So Much For The ‘Experts’

How many times have you heard people say, or seen it inferred that without a certain piece of paper, you are unqualified to do or comment on something?  The unspoken assumption in these cases is that, without some school or government agency bestowing their stamp of approval on you, you do not know anything.  Well, I am going to tell you straight out that those who believe this are either gullible people who have been duped or they are using this assumption as a tactic to silence you.  Why do I say this?  Well, first, it is a matter of simple logic.  Going to school does not make one an ‘expert’ anymore than lacking a degree makes one ignorant.  But I have a perfect example for you.  Here, take this test:

Can we guess your level of education?

I scored PhD, but I only hold 2 BA’s.  Now, how could these people possibly be so wrong as to place me two levels of ‘paper’ above that which I actually earned?  One possibility is that this test is faulty, but they are usually pretty accurate.  that leaves the second possibility — that I am smarter than the average PhD.  Now, if this is possible, I bet it is certainly possible that you are equally smart in areas where you do not have a piece of paper or government approval of your ‘smarts.’

So, what should we take from this?  Simple: the next time someone says you or anyone else should be ignored because you lack some piece of paper, ignore that idiot and pay attention to the person they want you to ignore is saying.  They may be an idiot, too, but then again, they may well be smarter than the one trying to convince you to ignore them.  You will never know unless and until you listen to what they have to say and consider it for yourself.

NOTE: yes, I am very contemptuous of the education system in this nation, as well as all those who seek to prop it up and support it.  the whole cabal is illegitimate and has been for decades.


8 thoughts on “So Much For The ‘Experts’

  1. The Test was designed to make people “Feel Good”…..the purpose of FaceBook itself.

    But you are correct in your post. The only paper that means anything today…..the only paper that puts all on equal level is TP. About what a College Degree is worth anyway, especially from the North East.

  2. I agree with you, but that test was just foolishness. Perhaps it’s just that a doctorate in “Facebook” doesn’t take much.

    1. RK,

      I understand and agree with you and Don, but do not be too quick to dismiss the current accuracy of this test. If you are over 45, then most these questions ‘should’ have been learned in grade/high school — and probably were. HOWEVER, if you are under 30, then you would need the modern equivalent of a doctorate to even have a chance of knowing the majority of these answers. Now — to my way of thinking — that is less a comment on individual intelligence than it is a condemnation of modern education (rhyme intended 🙂 )

      What say you?

      1. What say I ??
        I say Ur insinuating that I am over 30 and possibly over 45 !!!!

        But yes the accuracy of the FB test in illustrating the Failure of our Education system is what this shows.

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