Republican PARTY: Enemy Of America (But So Are The Democrats)

George Washington warned us not to allow Party politics.  The principle is simple: you can only serve one master.  If you belong to a Party, sooner or later, the interest of the Party and Party’s power will replace that of the nation and the Party’s constituents.  Well, this happened a long time ago – to both Parties.  Now, here is a powerful story speaking directly to the truth of this principle by illustrating how the Republican Party is working to undermine the will of its own membership.

Seriously, watch the video clip in this story all the way through:

Glenn Beck Reveals a Story He Hasn’t Been Able to Share for Over a Year

“It’s about 4:00 in the afternoon and I get a call from the president of FreedomWorks, Matt Kibbe, and I can hear the distress in his voice,” Beck said.  “[Kibbe said], ‘Glenn, I’ve just been escorted out of my office by armed guards and told not to come back.’”

Kibbe added that he wasn’t the only one forcefully escorted out, and that they had been hijacked, so to speak, by the “old guard” GOP establishment.

“There was a coup during the election, and it was powerful,” Beck said.  “They were trying to get rid of the libertarian, Tea Party-minded power players, and first and foremost on that hit list was Matt Kibbe and his allies. They didn’t like the fact that FreedomWorks was cleaning house in the GOP…that they were targeting people like Orrin Hatch.  It didn’t sit well with the Karl Roves of the GOP world…”

If you think we are going to take over the Republican Party, well… Well, more power to you, but don’t ask me to help you shovel what you are trying to shovel up hill.

The Truth is simple: the Republican Party opposes the will of the American people every bit as much as the Democrat Party.  If you listen to “conservative” voices who oppose, ignore or belittle the TEA Party, or the Libertarian arm of the Republican Party, the chances are you are listing to someone who isn’t what they claim to be.  The odds are they are not one of you; it is more likely that they have been put in place to keep you on the Party’s plantation.  Keep that in mind when you listen to them and question their motivations because many trusted “conservative” voices are actually wolves in disguise.


4 thoughts on “Republican PARTY: Enemy Of America (But So Are The Democrats)

    1. Agent54,
      Joe is correct about Fox News.

      “fair and balanced” is a nonsensical phrase. . .

      O’Reilly’s stands and logic are not based upon our Constitution or Natural Law. O’Reilly’s stands are based upon “political expediency”, which the the path to tyranny.

      Hannity sometimes gets it right, other times misses completely.

      Beck was sent on his way because he is intellectually honest with spiritual and moral courage.

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