TRUTH, what is true?

Truth. What is True? Can Truth change depending upon a person’s point of view? Can Truth change depending on what a person “feels”? Can Truth be one thing for one person, and at the exact same time regarding the exact same occurrence and relationship; be something different for another person? Will you consider these questions after referencing the definition from a dictionary written nearly 200 years ago; the 1828 edition of Merriam-Websters?

TRUTH, noun:
1. Conformity to fact or reality; exact accordance with that which is, or has been, or shall be. The truth of history constitutes its whole value. We rely on the truth of the scriptural prophecies.
My mouth shall speak truth Proverbs 8:7.
Sanctify them through thy truth; thy word is truth John 17:17.

2. True state of facts or things. The duty of a court of justice is to discover the truth Witnesses are sworn to declare the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

3. Conformity of words to thoughts, which is called moral truth
Shall truth fail to keep her word?

4. Veracity; purity from falsehood; practice of speaking truth; habitual disposition to speak truth; as when we say, a man is a man of truth

5. Correct opinion.

6. Fidelity; constancy.
The thoughts of past pleasure and truth

7. Honesty; virtue.

It must appear        That malice bears down truth

8. Exactness; conformity to rule.

Plows, to go true, depend much on the truth of the iron work. [Not in use.]

9. Real fact of just principle; real state of things. There are innumerable truths with which we are not acquainted.

10. Sincerity.
God is a spirit, and they that worship him must worship in spirit and in truth John 4:23.

11. The truth of God, is his veracity and faithfulness. Psalms 71:22.
Or his revealed will.
I have walked in thy truth Psalms 26:3.

12. Jesus Christ is called the truth John 14.

13. It is sometimes used by way of concession.
She said, truth Lord; yet the dogs eat of the crums– Matthew 15:27.
That is, it is a truth; what you have said, I admit to be true.
In truth in reality; in fact.
Of a truth in reality; certainly.
To do truth is to practice what God commands. John 3.

I suggest, in all situations there is always one truth that is true for everyone from all points of view.  What kind of person can discern truth?


2 thoughts on “TRUTH, what is true?

  1. If they have been “graced” by the Lord to be able to see; or if “He” has shown them by “His Holy Spirit alone” – “or not” is the issue. Most are blind, (few have light) or walk in the light – an old chaplain once told me. It is all a matter of the sovereignty of God. Yet like the prophets of old, men want to take command and control of God – and few will hear. Good post, and good news for all who move in the “spirit of truth”; who is Christ himself, as they love Him.

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