SOCIAL ENINEERING: NSA Reformed In Nation’s #1 Show

NCIS Gets New Girl and NSA Gets ‘It Was A Misunderstanding’ Re-Make

This sort of stuff is everywhere in our media, and once you know what to look for, you will see it everywhere.  This time, it is in the nation’s #1 TV show, NCIS.  We call it propaganda, but it is really social engineering.  They are trying to form, shape and direct our behavior — and they are good at it:

This week, the team got its replacement for Zeva.  She is an young, attractive, quirky NSA analyst.  Her character is meant o be endearing, so you will want to like her and, therefore, more readily accept what her character has to say.  In this case, she tells Abby that the NSA is not bad.  In fact, they are good, law-abiding people and all the stories we’ve heard are the result of ‘a few bad apples.’  Well, Abby should have stuck with her note on the clipboard – BS!  But then, Abby works for a team that routinely breaks the law and violates the Constitutional rights of citizens, so why wouldn’t she be OK with someone telling her that the NSA ‘means well?’

The truth here is that the entire culture of the NSA is corrupt – through and through.  What’s more, they have admitted it.  But shows like this are how they manipulate public opinion.  In this case, they are directly targeting the law-and-order, pro-military and USA crowed.  In short, they are after people who consider themselves to be ‘conservative.’

One other thing I have noticed.  The new girl is like the two before – like most females in these sort of shows.  She is more capable than every male on the show except Gibbs – and even here, they made it seem like Gibbs was impressed.  Folks, I do not mean to belittle women, but, if people really think that a 120 lb woman – no matter how well trained – can go toe-to-toe with a 220 lb man in a martial arts fight…  Well, let’s try it sometime so I can demonstrate that physics is not sexist.  And let’s put some real money on it.  I have some bills to pay.


7 thoughts on “SOCIAL ENINEERING: NSA Reformed In Nation’s #1 Show

  1. A Good and Timely Post !

    The General Populace just ISN’T aware of how constantly and completely they are manipulated. What they see as merely “Entertainment” is indeed little more than Social engineering Propaganda….

    Bernie Sanders fantastic Bokk ..”Primetime Propaganda” tells this story really well !

          1. And Bernie Sanders has them on Tape…in interviews admitting their Agenda and to push it through TV programming right !?

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