LESSONS IN LOGIC: 20+ Million ILLEGAL Aliens = An Invasion, Allowing Them To Vote = NO NATION!

This is simple: if you enter this nation without going through the proper channels, you are not an ‘undocumented immigrant, you are an ILLEGAL ALIEN!  When you have 20+ million illegal aliens coming from one nation, this is called an invasion!  So what we are experiencing here is an alien invasion — but not in a Hollywood sense, but in the sense that destroys nations.

When you then allow illegal aliens to vote in your national elections, you have destroyed your nation.  You are essentially telling anyone and everyone in the world to sneak into your country and vote you into oblivion.  When the government sanctions these actions — as our government is doing now — it is called subversion, sedition and treason and the people pushing it should be dealt with accordingly.


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