ISLAM: The Second Wave Of Government-Sponsored Sedition

This nation’s government was infiltrated by Soviet operatives.  The President knew about this.  In fact, several Presidents knew about it.  In the case of FDR, he even protected them, and there is evidence to suggest every president since – at least up to LBJ – may have acted to protect them, as well.  The Truth is, McCarthy was right, and much of the suffering this nation is now experiencing is the direct result of the government embracing these operatives and their ideology.  Now, the government is embracing the second wave of foreign sedition, and – like the Soviets before – this enemy is already inside our government.

Civilization Jihad Is the New Threat Posed by Muslim Brotherhood Inside America, Terrorism Experts Say

“The Muslim Brotherhood’s own strategic documents reveal that Western authorities have uncovered time and time again (that the Muslim Brotherhood) talked about getting key positions in law enforcement, in the government– in the F.B.I., C.I.A., local police, state police,” Stakelbeck said. “The Muslim Brotherhood in America and really around the world are like termites. They burrow into a host society. They eat away at it until the day comes where they are ready to make their move.”

I have written about this threat quite extensively, and I will continue to do so.  But the challenge before us now is to believe it and to treat it for what it is – because this threat is far more dangerous than that posed by godless Communists.  Eventually, they stop killing people.  When they start to run out of peasants to run the farms and factories, they tend to stop shooting them.  But the Muslims will not stop until everyone is a Muslim, or everyone has lost their head.

I have asked people who supported Obama but who have now realized that those who were trying to warn them that he could not deliver on his promises why they didn’t believe our warnings.  Now I ask you: if you are one of those who does not believe the threat of jihad, why not?

McCarthy was right.  Read Blacklisted by History, None dare Call It Treason and//or American Betrayal.

Just like when we told the people who did not believe us when we told them history teaches the truth about Obama’s failed economic policies and his health care agenda, history teaches the truth about the Soviet infiltration of our government.  They even got into our schools, media and other social institutions.  Their converts run the nation and the effects of their failed ideas are still destroying our nation today.

Well, the same applies to Islam.  History teaches the truth about Islam, and they are already inside the government and are infiltrating our social institutions as I write.  We ignore them at our own peril.

[NOTE: This is all about spirits and principalities.  In both cases — Atheist Communism and Anti-Christ Islam — the spirit is all about control.  This is why — in both cases — the target is the Judea/Christian ethic of the individual, individual rights and liberty.]


8 thoughts on “ISLAM: The Second Wave Of Government-Sponsored Sedition

    1. Texas95,

      If Islam is allowed to do so, it will wage cultural Jihad from within the system; slowly and quietly eating away at the system until, one day, you realize there is nothing left of the old and the new is Shar’ia. So, in this sense, yes, I can see how they could be likened to termites.

  1. Almost 50% have decided that 30 pieces of silver is worth more than their liberty and freedom. They will willingly convert to Islam when he time comes.

    1. Sad,…but true. But then, they will have no defense when they are called to account for their choices. Nor will they be able to blame God for the consequences THEY chose.

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