TRUTH: The Real Reason Neither Party Can Afford For Shutdown To Last

We are seeing a lot of posturing from Washington these days.  It comes from both sides of the isle.  It’s nothing new: both Parties are always blaming the other for the nation’s problems.  And both sides are always warning of dire consequences if the other doesn’t give in to their demands.  But the truth is, both Parties are equally to blame for creating this mess and the American people know it.  What’s more, no one is listening to their usual threats and warnings about the dire consequences if the other side doesn’t give in to their demands.  We’ve heard it before and we’re not buying it anymore.  This is why they are trying things to cause us pain that they have never done before.  But again, the Truth is neither Party can afford to let the government shut down go on too much longer or their lies will be exposed in a manner they will not be able to easily undo.

This is a fact: both Parties have been intentionally spending this nation into debt for decades.  Bush added more to the national debt than any President before him – until Obama.  Obama has added more to the debt than had been amassed in more than one hundred years.  If we allow this to go one, this nation will eventually have to restructure its government because we will no longer be able to afford everything the government has promised.  But then, this is the plan: promise all sorts of goodies and borrow to provide them until the nation finally collapses, thus providing them with what they have wanted all along – an excuse to blame the free market and to re-make this nation in the image their collectivist hearts desire.

As part of this process of convincing Americans to sell their liberty for their neighbors’ money, the government has also been waging a decades-long campaign to convince Americans they can’t do things on their own.  We are constantly bombarded with messages about how evil business is, and how the rich get that way because they steal the money from others or by extorting workers.  Rather than teach rugged individualism or to stress the importance of hard work as our society once did, the government – along with their willing accomplices in the media and our schools – has been preaching the Communist mantra of victimhood and selling the solution of dependency on government.  The fact that Obama has been stressing all the “government services” that have to be shut down because of the Republicans’ refusal to just give him everything he demands affirms the fact that Obama believes the average American has become dependent on government.

However, this is not what the headlines in the real media – the new media – are revealing.  The new media is telling us that the real America still exists.  Here is just one example.

Meet the Group That Just Stepped Up to Do What the Gov’t Is Refusing to Do for Fallen Soldiers

After families of fallen U.S. military personnel were denied benefits due to the government shutdown, the Fisher House Foundation has stepped forward to help cover travel and funeral costs to help families receive the remains of their loved ones who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

This is real charity.  It is not government mandated; it is given from the heart.  This is how real Americans respond to their countrymen in their time of need.  And this is just one of many similar stories showing that we do not need the government.  And that is why the government has been making it illegal to feed the homeless, or provide care to the needy.  Did you know that?  It’s true.  The government has been making charity illegal.  Google it; you’ll find the stories.  They are trying to force people to depend on the government for everything, because that gives them control over everything.  It’s all about control with these people.

But stories like this, coupled with the new media, demonstrate in the clearest terms that we do not need the government.  Why do you think they changed from “non-essential” to “furloughed” workers so quickly?  They didn’t want us to realize there actually are non-essential workers in government.  For the same reason, they can’t afford to let the government shut down last for too long or it will clearly demonstrate that we can make it without them, and that would destroy nearly a century of propaganda aimed at convincing us our only hope is to surrender to their tyranny.


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