LESSONS IN LOGIC: The American Left HATES Democracy

The American Left (i.e. ‘Liberals,’ Progressives, Democrat Party, etc) claims to support democracy, but in truth, they hate the principle of democracy: that the majority opinion should dominate national policy.  Please, do not try to object to this.  It is a fact and their actions — not their words — their actions prove it:

Read this story, and understand that I am aware the author is writing with a slanted opinion, but the author’s argument is also correct: the polling numbers support the claim that Americans oppose the Leftists agenda:


The facts are simple: Americans have repeatedly voted to amend State Constitutions and to pass federal laws to protect marriage: not ‘traditional’ marriage but marriage!  And Leftist, activist judges have repeatedly violated the law and nullified the will of the people.  The same is happening now with the Confederate Battle flag,  A majority does not have a problem with the flag, but a minority — driven by the Leftists agenda — is driving the crusade against it.  Obamacare is another law that has been forced down the throats of the American people, and illegally so.  The people are overwhelmingly against this law.  And the list of things being done against the will of the American people goes on, and it is all driven by the Leftist agenda.

So, the next time you hear a Leftist saying they are for the people or invoking the notion of democracy, remember their actions do not match their words.  This is defined as hypocrisy, and when they do it to deceive you, it is also called a lie.  Now, whether you like ‘the other side’ or not, why would you ever support someone who is openly lying to you and who is supporting an agenda that has absolutely no problem forcing its will upon the majority of society?  That, my friend, is called tyranny, and if you support anyone who is pushing the Leftist agenda, you are siding with tyrants.


9 thoughts on “LESSONS IN LOGIC: The American Left HATES Democracy

  1. Good Post …. as always really.

    As a slight, but related, detour ……. The issue of “Democracy” and “democracy” is a tough one. I’m pretty sure I don’t believe in Democracy either. Specifically the rule of the majority as it translates into…rule of the Mob. But this is different from democratic principles. Big “D” democracy is essentially Communism, Socialism and in its Street version is a kind of mafia Mob rule. The Occupy and Ferguson thugs employ this and appeal to democracy for their legitimacy.

    The Voice of the people, the Social Contract are vital to insuring that Natural Law be enacted as the foundation for a society and system which protects those Laws. But it is a slippery slope to say the least between using democratic principles to insure individual Natural Rights and a slide into what seems like eventual Mob Rule ( with oligarchic Elites and Dictatorship ). In the latter Tyranny is found at all levels the Mo ( people), the Elites, and even the Law.

    1. Don,

      Ah, but we can easily design a government that stay firmly inside the confines of Natural Law without ever holding an election — at least, not after it is ratified. If, instead of voting, all government positions were periodically filled by random selection — like a draft — with provisions to exclude those who are criminally or mentally unqualified to hold office — we would still be able to run a govt. by Natural Law. In fact, I would argue it would be better than what the founders gave us as the people would be much more motivated to make sure everyone is properly educated and remains loyal to the founding principles of the nation — lest a batch of truly incompetents get selected and the nation suffer for it.

      1. It is definitely an interesting scenario. For me the Bill of Rights and the Declaration’s fundamental appeals to natural Law would have to be a bedrock of this “system”.

        Also I like Levin’s take on Gov’t agencies being “Sunsetted” and abolished if they exceeded 100 Million in costs. In other words, even this random selection from We the people would not justify bloated gov’t agencies.

  2. I am now calling them “The New Totalitarians.” Wrote two posts about why they deserve such a title at my blog.

    On a related subject – could you please post another comment here like the one you had previously shared with me regarding what the seventh color (light blue) of the rainbow – created by God – means? You wrote something about how it was represented to the Rabbis of the Old Testament in the Bible. I can’t seem to find it. Thanks!

    1. christinewjc,

      Please see the newest post. Let me know if that is what you were looking for? It is what I was lead to write in reply to your request, so I hope it is 🙂

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