AGENDAS: Is The Engineered Collapse Of America Finally At Hand?

The Warning Signs That Few Will Even Recognize – Because We Do Not Think Like Marxists

I have been trying to warn people that our monetary system is under attack, and that it is being set up for a fall by people within our own country – even our own government.  I have also tried to illustrate some of the warning signs as well as explain how it might happen.  I am going to try to add to my past work here again, but – this time – I am going to ask you to think like a Marxist revolutionary who is trying to bring about your revolution from within the system you wish to destroy.  So, try to remember everything you know about Marxism, put yourself in a Marxist revolutionary mindset and follow me.

So here you are: a dedicated Marxist looking for a way to destroy Capitalism and the U.S. system so you can rebuild things in the image of your Communist ideal.  But you do not enjoy the open support of the people and, even after decades of campaigning, and with all the help that Russia and other subversive influences could give you, the American people still have not embraced your dreams.  Sadly, you are too few to openly revolt.  So what do you do?  Well, you start by getting inside the system: the schools, the media, the government – especially the courts and the bureaucracies.  Then, you look for a way to destroy the system from the inside.

Now imagine you and your allies have managed to infiltrate these institutions and now you largely control them.  Suddenly, along comes this idea. If you can just push the U.S. economy to the point where the dollar collapses, then you will have the opportunity you need to establish a global currency while – at the same time – blaming the whole mess on Capitalism and greed.  Then, once you have a global currency, you will have the excuse and vehicle you need to establish a global government – especially in the wake of the economic ruin which will result from the collapse of the U.S. dollar.  But wait, there’s more good news.

Once you manufacture the call for this new global currency, you can agree – behind the scenes, of course – to ‘manipulate’ the exchange rate of this new currency.  Since your friends in Europe are largely Marxists like yourself, you agree to make the exchange rate of…oh, let’s say .75 Euro to the new World dollar.  And because the U.S. ‘stole’ its wealth from the rest of the world, you agree that all other currencies will exchange at a rate of .25 to 1 World dollar.  However, because American greed caused all of this, the U.S. $ will exchange at a rate of $10 per World dollar.

Do you see what you just did?  You re-distributed all of Americas ‘stolen’ wealth to the people America exploited to get it.  The exchange rates would not only re-distribute liquid assets, it would also flip the stock market holdings.  In addition, the U.S. would no longer be the dominant power on the earth.  It would be forced to accept a more submissive role in a new world order.  And because Capitalism will take the blame for all of the suffering that follows, you have a built-in excuse to push your Marxist utopia.

And that, friends, is one way this could happen.  Now, all we have to do is look for signs that this is what is being done.  Signs like:

Is the Fed Setting the Stage for Another Financial Meltdown?

How would they set us up for another financial meltdown?  By raising interest rates:

Fed Minutes Are In — and It Looks Like Officials May Soon Ease Off the Easy Money Policies

Why would raising interest rates be a problem?  Because we have printed so much money, raising the interest rates will result in hyper-inflation, which would then crash the U.S. economy, and then the world will follow:

Former Federal Reserve Employee Publishes Big Apology for a Policy Conservatives Love to Hate

This is not a “what if” or even a “could” happen; this is a guaranteed will happen scenario.  It is just a matter of time before we suffer the consequences of this manufactured collapse.  And I say this is deliberate because the printing of money – ‘quantitative easing – has never worked – never, not once in the history of man!  Which means the coming collapse was easily predictable – so much so as to leave only one rational conclusion.  It was intentionally planned.  And why would someone want to plan the collapse of our economy, especially when it would hurt the rest of the world as much as it will?  Well, simple: Marxists have never had a problem with breaking eggs to make an omelet – so long as they are not the egg that gets broken, that is.  In this case, the omelet is the Marxist dream of global Communism, but the eggs are billions of individuals who will suffer and – in many cases – die.  But then, the individual does not matter to the Marxist, only the collective matters.

[NOTE: Throw Cloward & Piven into this mix, as well as Cap and Trade, and you have a solid case that our nation is intentionally being pushed over the edge.  The only other explanation is that the people running things are so incompetent they can tie their own shoes.  But the case against incompetency is that the nation does run.  If these people were this bad, then the rest of the system would be shutting down by now and it isn’t.  that is an indication that this is all intentional.]


9 thoughts on “AGENDAS: Is The Engineered Collapse Of America Finally At Hand?

  1. fantastic publish, very informative. I wonder why the other
    experts of this sector don’t notice this. You must continue your writing.
    I’m sure, you’ve a great readers’ base already!

  2. Wгite more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems
    as though you relied oon the video to make your point.
    You definitely kmow what ylure talking about, whу throw away your intelligence
    on just posting videos to your site ωhen уou could be givig us
    something enlightening to rеad?

    1. Russian,

      When I write my arguments out, I am told I write too much. You tell me I relied on the video too much. I think that means I am doing OK 🙂

      I thank you for your comment, and I mean no insult — honest. I hope you will read my old posts. You should find I do both — write and use videos. Friends have convinced me I need to do this to reach as many people as I can. Some — like you seem to be — like the full argument (I prefer this, too). But others do better seeing things in video or pictures. So I do both to try and help everyone understand.

      I hope that makes sense, and I hope you will keep reading my humble writings.

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