LESSONS IN LOGIC: Let’s Ban ALL ‘Hate’ Flags!

The push is on to ban ‘hate’ flags: flags that offend because of what they represent.  At the moment, this is the flag on which our attention is being focused:

confederate battle flag

But this is not the only flag they will come after…

Some want to ban the Confederate Battle Flag because they claim it is about racism.  Others want to ban it because they claim it is the flag of another nation:

Beck: Why Would Anyone Fly Confederate Flag? ‘It’s a Flag of Another Country’

I dealt with the claim that the Confederate Battle Flag has nothing to do with States’ rights in a previous post:

LESSONS IN LOGIC: Is the Confederate Battle Flag a Symbol of States’ Rights?

Now it is time to deal with the claim that it should be banned because it represents a different country.  If this flag should be banned simply because it represents a different country, then so should this one:

mexican flag

But we are being told that it is ‘racist’ to tell ILLEGAL ALIENS that they should not be flying their flag in our nation.  In fact, we are told it is ‘hate’ to even claim this is our nation.  But there are other flags that belonged to different nations that we are being told we should not fly.  Here is another:

gadsden flag

The Gadsden Flag is not representative of America; it is representative of the Colonies.  They are not the same thing.  The Colonies were part of England.  So, to the British, this is a ‘hate’ flag and it represents rebellion.  But for Mr. Beck specifically, the man who is continuously touting the merits of Texas, I would point out that this is also the flag of a different nation:

texas state flag

That is correct: the flag of Texas has not changed since Texas was an independent nation.  Furthermore, if you are a Mexican, then this is as much a ‘hate’ flag as the Gadsden Flag is to the English.  But wait!  There is yet another flag that we are told is a ‘hate’ flag.  In fact, many believe it is the greatest ‘hate’ flag of all.  It’s this flag:

american flag

That is correct: the American Flag is being banned all across this nation, and the most common justification is because of what it is assumed to represent.  The thing with that is, ‘hateful’ to whom?  You see, ‘hate’ tends to depend on who you are and what you ‘hate.’

I hope you have caught on to the main point of this post, but if you haven’t, let me see if I can help you understand by putting it in a different way.  What if, instead of flags, we were talking about banning books?  Would you see the point then?

LAST THOUGHT: the majority of these flags represent the yearning of people who were seeking to be free from oppression.  So, if we are being told they now represent ‘hate,’ then what should that tell you about the people who see them as symbols of ‘hate?’


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