TRUTH: The American Left ARE Communists

And Communism ALWAYS Leads To Tyranny And Poverty For The Masses – ALWAYS!

They call themselves by many different names — Progressives, Liberals and Socialists – but they are all Collectivists…and they have control of our schools, our media and our government.  This is why the majority of Americans do not understand the threat they represent, or why they are both destructive of individual rights and liberty.  They are also evil, but, because they are also secular and have the ability to push God out of our public and even private lives, the majority of Americans are ignorant of this as well.  If they are left unchecked, then we can expect more of this to follow – and with the predictable results:

It’s Official: A Socialist Is Now on the Seattle City Council

Read the story.  It demonstrates that this woman is insane.  She has no grip on objective reality.  Instead, she lives in a alternative reality of her own, Marxist creation.

Now we have this story, about the same woman and which proves she is not a ‘Socialist,’ but a full-blown Marxist:

‘The Workers Should Take Over the Factory!’: Newly-Elected Socialist Has Some Radical Ideas for Seattle

Read this story.  Read it!  Now, if you have not already done so, read “Atlas Shrugged.”  What happens in that book is what will happen to America.  It is exactly what happened to the Russian farmers after the Russian Revolution (look it up).  And, if these people are not stopped, you and I will soon find ourselves living in a dictatorship that will look a great deal like 1930’s Germany.   But understand this: if you want to stop these people, you must also stop those who support them by voting for them!

Now, for those of you under the age of thirty who do not already know this: hear me and hear me well.  Both Parties are Collectivist.  They are both for tyranny.  The only thing that separates them is whether they believe in a National or global rule.  If they believe the nation should remain a nation, then they are Fascists.  However, if they believe in open borders and global government, then they are Communists.  This is the true Left/Right in play here – not the Left/Right of Tyranny vs. Liberty you think it is.  Neither Party cares about you or your rights or your freedom.  Both Parties are about total control of your life.  This is why all forms of Collectivism must be opposed at every turn.  Burn this into your very being because it is an eternal Truth that no amount of wishful thinking will ever change.


10 thoughts on “TRUTH: The American Left ARE Communists

    1. Chhelo,

      It does appear that the Jefferson option is fast approaching. The only problem is, I fear there are too few of His people left to properly and successfully employ it 😦

  1. Without going into detail-

    Find a tight knit group of friends of like mind.

    Get to know your neighbors.

    Do what you know you should have already done.

    Never talk too much.

    Be physically fit and just as important, mentally fit.

    Stand firm in truth and never let your guard down.

    Get rid of the destructive indulgences in your life.


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