PROPHECY IN THE HEADLINES: Obama Definitely NOT The Anti-Christ

But He Most Certainly Is Working For The Spirit Of The Anti-Christ

I am not an expert on Biblical prophecy.  At best, I am slightly more informed than the average Christian.  Nor am I an expert on Islamic prophecy.  However, where Islam and end times prophecy are concerned, I have discovered that I am far more informed than the average Christian – let alone the average American.  And it is because I have been trying to learn and understand both that I see a definite connection between this nation, Israel and the end times.  It is also why I know – know beyond any doubt – that Obama and the people around him are working on the side of the Anti-Christ.

If you look at human history from the Biblical perspective, then it is easy to see that America was raised up by God to do two things.  The first was to help resurrect Israel as a nation again.  We were the first nation to recognize Israel, and we have defended her since that time – until now.  I believe that the election of Obama is connected to the second reason America was raised up: to set into play the events of the last days.

Until the election of Obama and the people who control him, this nation – for better or worse – has defended Israel.  Whether they want it known or not, this has also been in the best interest of Saudi Arabia.  But all this changed when Obama took power.  Contrary to what he may claim, whatever he may actually believe, the man is not a Christian.  I know this beyond any doubt because I know that no Christian would have ever made this slip:

Nor would any Christian who knows and understands their Scripture ever turn against Israel.  And yet, under Obama, that is exactly what this nation has done: we have turned on Israel.  In fact, things have gotten so bad that the leader of Israel has started to openly state that it is time for Israel to find new friends.  For those who understand Scripture – especially prophecy — this is a very ominous sign.

But there is a more important point to be understood here.  Until now, the U.S. has had a strong but mostly secret allegiance with Saudi Arabia.  To be sure, it has not been one of equals, or even on friendly terms.  It has been an allegiance of necessity.  But Saudi is now expressing some serious concerns over the recent agreement over nuclear weapons Obama made – in secret – with Iran.  Now, here is where things slip right past the average American – even those who think they understand politics.

Saudi Arabia is predominantly controlled by Sunni Muslims.  Iran is Shia, and the end times prophecy of the Shi’ites is identical to that of the Bible – only from the other side of the conflict!  When you look at Shi’a prophecy, they tell the same story as the Bible, only their ‘savior’ is the Bible’s Anti-Christ.  Other than that, the two prophecies – the Bible and Shi’a Islam – are almost identical.  Furthermore, it is important to note that the Bible tells us the battle of Gog and Megog will involve the modern day nation of Iran (Megog comes from this region).

Since he has taken office, Obama’s actions in the Middle East have seemed to make no sense to the average American.  However, to those who are watching through the third lens of Scripture, it makes perfect sense.  By siding with the Arab Spring, Obama has weakened the Sunni hold on power in the region.  Furthermore, his dealings with Iran (keep in mind, Obama’s closest advisor is an Iranian), Obama has helped to strengthen Iran, and thus, he has strengthened Shi’a Islam in the Middle East.  By building up Shi’a Islam, Obama may well be opening the final scenes on Biblical prophecy.  And for those who know Scripture, this would be just how God and Satan work.  Satan is always trying to remake what God has done.  So, if God raises up a nation to help resurrect and protect Israel, it would be just like Satan to try to turn that nation against Israel and raise up his powers.  In this case – if this understanding is correct – this is Iran (at least in part).


11 thoughts on “PROPHECY IN THE HEADLINES: Obama Definitely NOT The Anti-Christ

  1. Ha! I can fill your joint up with me, me, memememememememmeME! (It’s good to be queen.) B. There was a comment by a boy on the RNL that I really admired. I can’t remember his name, but I’m quite sure it wasn’t John Jacob Jingelheimer Schmidt.

  2. Ooh, this damn WP is really starting to piss me off! What I was trying to say was that he speaks on Catholicism. I’m not even gonna go into this. You know what, though? You’re Baptist cause of a fella named Martin.

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