The Pam Geller Story Illustrates EVERYTHING That Is Wrong With The Politically Correct Agenda

I cannot remember the last story I saw in the news that so perfectly and completely illustrates the problems created by the politically correct agenda as that of the Pam Geller/Muhammad cartoon contest/Texas shooting story.  I just wonder how many Americans can see everything this story holds and, of those who can still see and understand it, how many have bothered to take enough time to reflect on it so that they can see it all?  It was this question that prompted this post: not whether or not people will understand, but do they even care anymore?  I do not wish to presume anything about you, my dear reader.  So, if you will allow me, I will address as much of this story as I can as though I am talking to myself.  Please read this post in that light: as a conversation between me and the man in my mirror.

First, here is the story that prompted this post:

Why Islamic Extremists Hate When People Draw Images of the Prophet Muhammad

America is an idea, not a place.  It is the idea that men have rights that come from God and that we should all defend those rights for that reason.  This is why the American ideal is superior to any ideal man has ever devised.  Man did not devise America; he just put God’s laws into action. The politically correct agenda is at war with these facts (and they are facts).

At the heart of political correctness is an irrational drive to make everything equal.  I do not understand where this comes from because it is not true.  Some things are better than others.  Do we truly believe that NAZI Germany is equal to modern day America?  Or that Stalin’s Russia was equal to modern America?  Doesn’t the politically correct crowed claim that modern America — though still flawed — is better than America of the past, when slavery was still allowed?  So why do they claim that people have to accept that America is not exceptional?  Or that all religions are equal?  I think I know the answer: it is because they know this nations was superior because it was founded upon the laws of The One True God.  Political correctness is an unconscious attack on God and His laws.  As such, political correctness is not so much ‘un-American,’ as it is ‘anti-American’ — and this story illustrates that very clearly.

First, since when is free speech something we should avoid if it is going to cause other people to do violence?  If we applied the politically correct standard of today to the 1960’s, the same people attacking Geller for the cartoon contest would be attacking Dr. King for his fight for civil rights.  They would say King should not march because racists and bigots will be violent.  But guess what?  There were people who said that in the 1960’s, and they are of the same spirit as those saying it today.  The only differences are they insist they are more powerful today, and they insist they have the moral high ground today, and they destroy anyone who disagrees or opposes their claims.  That is anti-American.  The true American will tell you if he or she disagrees with the things you say, but they will defend your right to say them.  Anyone who seeks to silence your voice is anti-American — period!

Then there is the matter of the CNN ‘journalist’ in the video clip I posted.  She is no more a journalist than I am the president of the United States.  Form and function define, and the form and function of a journalist is to find the truth.  This requires a journalist to stay neutral, find and report the facts and present all sides and possible outcomes or ramifications of a story.  That is not what this ‘reporter’ was doing.  She demonstrates that she has an anti-Geller, anti-free speech agenda.  In addition to this, whether intentionally or by accident, this reporter is also protecting and even furthering Islam.  Again, looking to form and function, we see that this means she is not a journalist, but a propagandist.  Propaganda — when used to intentionally deceive — is anti-American.  America protects the press because a free and honest media is essential to the ability to self-govern.  When the media seeks to deceive, or worse, when it out-right lies (as it has in the case of Islam), it becomes a subversive force in society.  At that point, it ceases to be ‘media’ and starts to become a clear and present danger to the nation and its people.  That is anti-American — period!

The truth about Islam is simple: the religion is evil, hateful and violent.  However, this says nothing about the individual Muslim within Islam.  If you watch the video clip again, you will notice that Pam Geller understands this, but the propagandist does not.  The propagandist cannot separate the person from the category.  In this case, the category is Islam, but you will see this in all stories reported by the propagandists today.  If you are black, they treat you according to what they think the category ‘black’ believes.  If you are white, then you are a racist who has undeserved privilege (unless, of course, you are politically correct — that absolves you of your white guilt).  The point is, they do not see the individual person; they only see the group or category, and then, they only see the stereotype of that group or category.  Worse, they are often the ones who have created these stereotypes, and they have done so according to the needs of their political agenda.  There is usually little or no connection between the stereotype and reality.  That is anti-American.

In truth, the person can be part of a religion and not practice what it teaches.  If you claim to be Christian but do not follow Christ’s commands, then you are not a Christian.  Christ said so, not me.  The same applies to Islam.  Muhammad said those who do not obey his commands are apostates and should be killed.  Now, Jesus never commanded anyone to kill someone just because they did not believe in and accept Him, but Muhammad did.  So which religion is superior, because they certainly are not equal?  Muhammad said to love good Muslims, but Jesus said to love all — even your enemies.  The point here is also simple: the commands of the faith are what define it, and Islam commands hatred and violence against any and all who refuse to submit to Muhammad.  That is anti-American — period!

So why don’t more people see and understand this?  Well, in large part, I think it has to do with the fact that we have been teaching people to think in terms of political correctness.  Our public schools are hopelessly riddled with this disease.  They do not teach people how to think.  They teach them what to think and, if they do not submit, they punish them.  How is that any different — in spirit — from Islam? It is Anti-American — period!

This is also related to the idea that the person doing violence is innocent, and the person who ’caused them to be violent’ is guilty.  According to this perversion of reason, Muslims are innocent because the West caused them to be terrorists.  The rioters in Baltimore are innocent because black cops are racist against black people.  We have to give in to the demands of those who do not want to support themselves or their families because those who are willing to work ‘stole’ what they have created form those who have nothing and make nothing.  I mean, can’t you see the absolute absurdity in the claims of the politically correct?  they make no sense.  All they do is justify lawlessness and violence against others.  That is anti-American — period!

This is all about matters of conscience, and control over the conscience of others.  In short: it is about controlling the free will of others.  This is far worse than slavery.  Slavery only controls the body, but not the mind.  Slavery is not enough for the politically correct.  Political correctness demands that you accept it as god, and that you submit your entire being — body, mind and soul — to it and its demands.  But political correctness is the work of men.  So political correctness is man’s attempt to force others to worship an elite group of men as god.  That is anti-American — period!

The truth here is this: what we call ‘political correctness’ is just a shield designed to protect a political agenda.  That political agenda is a massive sociology experiment.  We are dealing with people who honestly believe they can ‘socially engineer’ the world they want and they do not care about those who oppose them.  They will either force them to comply or they will kill them — period.  These people honestly believe they are gods, and that is as anti-American as you can get — period!


10 thoughts on “The Pam Geller Story Illustrates EVERYTHING That Is Wrong With The Politically Correct Agenda

  1. Very good post, yet I would venture to say it is anti – the Lord God, that they unknowingly are against; as that is how the wicked are wired. It trickles down from there, to stamp out any trace of God honoring “Westerners”.or cultures (Ethos)..

    1. My Friend,

      You and I both know this to be true, but I have purposely chosen to be a bit more subtle in my message. So many have rejected the Lord, but they still cling to our founding. If I can find a way to show them that our founders — the men who made this nation — said that they looked to God and His Word to create the nation so many still cherish, maybe — just maybe — I can help them to see that everything that once made this nation great and strong came directly from God. If they see that, then they might start to see that where we went wrong it was because we ignored God’s Word and chose to do it our way.

      At least, that is my thinking and hope. To that end, I try to do my part and leave the rest to the Lord and His Holy Spirit. I just pray it will be pleasing to Him and that I am not making a mistake…

  2. Very Good post with strong points.
    But just an observation on the Video above.
    Look at the two women. Look at and into their eyes. The CNN host on the left looks frightened, like a Deer in the headlights stare. Pamela on the right looks strong and centered.

    To me it is a reflection of their two positions. CNN running and hiding and Pamela standing on principle.

    1. Don,

      True, but what you are seeing is the courage of conviction based on principle. Political Correctness is based on expediency. therefore, by definition, it is impossible for a politically correct person to have courage of any sort outside that provided by the heard. It is why they always seek the comfort of the group and can never understand the single individual who stands up in front of the column of tanks.

  3. Black3Actual,
    I can accept all of the points of your post, I am the Choir.

    What I can’t accept is that Progressivism, Liberalism, is taught and learned.

    As Dr King has stated: “The Content of Your Character” (unlike Black Hussein Obama, who believes his skin color matters more to him), determines the integrity and ethical behavior of a person.

    I was educated in (Liberal) Public schools and colleges, but was always open to a confrontation of discussion about any subject that I understood was not conducive to my ideology. I am sure any (living) ex-teachers/professors if asked would remember me, as I remember them.

    Why is there such a diversion between Islam and Christianity? Many of
    the ideas of (Arabic) Koran are reflective of Christian ideology?
    I hate to have to go back into my Koran to really analyze what I said!

    1. EdwardS,

      To understand the division between the Qur’an and Bible, you must understand Muhammad’s history and what the Bible has to say about people like Muhammad. Muhammad started by parroting Scriptures. He bought passages from the Jews and re-worded them to his own purpose. Remember, Muhammad did NOT start out thinking he was a prophet. In fact, he thought he was possessed by demons. His first wife and her gnostic relative convinced Muhammad he was a prophet.

      For the first few years, Muhammad preached peace and love because he was copying Scripture. But his following never got to more than 300 or so. He was eventually driven out where he started to use violence. As soon as he started to justify theft and killing, his numbers exploded. Within a few years of being driven out of Mecca, he had 10,000+ followers. But hsi message also changed., This is when he turned on the Jews, Christians and Bible. Before that time, he told people to read and obey the Bible. After it, he said the Jews and Christians had corrupted the Bible.

      HOWEVER, the entire time, Muhammad taught a different message from Christ’s Gospel. If you read John’s letters, and Galatians. John tells us that Muhammad is an anti-Christ, and Paul says he and his message (Muhammad’s) is to be accursed. Search for my post about this: The Real Jesus and the True Gospel I think it will explain this better, because it also applies to Mormons and all other splinter groups calling themselves Christians when they are not.

      That is the division between Islam and Christianity: Islam is the negation of Christ’s Gospel. They are moral opposites of each other. One is from God, the other from Satan, and God’s people are to have nothing to do with Satan’s people.

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