HISTORY: Comparing Kristallnacht to the Occupy Campaign

Recently, venture Capitalist, Tom Perkins, made a comparison between the recent ‘Occupy’ campaign and the Kristallnacht during the NAZI rise to power in 1930’s Germany.  Pressure was immediately brought to bear on him for making the comparison and he has since issued an apology.  But Perkins wasn’t wrong.  Not only should he not have apologized for the comment, he should have pointed out that all the pressure brought to bear on him for having made it was also reminiscent of NAZI tactics in the 1930’s – because it is exactly how they operated.  What is in play here is an attempt to keep Americans ignorant about history so that they will not recognize when it is repeating before their very eyes.  So, here’s what you need to know.


First, the story:

Silicon Valley Firm ‘Shocked’ by Founder’s Comparison of the Rich in America to Jews in Nazi Germany

Venture Capitalist Apologizes for ‘Kristallnacht’ Comparison — but Doubles Down On…

So, what is all the fuss over the word ‘Kristallnacht?’  Kristallnacht is a German word.  It means night of glass.  It actually refers to ‘the night of broken glass,’ which is an event in the NAZI rise to power where people went out and smashed the windows of Jewish owned businesses; vandalized Jewish property including schools, hospitals and synagogues; set fires and assaulted, beat and even murdered Jews and Jewish sympathizers.

Now, if you want to understand what Kristallnacht was actually all about, you have to set aside the fact that it was perpetrated by the NAZI’s against the Jews.  Instead, you have to look at the motivations and purposes behind the actors and actions.  What was really going on is the NAZI Party was manipulating the German people.  They wanted the people worked up into a frenzy, so they would be angry, but not thinking clearly.  This provided the Party with political energy while, at the same time, making sure the masses were subject to suggestion by the Party.  Then what the NAZI Party needed was a focal point, or enemy, upon which to focus the Peoples’ fear and rage.  Jews have traditionally been scapegoats for economic and social troubles, so Hitler and the NAZI Party – anti-Semites already – found the Jews to be a convenient target.  And that is what happened, why and how: the NAZI’s blamed Germany’s woes on the Jews, worked the people into a fearful frenzy and then pointed them at the Jews.  The result was Kristalnacht and – eventually – the gas chambers.

OK, once you understand the principles that were in play during Kristallnacht, it becomes clear that Tom Perkins was dead-on accurate in comparing the Occupy movement to Kristallnacht.  They had the same purpose, same pattern and same general result.  The only difference is – as Perkins pointed out – instead of attacking Jews, the Occupy crowed had been worked up against and pointed at ‘the rich:’

Many folks fed up with Occupy demonstration vandalism

Occupy General Strike Gets Early Start with Vandalism in San Francisco

Vandalism Spree in Portland Has Hallmarks of Occupy

Time to Identify the Occupy Vandals

No arrests after Saturday night vandalism in downtown Oakland

Occupy Wall Street Destroying Business on Main Street

‘Only Blood of the Rich Will Stop Occupy’: St. Louis Hit with Frightening Pro-Occupy Graffiti

So you can clearly see, the comparison Tom Perkins was making is valid because it is accurate.  But the political operatives who protect the Progressive movement – the power behind the organization, funding and operation of the Occupy movement – can’t allow Americans to get the idea that the Progressives have anything in common with the NAZI’s.  So they have to silence their political opponents.  This is what ‘political correctness’ is all about.  Now, during the Fascist movement in 1930’s Europe, the role of breaking up political enemies was carried out by para-military organizations, or militias.  In Italy, they were known as the Blackshirts, and in Germany, as the Brownshirts.  In American society, such a civilian militia organized to silence political opponents would be stomped out, so the Progressives built similar political organs which perform much the same function.  Today, organs such as union leadership, the ‘main stream’ media, and community organizers perform the strong-arm work we see in action against Tom Perkins.  But with the rise to power of Il Duce, Obama, now we can add the IRS and DHS.  Dinesh D’Souza is finding out how the IRS works, as has the TEA Party.  And do not think that Obama does not want and is not trying to build a para-military militia.  Remember, he said he wanted a ‘civilian defense force’ just as strong, well armed and well trained as the military.  My friend, that is exactly what the brownshirts were.

By now, I am hoping you are starting to see why we need to know and understand history, and why the people trying to destroy this nation – as it was founded – are so desperate to make sure you know nothing of history.  They can’t allow you to know because, if you know, then you will recognize what they are doing and connect it to the evils of the past and they will no longer be able to manipulate you so easily.  So I urge you, please, do not ignore people who are trying to point out that we are traveling a road that has already been traveled before.  And when you hear people mocking the whistleblowers, saying that concentration camps can’t happen in America, remind them that they already have – just ask the Japanese in WW II.  Or if they mock those trying to warn you saying our government would never sanction genocide, ask those mockers to tell that to the Native Americans.  You see, it has all been done before – by Americans.

But here’s the good side.  If you know history, and you understand how to identify the principles that drive political actions, then you can spot the ones that lead to evil and stop them in their tracks.  We are not doomed to repeat man’s mistakes over and over for eternity, but we do have to learn.  We have to educate ourselves.  Because, as Thomas Jefferson warned us:

“If a nation expects to be ignorant — and free — in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.”


4 thoughts on “HISTORY: Comparing Kristallnacht to the Occupy Campaign

  1. What silliness. That’s exactly what Hitler DIDN’T DO – go after the rich jews. He rounded up those from the lower and middle classes. As the needed “sacrifice” – the Holohokey – which would later be used to elicit world sympathy for “the jewish homeland”. Also, to forever guilt useful idiots into allowing the poor, put-upon jews to do whatever they want.

    Hitler’s enormous support came about because he conned fools into believing he was The Great Gentile Champion who would hold back the juggernaut of jew-engineered global communism (communism is one of the jewish protocols: http://100777.com/protocols).

    While all the time more and more countries would be sucked into World War II. Just as planned. Meaning EVEN MORE countries would ultimately be folded into global communism. THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF HITLER’S SUPPOSED PURPOSE!

    When the jews loan your government money, you relinquish control of that government to them. We saw that happen in 1913 when The Federal Reserve became America’s de facto government. Jews haven’t been saying this for over 100 years for no reason: “Establishment of a central bank is 90% of communizing a country.”

    If Hitler had have been genuine – instead of merely the controlled opposition – he would have sent his assassins to New York to knock off the jewish bankers who financed communism. But they were his bosses, why would he have done that?

    And if you don’t believe JP Morgan, Kuhn & Loeb, and the Rockefellars paid for the bolshevik revolution, you don’t know enough about ACTUAL (not revised) history to be in this discussion.


    1. And here you go, reader: the spirit of TRUE anti-antisemitism — once again trying to re-write history. This is why I left this comment in place: so you can see the spirit that drove Hitler and those like him and know that this spirit is still alive and working in the world today.

      The truth here is not what this person would like you to believe. Early on, Hitler did not round up the Jews — because he was using them to fund his welfare society. Look, I could tell you all about it, but you can read it for yourself in the book, “Hitler’s Beneficiaries.” It is a thoroughly researched and documented work of scholarly research and very informative, but the bottom line is this:

      Hitler used the Jews much the same way the Left in America is currently using the upper middle class — as a funding source for the welfare system they built to buy their power from the greedy masses.

      This is the pattern with all socialist societies, and it eventually ends the same way: financial collapse and ruin.

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