THE PROGRESSIVE LEXICON: “Progress” = a Slow Coup – without the Violence

Do you know why Progressives called themselves ‘Progressives?’  Well, first, you need to understand that they are Marxist radicals who want to change America into a Socialist State.  Then you need to understand that they knew they couldn’t get Americans to vote for their plan if they were open and honest about it.  But they also knew that Americans are enamored with the idea of ‘progress.’  So they renounced the sudden, violent revolution most Marxists embrace and chose to work slowly, from within the system, changing it into a Socialist State a little at a time.  In other words, they would conduct a slow, ‘Progressive’ revolution.  This way, Americans would think they meant something entirely different when they said they wanted ‘Progress’ and the nation would be more likely to embrace them and their agenda.  And that is exactly why they called themselves Progressives.  Here, look at the definition of the word for yourself:

Full Definition of COUP D’ÉTAT

:  a sudden decisive exercise of force in politics; especially :  the violent overthrow or alteration of an existing government by a small group

Now, understand, the Progressives have changed the way a coup works. This is because they know Americans do not want Socialism and they are armed.  No violent revolt will work.  They tried to create such a revolt in the 1960’s and it failed.  So they went back to the drawing boards and came up with a new version of the same game.  The goal was still the same as that laid out by Woodrow Wilson, but – this time – instead of a sudden, violent overthrow, they are ‘slow playing’ things.  I wrote about this agenda in AGENDAS; Eight Points to Taking over America and in TYRANNY IN THE HEADLINES: Obama Daring Congress to Stop His Imperial Designs.  And as prideful as it may be, I am going to count myself in good company because Mark Levin apparently sees the same things I do:

MARK LEVIN: We Are Witnessing a Gradual, Quiet Coup

To the ‘Progressives,’ this is nothing more than social engineering.  Instead of using guns to force their will on people, they are trying to use ‘science’ to trick us into doing what they want us to do while thinking it is our choice.  But make no mistake: it is still a hostile power grab for the rights and liberty of every individual in this nation.

[NOTE: think “Dune” and the ‘slow blade]


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