APPLIED LOGIC: Absurdity Reveals the Absurdity in the ‘Discrimination Debate’

I posted a more formal argument for why we have a right to discriminate on my other blog, the Road to Concord.  However, I am not ready to leave this issue alone.  I think what we may need to help the harder cases out there is a little shock to the system.  So, if you will allow me, I would like to use absurdity to illustrate the absurdity in this supposed ‘debate’ over discrimination.

If we do not want to be ‘unfair’ to people, then we should not stop at using the government to force people to do business with minorities or gays.  Let’s keep going.

If gays are born gay, then pedophiles are born that way, too (whether homosexuals like it or not, every argument they have made can be applied to the pedophile community.  So don’t even try to object to this comparison).  So, we should force the local Chuck-E-Cheese to serve known pedophiles, and the government should also force day-care facilities to hire pedophiles.

If we can force businesses to serve pedophiles, than those people who are born with a sexual attraction to animals deserve equal rights.  The government needs to recognize human-animal marriage.  The government should also force people to allow their pets to ‘date’ these folks.  After all, you do not have a right to tell your pet who they can and cannot love.  That would be unfair and judgmental.

Since it is unfair to discriminate, we should also make the government force black, Catholic and Jewish businesses to serve Neo-NAZI’s and KKK members.  After all, it is ‘unfair’ to discriminate against someone simply for the way they live their lives.

We should also make the government force Christian Churches to open their doors to Atheists and Muslims (we can’t force Atheists and Muslims to allow Christians into their churches and Mosques because we know they will react with violence, but it is safe to do so to Christians because their religion prevents them from reacting violently).  After all, no one should face discrimination for their religious beliefs, so, if businesses can be forced to serve gays, then Christians can be forced to open their facilities to all other religions.  it is only ‘fair.’

Now, let me ask you a serious question:

Are you starting to get the point yet?

If you are one of those who already understands the point I am making, then this post really isn’t written for you.  The above was written to those who are pushing a political agenda in the name of advancing ‘fairness’ and ‘justice.’  I hope that, by intentionally using illustrations that are meant to shock, I will be able to reach some of those in that camp.  Sadly, however, I doubt they will listen.  Instead of recognizing the validity of my illustrations, they will argue there is no comparison — or worse.  They will agree we should actually push for some of the things I just mentioned.

As for those of us who already recognize that these people are not looking for real justice, know that you are actually in the majority on this issue.  The majority of Americans recognize that this is a campaign to trample their rights and liberty.  Every time the American people have been allowed to vote on these issues — most notably gay marriage — they have slapped it down.  California even rejected it.  But this minority refuses to give up.  While screaming about democracy and justice, they ignore the will of the people and turn to our corrupt courts to overturn the will of the people.

The truth is simple: we are under attack by a militant minority seeking to use the media, schools and government to fight their battles.  Their goal is the destruction of America.  They want to destroy this nation so they can re-make it according to their own desires.  This is an old song.  The history of the 20th Century was the history of this play: tyranny in the name of peace, love and justice.  It is a lie!  These people are tyrants who do not seek justice, they seek control.  To that end, they will lie, cheat, steal, bribe and even kill to achieve their goals.  They are motivated by a spirit of materialist rebellion, and they have not changed since time began.  So, the next time you encounter someone who is pushing these lies in the name of ‘fairness,’ understand that you are speaking to someone who is totally lawless: they answer to evil rather than righteousness and justice.


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