the killing of our police.  In fact, our government is openly arming this nation’s enemies in Al Qaeda and ISIS.  The truth is plain for anyone who seeks justice: we are being ruled by a lawless and tyrannical oligarchy.  This means that anyone who obeys these leaders must disobey God.  Well, Scripture tells us that if you do that, then Christ will disavow us on Judgment Day.  Rather than speaking on our behalf, Christ will tell us to go away: He never knew us.

This is why all who profess to believe in and trust in God and His Son had better start preparing to follow Mrs. Davis’s example.  The nation is starting to declare war on God’s people: Christian and Jew alike.  I understand that they are only doing so in specific places and under favorable circumstances right now, but this is only the beginning.  Unless we turn back to God, repent and pray for His forgiveness, then the persecutions will grow.  We in this nation, a land founded for the sake of religious liberty, will finally know true persecution for choosing to follow the Lord.  I urge you to make ready so that, when that day comes, you will choose to side with God and refuse to obey the evil laws of man wherever and whenever they contradict the Laws of God.

However, we must understand that this will probably mean you and I will pay a price.  The time may even come when it could cost us our property, our freedom or even our life.  But if this happens, I urge you to follow the example of all the saints before us and to submit to the injustices of this world willingly.  Go to their lions, singing and praising the Lord.  And know that, if this happens, you are walking i the same company as the Apostles who were scourged for refusing to bow to the authorities of their day and time.  For Christ told us the world will hate us because of His name.  So if the world hates us because we obey Christ instead of the world, then we can be assured belong to Him.  And if we belong to Him, then we can rest in the assurance that, no matter what they do to our bodies i this life, we will be given the promise of His eternal reward in the next.

SO, my brother or sister, look to those who have lead by example.  Draw strength from them and from the Lord’s promises.  Obey God and God’s Law.  DO not follow the commands of evil, but be ready to pay the price for choosing life over death.  It may costs us in this life, but we will be rewarded for being faithful and obedient unto the end in the next.  We know this because we know He is faithful and His Word is true.


10 thoughts on “AGENDAS: A Modern Role Model for Christians

  1. Absolutely correct !

    Additionally, as M Levin has said, the Scotus ruling itself is NOT Law. It is an opinion which has been assumed to be “as law” since Marbury Vs Madison…… but is in fact Constitutionally NOT even a secular law.

      1. You were SO RIGHT about Carly Fiorina…… she and Lindsey Graham have come out and said Davis should just “follow the law” !

        Fiorina is right about Hillary ….. But she is written off my Dance card for Good !!!

        1. Don,

          It is easy to read people. If they believe certain things, especially that we should support Islam in any way, they are WRONG! Wrong in their belief, and definitely wrong for America,

          That means Trump is WRONG on both counts, too, as he has said he would keep the Iran deal and defend Iran against Israel.

            1. Then he has changed positions since his phone interview with CNN this past week…

              But then, THAT is just another reason NOT to support the man: his positions change as quickly as that of any other Leftist.

              1. You realize of course you sound exactly like CNN, The Jeb Bush camp, the Establishment GOP, FOX News and really all the rest of the MSM?

                You’re smart so that’s a rhetorical question.

                The real investigation of course is WHY Cruz and Levin and Jenny Beth Martin asked Trump to be involved and why he readily agreed. Was on the same announcement with Cruz……weeks ago.

                1. Yes, I may sound like them, but I am against Trump for entirely different reasons than most of those you listed.

                  As for why Cruz invited him? I think (hope) Cruz is playing chess while Trump and the rest are playing tidily-winks.

                  1. Neither Cruz nor Trump has ever played Tidily-winks.

                    As to your “reasons”…..politics make strange bed-fellows.

                    1. Well, I am not so sure Trump plays the long game. He strikes me as an opportunist. I hope Cruz is playing a long game. HOWEVER, if Cruz looks to align with Trump in any significant way, I will no longer have a candidate. 😦

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