DEFENDING THE WORD: Noah Director Intentionally Distorts Scripture for Political Purposes

For those who have actually read and understood the Bible, the posts in this series may not be that necessary. But I recognize that there are many people out there who have never read the Bible and, sadly, this includes many people who profess to believe in it and in Christ. Consequently, many people believe the Bible says things that are not actually in the Word. The New Noah movie is a prime example of this, and it provides an excellent opportunity to launch a series of posts aimed at helping people learn what Scripture does and doesn’t say. What’s more, in this case, the Noah movie is also an excellent example of people hostile to the Bible and the Judeo/Christian faith intentionally distorting it so as to drive people away from the only source of salvation.

We need to start by getting something clear: the title of this post is not my ‘opinion;’ it is the truth according to the director of the movie:

Atheist ‘Noah’ director brags film is least biblical Bible movie ever

Note to Christians and those who believe the Bible: The producer of the movie “Noah,” a self-professed atheist, says he is proud of the fact that he’s taken a story inspired by God’s word and turned it into something so secular.

So, let’s agree that the director of this movie intentionally corrupted the real Biblical story for the purpose of advancing his secular political agenda – because he has said this is what he did.

Next, let’s all understand that the dead factories and strip mines depicted in this movie are not in the original Biblical story of Noah. Nor is there a single shred of archeological evidence to support this fiction. These things were inserted into this story as part of the director’s environmental agenda. They are intentional distortions placed in the movie specifically to make a political point.

Likewise, there are no ‘rock people’ anywhere in the Bible. Nor does the Bible depict Noah as a pathetic, hopeless drunk, or as a homicidal maniac who tried to kill his entire family. Finally, it should be noted that God has been removed from this story and replaced by a New Age ‘spiritualism.’ None of these are ‘artistic license;’ they are intentional perversions of the Biblical story.

The truth is simple. Noah was not an environmentalist. He was a prophet of God. If you will read Scripture, you will find God’s prophets are sent to warn the people of impending judgment and doom, and to urge them to repent and turn back to God and seek forgiveness. Noah was not trying to place animals above humans. Nor did he think humanity was evil and try to kill all humans – his own family included. Noah simply did as God asked him to do and left the judgment to God – as Scripture says. What is missing from this movie is that Scripture says the reason God destroyed all life on earth was because men had become irretrievably wicked. Their every thought was to wicked and evil things. They were sexually immoral. They killed each other for nothing. They cheated, lied, swindled and stole for personal gain. Things had gotten so bad that no child had any chance to chose the right thing and to live a righteous life. Noah and his family were the last Godly people on the planet, and that is why God chose Noah to do His will. The environment had nothing to do with this event – it was about ending the wickedness of man so humanity could start over.

But the director of this movie has also claimed that the Bible speaks about environmentalism from the very start of Genesis. Again, this is not true. Yes, God did command man to be a good steward of the earth and its resources, but more than that, God also placed the earth under man’s dominion. God told man to subdue the earth. This means we are commanded to use its resources and to bring Nature under our control. What’s more, God commanded man to be fruitful and multiply. He did not place limit on how many people we were to create, God simply commanded us to have children. None of these things are in the least way associated with the tenants of the modern environmental movement. In fact, they demand the exact opposite of what the environmentalist demands.

The truth is simple: the Bible actually tells us to live a life very different from the Socialist ideal – which environmentalism is nothing more than a branch. The movie, Noah, is intended to give those who have not bothered to read the Bible for themselves the mistaken idea that God supports this secular humanist ideology; that God commands their agenda. It is nothing short of a deliberate attempt to keep you from reading the Bible. In truth, this is Satan working through the acts of men, and it is deliberate on both counts – man’s and Satan’s. Because, if you will bother to actually read the Bible and sincerely ask God to help you understand it as you do, you will find that it is a guideline for how we – as people – should treat each other. You will find that the way it tells us to live is how we would want to live if we were allowed to do so – in peace, and with respect and love for each other. And you will find that many of the things people have told you the Bible teaches either are not in the Bible, or they mean something entirely different than they tell you the Bible says they mean.

I would strongly urge you to read the Bible. Don’t be afraid of it. I am a Christian and I have read the Qur’an, Hadith and other Muslim holy books. I have also read works about other religions. So why should you be afraid to read the Bible for yourself? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain because, if you do not already know Him, you might find Jesus in the pages of Scripture. And, if you do, you will probably discover that he is as different from what the world tells you He is as this movie is from the true story. And if you discover who He really is, I bet you will be happy to call Him your friend, your Lord and your personal Savior.


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