News Headlines Affirm OYL Posts: Islam Working Toward End Of Days!

I have written about the importance of the black flags of Islam and how the Obama/Iran deal is setting the stage for Christ’s return.  I am fully aware that those who do not believe the Bible do not believe what I have been trying to explain, but I cannot help them.  They have chosen to remain willfully ignorant.  For those who wish to see and understand, the signs are coming more often and more clearly every day.  Just this week the news has started to affirm and support everything I have been trying to explain.  This story is just one such example:

Islamic State recruitment document seeks to provoke ‘end of the world’

Whether you believe in Bible or Islamic prophecy or not, ISIS does and it is working to bring about the fulfillment of their prophecies.  Ignoring them is no different from the Allies ignoring the clear declarations by Hitler of what he intended to do.  Closing your eyes never makes the monster go away.  Just ask the teenage girl who always gets killed by the monster or mass-murdering maniac in any chiller movie you care to name: she knows death is right behind her, but all she ever does is close her eyes and hope it goes away.  Well it does not work that way.  The only way to deal with evil is to look it in the face and fight it with goodness.  But there is the rub: we are not good — none of us.  Only God is good, so only God can fight the growing evil in this world.  This is why I urge you to turn to God and seek His protection.  If you look to men for help and salvation, all you will find is death and destruction.  Our only hope is to trust in God — and Allah is not god.  By God I mean the God of the Bible; the same God to which our founders turned to guide their building of this nation.  The same God who can and will heal us — if only we will turn and repent of our own evil and seek Him and His ways once again.

Anything less than this and we will see Islam spread throughout the world until — whether you believe it or not — Christ returns and sets all things right.  If you wait until that time, however, it may be too late.  When the Lord returns, He comes back to destroy His enemies.  I pray you will not wait too long to turn to and accept Him because, if you have not done so by the time He returns, you may find that He counts you as being among His enemies.  I do not want you to be lost if/when this happens, so — please — seek God today.  Please.  This is no joke and no fairy tale.  God is real, and He gave us prophecy so — when it comes to pass — we will know He is God.  Well, those prophecies are coming true right before your eyes — today!  Please, I beg you, open your eyes and see.  Then seek God and be saved.


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