AGENDA: Obamacare, Common Core Open Back Door Around Bill Of Rights

Beck’s Prediction Of “New Government Structure” Now In Place

 When he was still on FOX News, Glenn Beck warned that our government – both Parties, but mostly Obama – was building a new government structure within our current system.  He then argued that all they are waiting for is the right crisis to provide the necessary cover to “flip the switch” and move us into this new structure.  For those who understand the similarities, he was saying the government is waiting for the American version of the Reichstag fire.  Well, don’t look now, but that structure is in place and all they need now is that one special ‘crisis.’

The reason we are not seeing what has been done is because we do not think like revolutionaries.  Well, that’s who is running our government: self-professed and unrepentant revolutionaries.  So, where we see a fight over Obamacare, they see a fight over a means to trample down the Bill of Rights, thus riding themselves of the last vestiges of Constitutional restriction over their ability to seize and wield power.  For example: are you aware that Obamacare tramples your 4th and 5th Amendment rights?  Well it does.  Here are just two of the ways it does this:

Constitutional Attorney Refutes Politifact’s Claim that We Lied About Obamacare Forced Home Inspections

If you go to Snopes, they will tell you that Obamacare does not include forced home inspections, but then, they also said there were no death panels in Obamacare.  Now, technically, they were correct: the death panels were in the Stimulus Act.  But they are referenced in Obamacare, which means they were planned to be part of Obamacare, which means Obamacare sets up death panels and they only did it this way to hide what they were doing and provide a thin veil of credibility to their denials.  Unfortunately for them – and Snopes – Paul Krugman – one of the architects of Obamacare – has since admitted there not only are death panels, but we need them:

Krugman Admits: We Need Death Panels

But there’s more.  Under Obamacare, the government will have access – without warrant – to ALL the records you are required to provide to the healthcare system.  Not only does this violate the 4th Amendment, but I suspect a half-way competent lawyer could easily make the case that this is the equivalent of forcing one to testify against themselves.

Personal Obamacare Data in Maryland Can Be Used for ‘Law Enforcement and Audit Activities’?

Understand how this works.  When you give your personal information to Obamacare, you do so “voluntarily.”  Yes, you are doing it freely because — in the mind of the Progressive — you have the “option” to pay the penalty.  This means the government does not need a warrant to look at or use that information because you gave them permission to use it when you signed up for Obamacare.  This even includes access to your banking account.

And then there is Common Core, which holds as part of its curriculum the teaching of our students that the Bill of Rights is “outdated.”

Arkansas Mother Outraged After Her Daughter Allegedly Brought Home This History Assignment on ‘Outdated’ Bill of Rights

After all, it is much easier to make people into serfs if they believe that it is “outdated” to claim the Constitution protects their individual rights and liberties from government tyranny, isn’t it?

There is a reason every tyrant in the 20th Century looked to the youth to form their powerbase: the youth are too young to have sufficient knowledge of evil and how evil works. They also tend to be romantics and idealists.  Therefore, they are less resistant to indoctrination than people who have been brought up with the full understanding of evil and how it works, as well as individual rights and liberty and how they are preserved.  In fact, the Communists studied American POWs in Korea and discovered that those who were over thirty (i.e. brought up before Dewey) were immune to their attempts to indoctrinate and/or re-educate them, while those who had come up in schools that had been influenced by Dewey were almost universally willing to concede to whatever their captors asked of them.  In other words, those who understood liberty stood strong, while those who had been taught to defer to authority followed their training and deferred to authority – even if it was that of the enemy.

If you think this is lost on the people running our society today, I beg you to re-think the issue.  The evidence says they not only know it, they are using it against us.  They have been since Bernays first made propaganda into a ‘science.’


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