TRUTH: Your Liberty was Won by Pastors, from Their Pulpits!

The First Amendment is under attack by radical Leftists, and the Left is silent.  Where are you, ‘liberals?’  Where are all of you ‘liberals who claim to be principled, to believe in liberty and the separation of Church and State?  Where are you, ACLU?  Where is your defense of the Church against the growing attacks by government authorities?  You on the Left who are keeping silent in the face of these attacks are no different from the Muslims you decry for not speaking out against the ‘radical’ terrorists.  You and those silent Muslims are the same.  Your silence testifies against you.  You are silent because you are actually in favor of what is happening, either jihad or the attacks on the First Amendment.  But this is to be expected: from both the Left and Muslims.  The real question we should be asking is where are you, Christians?  And even more important than that, where are you, Pastors?  Why have you left the sheep to be scattered by the enemy?

Have you seen these stories?

City of Houston demands pastors turn over sermons

Houston to pastors:  Forget your sermons, now we want your speeches

New America: Ordained ministers threatened with jail unless they perform same sex marriages

 These stories are specific examples of what the First Amendment was intended to prevent!  When Jefferson mentioned the ‘separation between Church and State,’ he was saying that the State would never be allowed to do exactly what is happening here.  If you think I am wrong, you have been lied to by the enemies of God and liberty!  But please, don’t take my word for it.  Read Jefferson’s letter to the Danbury Baptists Church for yourself.  Then you will know that I am telling the truth.  So, I will ask my question again: where are all the liberals who claim to support liberty, the Constitution and the First Amendment, and where is the ACLU?  I will tell you where they are: they are standing in support of these attacks — just as those ‘silent majority of peaceful Muslims” are standing in support of the Jihadists we call ‘radical’ terrorists.  But this is to be expected: these people are who they are and their silence testifies against them.  The real question here is where are those who call themselves by Christ’s name — especially those who claim to be their Shepherd?

This nation was founded upon the belief that we are all — individually — granted our rights by God, and that this makes  these rights are equal and unalienable.  They cannot be legally taken, changed or restricted by others.  Nor can they be legally surrendered by ourselves.  They belong to God, and they are governed by both His divine and Natural Laws.  This belief is what The Declaration of Independence is all about.

But before the Declaration was written, the Colonists were won to this understanding of rights and liberty by their Pastors, from their pulpits.   They were called the Black Robe Regiment, and they were directly responsible for America winning its independence from England.  In short, the Black Robe Regiment is what the British called the Colonial Pastors who were teaching the word of God to their congregations, and how the word of God stands in direct contradiction to any and all worldly governments that govern in opposition to God’s laws.  Don’t believe me?  Then, will you believe ‘the Atlas of the American Revolution?’

“The Revolution was effected before the War commenced. The Revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people; a change in their religious sentiments of their duties and obligations … This radical change in the principles, opinions, sentiments, and affections of the people, was the real American Revolution.”
–John Adams

These members of the Black Robe Regiment — these men of God — were fearless.  Many were killed by the British, but this did not stop them.  They lived their faith, like the disciples of the first Century.  But today…  Today, our Church has grown lukewarm, and our leaders weak in faith.  Today, the Church has been invaded by ravaging wolves clothed as sheep, and they are devouring the flock.  Rather than stand on the word of God, our pastors have weakened their messages.  They compromise God’s word for the sake of loosing members, or bringing down the wrath of government upon their church.  In both cases, it is the love of money driving them — not the love of God.  If this does not change, Christ will spit the Church — and its faithless pastors — out of His mouth!

So, where are those pastors who still love God and defend His word?  Where is the fearless faith in God that was so prevalent among His servants of old?  Where are those faithful believers who, rather than renounce Christ, or compromise His word, went singing and rejoicing to the lions?  Where are those faithful Christians who will gladly accept the wrath of this world before letting go of God’s word?  I fear for everyone who claims the name of Christ, yet will not stand firmly on the Father’s word.  If you will not profess Him before men, He will not profess you before the Father.  But professing Christ is much more than just acknowledging Him.  The demons acknowledged Christ as the Son of God, but they will not be saved.  Jesus said that, if we love Him, we will obey His commands.  This means we will know and hold to His Gospel message.

But here is the key: the key that our founders knew and used to win their freedom.  We must not become lawless!  God is a God of law; of perfect justice.  He condemns lawlessness.  The Declaration was a legal document: it was an indictment of the Crown, for violating the Charters the Crown made with the Colonies.  In writing the Declaration, the founders listed their charges against the Crown and then appealed to the King of kings to judge between their case and that of England’s.  Read The Declaration of Independence and you will find that, not only is this true, but the founders end the document with a direct appeal to God to judge them and their case.

This is the key: we must not and cannot become lawless in opposing these lawless acts by our various governments.  We still have legal courses of action available to us.  The States are sovereign.  They created the federal government, so they can alter or abolish it.  However, if the State government gets out of control, we have local governments that can treat them the same way.  And if the local, city government is the problem, we have each other, for this is a nation of the people, and the people retain the ultimate civil authority.  However, if and when we forget that we are exercising that authority in the Name of its Author, we will fail — and we will fail for the same reason Israel failed when they wanted to be of the world and demanded a king (see 1 Samuel).

Before Israel demanded a king, God was their King.  When Israel demanded a worldly king, they went the way of the French Revolution, with the same result.  But the American founders chose a different path.  They appealed to and  based their governance on God, and God’s revealed and Natural Laws.  They also emphasized the necessity for every individual citizen to allow God to rule in their hearts.  It was not until Israel turned from God that she fell into slavery, and it was not until America lost the spirit of its founding that it started to lose its liberty.

Where are you, America?  Where are the sons and daughters of the Revolution: the true revolution, where men declared that their rights come from God and not from men or government?  Where are you Christians?  Who, by living the principles of the faith  showed the world that freedom — true freedom — only comes from the Gospel of Christ?  Where are those men and women who understood that they are the shining city on the hill?  And where are you, pastors?  Have you forgotten that Christ charged you to lead His sheep and keep them safe?   There is a great ‘sifting’ taking place in this nation.  Every person who claims the name of Christ will have to decide whether they will stand on the word of God, and profess the name of Jesus, or will they compromise for the sake of security and financial gains?  The time has come for you to decide which side you will serve: God, or the princes of this world?  As for me, I know which side I will serve, and I will not be silent.  I will not surrender to God’s enemies whose threats  can empty my pockets and kill me body but cannot harm my spirit.  As for me and my house, we will stand firm — trusting in His promises.  We will serve the Lord (Joshua 24:15)



2 thoughts on “TRUTH: Your Liberty was Won by Pastors, from Their Pulpits!

  1. It is amazing what can be learned if one merely reads the writings from those who struggled through our Revolution for Independence from a tyrannical governor…

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