CONNECTING THE DOTS: Obamacare Architect Story Reveals so much more than Arrogance

If you do not believe in conspiracy theories, I urge you to read this post.  If you reject everything that people like Beck and I have been trying to explain these past several years, then you need to read this post.  If you do not see the connections in the things that are happening in the world today, then it is imperative that you read this post!  If any of these things describe you or your position, you need to read this post because I am about to show you how just one story ties together all my years of blogging.  But please, you must understand, this is not an ‘I-told-you-so’ post, and it is not an ‘in-your-face’ post.  This is a sincere, heart-felt plea to get you to see and understand what these people think of you, and what they have felt entitled to do to you because of how they see you.

First, I want to make sure you know about the story in question.  This is important because, unless you have rejected the ‘main stream’ media as nothing more than the propaganda arm of the government, then you may not even know about this story — and that is where the connections begin.  The story begins with a video that was posted by private citizens ; a video that a real media would have uncovered long ago.  This video shows the man who was responsible for crafting the Obamacare bill admitting that they intentionally lied to the American people.  He also calls the American people stupid:

Obamacare Architect: We Passed the Law Thanks to the ‘Stupidity of the American Voter’

After this video was leaked and pushed by Glenn Beck, Limbaugh and other private citizens in the blogosphere, Mr. Gruber came out and said he didn’t mean what he said and tried to pass it off as a joke:

Obamacare Author Regrets ‘Stupidity of the American Voter’ Comment, but Fails to Mention One Thing

At this point, there would be insufficient evidence for ‘polite’ people to call Mr. Gruber  aliar.  However, since this story broke, there has been another video released showing Gruber saying the same things in an entirely different setting:

Another Video of Obamacare Architect Jonathan Gruber Calling American Voters ‘Stupid’ Surfaces

Add to this the fact that Gruber wrote at least one article for the Washington Post explaining that these were not taxes and we finally have enough hard evidence to accurately accuse Gruber of being exactly what he is: a liar!  And it is time that ‘polite’ people start doing this when they encounter people like Gruber.  The light of day must be shone on these people, and they must be called what they are.  what’s more, the people who knowingly hire and/or them should share in their guilt.  In this case, that includes the media, DNC, Obama and his administration.  The silence coming from all of these people is actually evidence of their cooperation in this deception — and their opinion of the American people.

This is the point where a reasonable person must accept that everyone who tried to warn that Obamacare was  a lie, and that it would not work as promised was trying to tell people the truth.  It is also the point where we have to accept that the media — which should have known about these video clips — could have and should have made this information known to the American people before the vote on the bill.  This is the role of the media in a free and self-governing nation: to inform the people as to what their representatives are doing in their name.  The media did not do this, and they cannot claim ignorance as an excuse.  They knew full well that they were lying to the American people.

The next point in our connections is the notion that Americans are too stupid to understand.  This is a dual connection.  First, we are told that people who do not attend college are less intelligent than those who do.  But how many times have we seen stories like this about these ‘college educated’ people who are supposed to be so much more informed than the rest of us?

Just Watch These College Students Try to Answer Some Basic American History Questions

Obviously, a college education is not intended to actually educate, so the question then becomes, why the push for everyone to go to college?  Well, aside from the fact that it is a way to extort money and keep everyone who goes to school in debt, we have stories such as these to give us a clue:

In this story, you will learn that, when a mother confronted her local school board about teaching her child that the pilgrims were America’s first ‘terrorists,’ the school board told her they did not like parents contradicting what they were teaching their kids.

The whole story on Common Core

Was The Boston Tea Party Terrorism? Texas Schools Are Teaching Just That (And More)

Rush Limbaugh recently detailed another story about a study comparing college educated parents to non-college educated parents to imply that the college graduates were much less likely to let their children play football.  But the average person will not see the connection in all of this, and this is to be expected.  That is because you are not being educated in this nation, you are being indoctrinated.  Here is further support that these people think they own our children:

Your Kids Belong to Us: Another Example of the Left Admitting who and what they are

But then, we have to remember that these people have been intentionally working toward using the schools to indoctrinate us, and to make us ignorant at the same time.  The whole thing started with the man who began the kindergarten system in America; the man who is heralded as the ‘architect of modern public education’ in America;’ and the man who got all his ideas from Lenin’s Russia: John Dewey.  The same John Dewey who said he was going to make man his own god, and that the teacher was the prophet of this new religion:

“The Russian educational situation is enough to convert one to the idea that only in a society based upon the cooperative principle can the ideals of educational reformers be adequately carried into operation.”

“Children who know how to think for themselves spoil the harmony of the collective society which is coming where everyone is interdependent.”

“I believe that the community’s duty to education is, therefore, its paramount moral duty. By law and punishment, by social agitation and discussion, society can regulate and form itself in a more or less haphazard and chance way. But through education society can formulate its own purposes, can organize its own means and resources, and thus shape itself with definiteness and economy in the direction in which it wishes to move.”

“The teacher is engaged not simply in the training of individuals, but in the formation of the proper social life…. In this way, the teacher always is the prophet of the true God and the usherer-in of the true Kingdom of God.”

“The end justifies the means only when the means used are such as actually bring about the desired and desirable end.”

This is what Common Core is all about: fulfilling John Dewey’s dream of using the education system to indoctrinate the masses into accepting what their ruling elites tell them they should think and how they should act.  Are you starting to understand why they fight against vouchers and home schooling, or why they never send their own children to public schools yet?

But this is only one aspect of the “Americans are stupid” comment.  What they actually mean is not that Americans are not smart enough to catch on to their tricks.  They know we are, which is why they work so hard to discredit the alternative media.  No, what they mean is we are not smart enough to accept that they are correct about what they think society should be.  This is where they convince themselves that they have a moral imperative to force their world view on us, and that whatever ends are required to do so are justified.  Once you understand they actually do think this way, and that they believe they are saving the world, then you start to understand that, when Al Gore talks about the mental deficiency of ‘conservatives’ and the coming ability to identify ‘conservative’ babies while still in the womb is a foreboding of an American version of Hitler’s Master Race.  But then, the people doing this are direct descendants of the very same people who taught Hitler the principles he used against those he deemed ‘sub-human.’  Yes, I am saying that what we are seeing goes back to the very same people who gave Hitler the majority of his ideas: I am saying it because it is true!

So, now you see the connection between pre-school, kindergarten, public schools, the war on home schooling and vouchers and the push for universal college.  This is about indoctrination.  But you also see the elitist attitude that gives rise to the conviction of both moral superiority and duty to save those who resist indoctrination from ourselves and, baring that, to save the rest of the world from those who resist and cannot be re-educated.  You are also seeing how the media is connected to this.  It explains why they never tell you about any of this in spite of the fact that it is easily knowable.  It also explains why there are central themes to much of our music, television and other entertainment media, all generally supporting the indoctrination of the people.  It even explains environmentalism and the climate change hysteria.  They are nothing more than convenient excuses to scare people into surrendering to this elitist agenda. Oh!  Don’t forget this.  It even explains why they are pushing for the ‘Fairness Doctrine’ and ‘Net Neutrality’ yet?  It is so they can control information; so they can keep you from ever finding out about stories like this, or from reading this post.All of this is revealed and connected in one man’s boast about how they had to lie to pass a bill that the American people would otherwise refuse to embrace because they are too stupid to know what is best for them.

But all of this ties into an even bigger agenda: the war on God.  There is a reason these people have to kill our faith in God.  If you believe in and rely on God instead of the government, then you not only won’t need these people to take care of you, you will never fall for their lies and they will loose their control over us.  That is because, if you trust in God and God’s word, you will know that Satan is the father of all lies.  And since Satan is evil, and these people are admitting they lie,…

Now, no matter how big our perceived differences may be, let me ask you a question: how many of us would willingly support someone who has to force his agenda on you by doing things in a way God says is born of Satan? Since the short hand for doing things Satan’s way is ‘evil,’ let me re-phrase my question:

“How many of us will support someone after we realize they are evil?”

[NOTE: this applies to everyone — no matter what Party or religion they belong.  If they have to lie to convince you to listen to or follow them, then God’s Son says they are children of Satan. Please keep this in mind the next time you discover one of our leaders lying to you.]


9 thoughts on “CONNECTING THE DOTS: Obamacare Architect Story Reveals so much more than Arrogance

  1. I have pondered all my life why voters dismiss politicians lies as “politics” and continue to vote for them.

    Will “the People” hold the purposeful liars accountable?

    If enough people can be purchased with govt. lies to support the government leaders’ lies, then,

    “The People” are STUPID.

    And “shining city on the hill” is lost once again.

  2. Joe,
    Let me be the first to congratulate you on an EXCELLENT Post!

    I am TOTALLY with you and have No perceived differences on this

    I realized that Obama was EVIL after reading his book: “Dreams from my Father.” This CHILD OF SATAN is still determined to betray us by his
    EVIL design. Unfortunately there are too many Devil worshipers who
    will support this ABOMINATION!

    WE cannot allow this Child of Satan to endanger our faith in GOD!

  3. EdwardS,

    Thank you, brother, but I can’t take the credit. I’m just trying — as humbly as I know how — to explain everything God has been showing me this year. I feel compelled to share it with as many as I can reach and whoever will listen. Now, in that same humble voice, I know you know and understand this, but I want to address those who may be reading these comments.

    When Edward and I mention the son of Satan, please understand that we are not pointing a finger at a single person. We may name a specific person, but the term applies to any and all who oppose God. The Apostle, John, tells us that antichrist is a spirit, and that there are many. It applies to any and all who worship something other than God and His Son. And we must be very careful to understand that we can worship things such as money, or power, or even our Face Book page. In each and every case, if that thing — whatever it is — is the most important thing in our life, then that is what we worship and it is an idol. Scripture tells us that idolatry is equal to Satan worship. There is no difference: they are all opposed to God. So, please, understand that I am not singling out Obama as THE son of Satan, and I sincerely doubt Edward is, either. It is the spirit of opposing God that we are trying to focus on here.

  4. Joe,
    I agree. If I only had Obama to worry about, I could handle his Spirit.

    As you mentioned, my problem is with the Satanic Spirit of all the
    people who follow the Liberal/Progressive/Democrat Policies (ideas)
    that Obama is trying to force change on the Free America Standard
    that is our Constitution by immoral and unethical lies that are
    pervasive in his administration.

    1. Edward,

      I agree. I just want people to understand that ‘Progressive’ — because it is a spirit — does not mean ‘Democrat.’ Republicans started the Progressive movement in this nation, and they learned it from the same people who eventually spawned Lenin. This goes FAR beyond politics. We need to understand we are truly in a spiritual war, and so long as we refuse to deal with it in spiritual terms, we will keep losing to the enemy –Satan and his many sons.

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