GLIMMERS OF HOPE: Tornado Victims Threaten Vampire Of Government With Garlic

Big government needs dependency.  That is what it feeds upon.  Without it, big government withers on the vine and dies.  This is why Obamacare was designed to automatically sign people up for government welfare – even to the point of doing it against their will.  If you fall into a preset income category, when you sign up for healthcare, you are automatically enrolled in welfare, too.  This is because Statism has a ravenous appetite, and that appetite can only be fed with more dependency.  Well, according to The Blaze, at least one community that has been devastated by the recent tornados whipped out the garlic and threatened to feed it to the Statist vampire we call big government.

What One Community Told FEMA That Has Glenn Beck Saying ‘Success, America’

Glenn Beck told his radio audience Thursday that when he started his charity, Mercury One, the goal was to recreate the American spirit that existed in the 1920s.

In that era, he said, there was a devastating flood and the federal government attempted to offer assistance — only to be turned away by the people.

“When the trucks came, the people actually met those trucks in the streets with guns and said, ‘Turn your federal trucks around. We don’t need you here, we don’t want you here. We are a community that takes care of ourselves,’” Beck said. “And they actually turned the trucks around and sent them back home to Washington.”

In the wake of the devastating tornadoes that rocked the Midwest over the weekend, Beck reported that thanks to the efforts and contributions of the American people, a group of individuals in Illinois has recaptured that American spirit and turned away the FEMA trucks.

This is how real Americans respond to government attempts to hook them on handouts.  They reject it.

This story represents two pieces of hope for this nation.  First, it proves that we – as individual, private citizens – can and will help each other.  We are not only capable and willing; we are better equipped to know who really needs help, what they need and how to get it to them.  We are also better equipped to know when the best thing to do for someone is to tell them “No” – so they will be forced to go do for themselves.  Government never does this.  It can’t afford to do it.  It needs the dependency.

The second ray of hope here is that many of the people still possess the American spirit, which is why they turned the government away.  This nation was built by rugged individuals who help their neighbors in time of need and then go back to taking care of themselves so they do not become a burden on others.  This is Scriptural.  It is straight out of the Apostle, Paul’s, pastoral letters.

This is how we should look at the government: it is a vampire that seeks to feed off of our individual spirit by making us dependent upon it.  Every time one of us stands up and rejects the vampire’s welfare crack, we weaken it.  But when a whole community does it, it is like shoving garlic down the vampire’s throat.  Now, if we can get a State to do this, that would be like throwing open the curtains to the sun or slapping a crucifix to the vampire’s skin.  Given enough States rejecting the government welfare crack and we can drive a stake through the heart of the big government vampire.


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