PIECES OF THE PUZZLE: More Evidence Of Their True Faces

I have told you that those who seek to control others are not the people they pretend to be.  They are – at least in spirit – the same as those who killed the Jews; or starved the Russian peasants; or murdered the Chinese peasants (Hitler, Stalin and Mao).  These stories are just a few recent examples of the hatred they have for those who are different from them and for those who refuse to submit to their control:

Rock Star Says He ‘Almost’ Wishes ‘Bad Things Upon’ Second Amendment Supporters – and Follows Up With Some Pretty Harsh Criticism

‘Deep 6 Their Weak A**es’: Did Cher’s Latest Tirade Against ‘Devil Incarnate’ Tea Partiers Cross the Line?

White House Calls Tea Partiers Terrorists

Mike Lee: He and Ted Cruz faced ‘demeaning…all-out attack’ from GOP colleagues [AUDIO]

Now, in case you don’t think those last two stories are on par with the first two, understand that they represent the stage right before the shooting stage.  Here, this explains it better:

No, seriously, watch the video.


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