CONNECTING THE DOTS: How the Gruber Story Pulls Back the Curtain, Part I: the ‘Big Picture’

The Gruber story is more important than anyone I listen to seems to realize.  It literally pulls back the curtain to the ‘big picture’ I have been trying to help people see and understand.  Not even Beck seems to understand just how revealing this story actually is.  I suspect this is because the Gruber story is too big for most people to see it in its entirety — and I include myself in this.  I do not believe I can see everything that has been revealed here, but I do believe I see more than most.  That is because it is so big and so few of us today study enough disciplines to make the necessary connections.  We have become a society of specialists, and we are all very good in our fields.  But, if we are going to hope to see what is going on here, we have to be more like our founders: we have to be Renaissance men and women.   Sadly, there is no time left for the majority of us to get up to speed.  So, if you will allow me to do so, over the next few posts, I will: 1) Paint the ‘big picture’ as I understand it; 2) explain who the players are and where you can find them saying this is what they want to do; 3) show you how the Gruber story affirms that what is happening is the enactment of long-term plans to destroy America and 4) I will show you that the Republican Party is an active participant in these plans to destroy America.

 The first thing we have to understand is that we are dealing with people who want to enslave all of us — and yes, that includes you and I.  To these people, the only thing that matters is control.  They seek the power necessary to exercise this control, and they rationalize their actions in several different ways.  This is one of the primary reasons it is so easy for them to dismiss anyone who tries to expose them as ‘conspiracy nuts:’ it is because, while they all have very similar goals, there are several factions fighting to achieve those goals their own way.  This presents an illusion that there is no unity here, so the ‘excuse’ that a lack of unity is evidence that there can be no conspiracy.  This is just one of the many lies they tell.

I think a decent — albeit imperfect — illustration of my point is the television show, Survivor.  Everyone is after the same goal: to win the game.  But they make allegiances along the way.   Those who make these allegiances have each convinced themselves that they can control the person they align with until the time comes to seize the prize.  At that point, they fully plan to turn on their partner.  What’s funny to me is that none of these people ever seem to realize their partner is thinking the exact same way about them.  If you split the cast into several similar groups, each of which is aligned for the sake of expediency, and each group applies a different strategy in pursuit of the win, then you have a picture close to what is happening in our country today.  You just have to start learning how to identify the players.

First, we have radical revolutionaries.  This is what the Hippie movement of the 1960’s was.  They were Communists or groups sympathetic to the Communist ideal who sought to create enough public unrest that the people they assumed were silent supporters would suddenly rise up to join them in a ‘glorious revolution.’  Look up and read the works of The Weather Underground and you will find that they boldly asserted that this is exactly what they were trying to do.  The Black Panthers were another group with very similar goals and methods.  While they had slightly different agendas, their ultimate goal was the re-making of America through the insurrection of a sudden and violent revolution.  Unfortunately for these people, they did not realize they were being used by more skillful manipulators.

Most of the groups like the Weather Underground and the Black Panthers were used by the Progressives.  Now, you need to understand that the Progressives want the same thing as the Communists.  They seek to destroy America as it was founded and create a Communist utopia.  It’s just that they have rejected violent revolutions in favor of slow, silent subversion.  Think of Progressives as ‘patient Communists’ and you will have a good mental picture of who they are and what they want to do.  The only thing you have to do then is understand how they work.

The Progressives started with Theodore Roosevelt, but the movement were soon taken over by Woodrow Wilson.  Roosevelt was more into action than Wilson, who considered himself more thoughtful.  Wilson realized that revolution wouldn’t work in America.  All it would do would be to create a patriotic backlash that would crush the revolution and those who advocated the destruction of America.  For Wilson, the best way to achieve his goal of re-making this nation was to take little nibbles at the institutions which support it.  He started with the education system, but quickly moved into the media and then the judiciary.  Eventually, he and those working with him started to take over the Democrat Party, as well.  Finally, once they had successfully infiltrated every major institution supporting our society, they started to attack those institutions from within.

For this reason, we should view Progressives are parasites.  They have to attack from within, like an auto-immune disease which causes the body to eat itself.  This allows them to hide in the shadows.  If they were ever forced out into the open, the people would reject them and they would be destroyed.  This almost happened after Wilson.  This is why the Progressives changed their name to ‘Liberals.’  At the time, ‘Liberal’ was a good word.  It meant you supported the Jefferson idea of equality under the law, and equal justice.  But now, ‘Liberal’ is a stigma — because people eventually came to see and understand that the Progressives were back to their old tricks.  So, today, they have taken their old name back and are trying to deceive people into thinking they support the masses once again.  And again, it is all a lie.  The only thing Progressives want is power, so they can then exercise that power to control every aspect of our daily lives.

However, there is a third group of players in this mix, but unlike the revolutionaries, the Progressives are not only aware of this third group, they have actively aligned with them.  This would be the bankers and ‘captains of industry.’  It also includes both the news and entertainment media.    While these groups may often seem to be opposed to each other, in reality, they share common goals and interests.  Understanding this is another vital part of understanding the big picture.

The banker is just like the Progressive: he wants to control, too.  It’s just that the banker seeks to control money.  In the same way, the ‘Capitalist’ is seeking power by controlling trade.  These two sub-groups fund the Progressives.  Without them, the Progressive movement would starve (Remember, Progressives do not enjoy popular support.  They must deceive and/or bribe people to win their votes).  So, what happens is the bankers and Capitalists use ‘donations’ to influence legislation that favors their individual interests.  Solindra is a perfect example.  Solar power is not a profitable venture, so the company makes a donation to Obama, who then gives Solindra hundreds of millions of dollars in grants and loans that were never intended to be paid back.  The Chevrolet bailout was a similar situation only, this time, the beneficiary was the ‘big business’ of unions.  Bankers and Wall Street do the same thing: they buy the legislation they need to allow them to do what they want to do and/or protect them from competition.

Finally, there is the media.  Now, these people are among the most self-deceived of them all.  The only people more gullible are the revolutionaries.  When Gruber talks about the people being stupid, I suspect he is actually talking about the media.  Otherwise, he would not admit that he has to lie to get things done.  Admitting the need to lie is an admission that the people aren’t that stupid after all.  It’s the media who has to be lied to, and they are stupid.  But they see themselves as the gate-keepers and king-makers, and because they are useful to the Progressives and Capitalists, they are largely appeased.  This is made all the easier because, when it comes right down to it, the media generally supports what the Progressives are doing and, because the Progressives and media both need the Capitalists money, they all work together.  Thus, the media works to create, shape and direct public opinion to the benefit of the Progressives and Capitalists by cleverly pitting people against each other and working to keep the masses from ever seeing the con game that is being pulled on them.

This leaves only one piece of the puzzle to identify: the ‘Opposition Party.’  Here is where the media is most useful.  By making it appear as though ‘Big Business’ and the ‘Government’ are at odds with each other, and by making people believe the ‘Republicans’ oppose the ‘Democrats,’ the media gets us to willingly divide ourselves into factions and spend our energy fighting each other rather than the real enemy — them!  But we must remember, the Republicans have been controlled by Progressives since the time of Teddy Roosevelt.  They are kissing cousins to the Progressives in the Democrat Party.  They share the same goals, they just differ on how and how fast to get to their destinations.  The gift in the Gruber story is that it has exposed the evidence that this is exactly what is happening to us: we have been conned into believing that we have two Parties, and that the government and Big Business are opposed to each other.  They aren’t.  There is one Party, and it is in a partnership with Big Business.  In short, we have a Fascist government.  In Part II, I will explain how the Gruber story makes this undeniably clear.


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