LESSONS IN LOGIC: Anatomy of A Racist

Michelle Obama delivered a graduation speech to the 2015 graduating class at Tuskegee University.  In doing so, she demonstrated what a racist looks like — HER!

Now, before you make the mistake of labeling me a racist, I suggest you read the rest of this post.

First things first: you will have a difficult time finding the entire transcript of this speech.  This is one time where Beck does things right.  He played the majority of it today; uncut and without talking over it.  What most places are posting are stories that support Michelle’s claims about racism.  This is one such story:

Michelle Obama Lets Loose on Race in Graduation Speech

Now, let me start by stating that I have already admitted that bigotry exists in America, but I have also drawn a distinction between racism and bigotry:

DEFENDING THE LANGUAGE: Racism vs. Bigotry vs. Culture

Most of what Michelle calls racism in her speech is actually bigotry.  but there is racism in this country.  The problem is that — now — it has been reversed.  Today, the racists are black.  If this is not stopped, and stopped soon, America may well find itself  a photo-negative of South Africa under apartheid.  This time, it will be the black minority oppressing the white majority.  Baltimore is all the evidence we need to prove that this is a reality.  If we had white hate groups declaring they will kill black babies plastered all over the headlines, whites would be fighting them — just like they fought the KKK in the past.  Yes, that’s right: the reason blacks have been given equal status under the law was and remains the work of just whites.  But the racist, Michell Obama, cannot see nor admit to this.  To her, all whites are guilty, and that is the very definition of a racist: someone who paints all people with the same brush according to the color of their skin.

Now, I understand that there are many who will tell me that blacks cannot be racist because they do not have power.  According to the fallacious argument I have heard used so many times to excuse black racism, a race must be in power to be racist.  if they have no power, then they can only be victims, not racists.  But the last time I looked, the Obamas are black and in power.  So, by this fallacious reasoning, blacks are now the racists and whites the victims and we are under an apartheid.  Now, do you believe this?  I don’t.  But why is it not true?  Obama is ignoring black-on-white crime, even telling black Attorney general, Holder, to excuse already convicted blacks of hate crimes.  Now he has other blacks in the DOJ openly attacking whites and not even looking at the black-on-white crimes being committed in the name of race.  If this were all reversed, and it was whites doing this to America, do you think that blacks would accept it?  So why are blacks surprised that whites are starting to push back against their racism.  In fact, if anyone has just cause to be offended here, it is whites.  Without whites, blacks may well still be slaves and/or second-class citizens.

You see, Michelle Obama is the very proof against all her claims.  She is black, and so is her husband. In America, blacks are less than 14% of the population.  This means that, without whites, Obama would never have been elected President.  In fact, without whites, the Civil Rights Act would never have been passed — or enforced.   For that matter, the slaves would have never been freed without the efforts of just whites.  But, if we listen to Michelle, all whites are guilty of racism and all blacks are victims.  The problem for Michelle is the facts — FACTS — are against her.  If they weren’t, then how is ti she was speaking at an all-black college: something that would be declared illegal if it were reversed?

Bigotry exists on all sides.  It always will.  It is part of the human condition.  But, if racism requires a race to be in power, then whatever racism may exist in America today is black-on-white, not the other way around.

OK, prove I’m right: attack my character and not my argument.  I dare you.

[NOTE: if you think I am excusing or justifying the racism of the past, or bigotry of today, then you did not hear my message in this post.  I would ask you to please, read it again — and again, if necessary.  Read it until you see past the surface of how we all feel about this issue to the principles underlying it.  Read until you see the wrong and can see that wrong no matter what color the skin of the person pushing it.  Then — and only then — will you understand my message…and see that I am not justifying wrongs, but attacking them wherever they are found.]


2 thoughts on “LESSONS IN LOGIC: Anatomy of A Racist

  1. Just to throw it out there, why is it that everyone feels the need to express that they are not racist? I mean, from the beginning of a conversation, we have to express that we aren’t racist.. Why do we do that? It’s obvious to us that anyone who simply disagrees with someone (usually the someone is a conservative) will be labeled racist (or any other intimidating label used today). No matter how much we stress that, it’s predictable we’ll be perceived that way regardless. so why do we really care if we already know how some will take it. What do we really expect? If you’re labeled racist, which I assume by having to reassure that you’re not, that you’ll be viewed that way anyway, what will start happening if people/whites begin to go along with it? What will be the argument then? The “you’re racist” card is thrown out with every little thing, I guess because they end up getting their way when they begin to throw tantrums. No one likes to be called something they aren’t, so when they are, I guess they feel the need to do everything to make whoever got offended feel better (let me give you this to show that I’m not, let me do this, that…etc). People are beginning to wake up and realize we’re all labeled untrue things just because we disagree and we need to stop obsessing about oh my goodness I’m offending someone! I expect to be called a racist, hateful, having a phobia, etc. I don’t like being looked at that way but I can’t help how they feel and to be blunt, I think they choose to want to feel that way just to get their way (the obvious crowd m.obama, Oprah, al Sharpton, criminals who are caught doing wrong) I’m a Christian a Christ follower not a fan and the world labels that unloving. unless you match the picture they’ve painted a Christian to them -> should be, you will be labeled that.

    In the police administration for records they put beside race: n -non Hispanic u -unknown a woman of color came in and hit the roof, because she assumed the n was for negro. For decades the race was put down on reports like that, but when this happened, two-three months ago, it was changed. Now they just put u for everyone. One person! It only takes one person to complain to change things :O.

    1. Summer,

      We are reaping the rewards of the materialist practices created by Marx and his disciples. What we know as ‘political correctness’ is a set of tactics intentionally designed to make those who would oppose the Marxist agenda shut up and not fight that agenda and, if they did, provide a means by which those people could be publicly destroyed. McCarthy is a perfect example of how this works. Today, we know EVERYONE he accused of being a Communist was guilty as charged, yet they ruined him. Well, now we are suffering the fate he tried to warn us was coming if we did not get the Communists out of public service.

      We reap what we sow.

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