TO ALL CHRISTIANS: Please, Pray for Obama’s Safety

I mean that — sincerely.  Please, I beg you: if you are Christian, pray for our President’s safety.  Not only is it commanded by Scripture, but it is also for the good of this nation.  So, even if you cannot bring yourself to pray for the man, if you love America, pray for Obama’s safety.  Here’s why I say this:I fear for Obama’s safety because of stories like this one:

Tina Brown scorches Obama on live TV

The political Left in this country is starting to turn on Obama, and that is a dangerous sign.  We must remember our history.  JFK, Robert Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. were all assassinated by Leftists.  Even Lincoln was assassinated by someone on the political Left of the time.  If you understand the spirit that possesses those on the Left, then you understand they only care about power.  They are perfectly willing to sacrifice anything and anyone to their cause.  For them, the ends justify the means.  So, if the Left in America starts to believe Obama can no longer make the things they want happen — or worse — that he is no longer on their side, then the only value Obama will have to the political Left is as a martyr to their cause.  And before anyone can become a martyr, they must be assassinated.  Once again: study the history of this nation and you will find the assassins are almost always on the Left.

And this is why I beg you to pray for Obama.  Not only can this nation not take another such event, we are no longer morally strong enough to resist making Obama into the martyr these people seek: the perfect figure by which to drive the final nail in the coffin of liberty and self-governance in our time.


3 thoughts on “TO ALL CHRISTIANS: Please, Pray for Obama’s Safety

  1. I will not pray for his safety, I will say this however..God have mercy on his soul. I cannot pray for protection of such evil..

    1. ange6h,

      I understand, but I will remind you that God is the one who commands us to pray for our enemies, as well as our nation’s leaders. After all, Scripture teaches us that God puts the people over us who He desires, and I suspect it is according to how faithful we have been to His word. So, if we will not obey God’s word, how — better yet — why would we expect God to give us better leaders?

      On a material note. If you cannot pray for Obama’s safety, then do it for the sake of the nation — unless you think we can survive the aftermath of something happening to him. If you do, then my worse fears may well come true…and the nation is already lost.

  2. I pray for Obama’s safety, for to make him a martyr clouds history…
    Obama is a “trojan horse” for America; I pray he survives, in order to live to see America see him for the fraud he truly is….

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