Will You Step Out Into History And Join Me On Lexington Greene?

I have been blogging for several years, and offering my unsolicited opinion on the Internet for several more before that.  I have been good at complaining: pointing out what I see wrong with our society.  I told myself I was “doing my part” by trying to “educate” people about the problems we face, but – in reality – I was adding to the problem.  Those who are willing to see, understand and face reality don’t need another bleating voice to remind them of what they already know.  They are well aware of the direction our nation has been traveling, and that we are picking up the pace by which we are traveling that road.  What they want, what they need is a plan to do something about it.  Well, I’m not saying I have the plan, but I finally have a plan to offer.  We just need to be willing to step out into history and join our forefathers on Lexington Greene by putting this plan into action on as large a scale as possible.don-troiani-stand-your-ground-lexington-green

First, we need to accept that this nation has been under attack by people who actually study sedition and subversion.  They have been studying how to destroy a society for decades.  To them, it is a “science,” and they have been doing their best to implement their ideas since before the time of Woodrow Wilson.  We must also understand that, if they are not stopped, their agenda will lead to the destruction of what is left of the nation our founders built, and with it, the last vestiges of individual rights and liberty for all mankind will vanish, as well.  Finally, we need to accept that these people already hold a great deal of power, and that those who hold such power never relinquish it without being forced to do so.  This means we will have to use force to stop them.

This brings us to my next point.  We are no longer the people who founded this nation.  We no longer possess the moral fortitude to fight and armed conflict against our tyrannical government.  If we try, we will merely usher in a revolution that will resemble the French Revolution, not the American.  Furthermore, as a combat veteran, I can tell you I do not want to see war on my home soil.  Even if I thought Americans could stand up to the hardships (which I doubt), I want to spare my family from the horrors of combat.  But this does not mean we cannot use force, because we can. Dr. King used force.  Gandhi used force.  Jesus used force!  And this is the type of force we have to use to defeat the tyrants in our government.

This will require something this nation – as a nation – has lost: faith in God!  Even if you hold different beliefs, you need to accept that this nation succeeded because it was founded by people who believed in the God of the Bible and who founded our government upon Biblical principles.  This is not my opinion; it was the assertion of no less than Benjamin Franklin.  After the Constitutional Convention concluded, a friend asked Franklin where they had found the principles of the new government.  Franklin replied “From the Scriptures.”  An honest reading of our founders will find that many of them thought of America as a ‘New Israel.’  But it is much more than this.  The founders believed that a free and self-governing society is only possible when the people not only believe in God, but actually live according to the principles of their faith.

“For it is in our lives, and not from our words, that our religion must be read,… By the same test the world must judge me.”

–Thomas Jefferson

Christians who actually read their Bibles should recognize the lesson in Jefferson’s words.  He is summarizing much of what the Pastoral letters in the New Testament teach us about our faith being exhibited by our works.

So, if we hope to save this nation, step one is to follow our founders’ example by placing our faith in God and seeking His favor and His help.  However, if we choose to continue ignoring Him and insist on trying to do things our way, then we will continue to lose ground to the forces of darkness.  We have been trying it our way long enough.  It is time to do it the founders’ way, God’s way.

Next, we need to go on an offensive, but it has to be an offensive that the tyrants cannot ignore.  For a long time, I had no idea how to do this…until I accepted the full implication of what I have been arguing for years – that this is a fascist nation!  This means that the major corporations are in a partnership with government.  They are two parts of the same beast. Look at what is happening to us economically.  They are destroying the middle class – just like Lenin said to do.  What they are trying to build is a society where we make just enough to afford our bills and taxes and no more.  It’s just that those bills are to the major corporations what taxes are to the government.  We are hooked on TV, smart phones, the Internet, music, movies, etc.  And we need housing, food, energy, clothing, etc.  So, if they can direct things such that we have just enough to pay for these things and not enough to actually start our own businesses, or amass enough wealth that we do not need to depend on the government or corporations for our survival, they can effectively turn us all into serfs (The Road to Serfdom, anyone?).

This means step two is to start fighting back with your money.  Stop going to Wal-Mart, Sears, Penny’s, etc.  Stop going to McDonalds and Burger King.  Start looking for small, mom and pop places to shop.  Yes, they will cost more – but do it anyway! Turn off the TV, maybe even cut back on the cable and satellite.  Get of the computer.  Start getting back to the life we knew when we were growing up, and teach that life to those who are under thirty because, honestly, most people under thirty have no memory of what America was like when it was still America.  The point is to kick yourself out of the fascist, corporate-government trap as much as you can – and take your money with you!

Next, stop supporting the One-Party-Pretending-To-Be-Two system.  Support individual people, but do not give another dime to the Parties.  We must destroy the structure of both Parties.  This means we need to get to work in the local primaries.  We must get off our butts and make sure we check out the candidates.  Speak to them face-to-face whenever possible.  Grill them about the founding principles of this nation.  If they are not willing to sacrifice for individual rights and liberty, if they will not stand for liberty, then find another candidate.  And yes, this means that, if your Party nominates a bad candidate, you do not vote for that person – even if it means the other Party wins!  Right now, we have been trained to vote for people we know will not fight for our rights and liberty.  We do so simply because of their Party, and the argument that we can’t let the other guys win.  But remember what Jefferson said: we must live our principles, not just talk about them.  Choosing the lesser of two evils demonstrates that our principles are still for evil.  So, if you have to, write in a name.  Just do not vote for a Party simply because you don’t want the other Party to win.  That’s what they assume we will do, so if we stop playing that game, they will notice.

Next, look for peaceful ways to confront the system.  Wherever and whenever possible, we must force the government to show its hand.  The key is to be wise in picking when and where we refuse to comply.  We need to pay close attention to the optics of the action: how will the masses see the government’s response?  Here is a perfect example of what I mean:

Vets ‘Knocked Over’ Barriers to Gain Entry to WWII Memorial During Shutdown

The monuments are public property.  The government has no authority to keep the public from seeing them.  They belong equally to all of us.  So the vets were justified to take the action they did in this story.  Yes, this may mean we could be arrested.  So?  Do you think the threat of arrest stopped Dr. King?  If it had, would he have succeeded?  When compared to the prize, a day or two in jail for a just cause – liberty – is a small price to pay.  Just make sure you pick the time and place carefully.  After all, how would it have looked had the government arrested all these old vets simply because they wanted to visit the memorial to their fallen comrades?

We also have to recruit as many fellow patriots into this campaign as we can possibly recruit.  This will require that we educate people who are currently outside our circle.  Look for your friends who have been trapped inside the entertainment cage; those people who never pay attention to the news long enough to understand anything but the sound-bite propaganda messages the State-controlled media pushes.  Show them what they have not been seeing, explain why it matters and beg them to join you in our campaign.  If they refuse, then, however hard it may be, you separate from them as much as possible.  Peer pressure works, and we need to employ it.  Again, this is part of the message to the Church in the pastoral letters – especially those of the Apostle, Paul.  DO not associate with people who are part of or are supporting the problem.

Next, get active in your local government – especially the school system.  If possible, get your kids out of public schools.  Home school if you can.  Team up with other parents and start your owns schools.  Again, being willing to sacrifice is part of fighting for your rights and liberty.  But it is a senseless sacrifice if the next generation no longer understands the principles of liberty.  Our schools are indoctrination centers; designed to produce automatons who do the bidding of the corporate-government masters.  Do not allow your child to be turned into one of the government Borg.  And be sure to teach them the truth about this nation’s founding.  Make sure they know who our founders were, what they believed and why they did the things they did.  Do not hide the warts, but make sure you show them that this is all they were: wart on otherwise attractive men and women.  Teach them that this is an exceptional nation.  Teach them to love the idea of America: the idea of the individual and individual liberty.  It’s easier when we all turn off the TV, computer and put down the cell phone.

This is what I have so far.  I know there is more we can do, but we have to start doing it.  We have to get out of the house and talk to people.  We have to spend our money where it helps individual Americans while starving giant corporations.  We have to sap the Parties power whenever and however possible.  We need to exert peer pressure on people who are supporting or defending the system.  We need to teach people about this nation – especially our children.  And we need to grow the movement.  We need to use social media to recruit as many participants as we can.  And, when it will benefit the cause, we need to resist – peacefully.  Getting arrested doing something every red blooded American knows is their birth-right will play well on the sympathies of those who are not paying attention.  We just need to incorporate the video into our recruiting efforts.

There’s one more thing.  If you cannot find ways to do any of this, then you have no reason to complain about the direction we are going.  Those patriots who stood in the dew on Lexington Greene were ready to die for what they believed – and some did.  If you cannot do so much as spend a few more dollars to support another American by shopping with a small merchant so you can keep your money from the forces trying to enslave you, then you do not deserve to claim the heritage of those patriots who still stand – or lie dead – on Lexington Greene.  But, even if we lose, those of us who do answer the call to actively resist tyranny will step out into history and join those patriots in the dew of that fateful morning, and we will be counted among those patriots who were willing to do more than talk; who were willing to fight and, when necessary, sacrifice for liberty.


7 thoughts on “Will You Step Out Into History And Join Me On Lexington Greene?

  1. Agreed! I’ve always believed each one of us was born here and in this time period for a reason. If we allow Him, God will use us to do great things.

    Your first point is the hinge-pin to success or faiure. If society is fractured and void of the ideals of self-governance, then the slide into tyranny is almost certain.

    Complacency and indifference are not welcomed any longer in the return to liberty.

    Thanks Joe.

  2. Well said! I wholeheartedly agree!

    That being said, we must also be very much aware that in the end, it is likely to get violent and some may give all. We must recognize that this is a real war! It’s a war for power and religion. Yes, I did say religion, and religious wars are amongst the hardest battles to be fought.

    Nobody wants or likes to hear the word “war”, including me. But lest we mistake this war for something else at our own peril. The enemy is within the gates and they will not give up peacefully. To believe that would be a serious mistake. We pray that we wont have to, but we better be prepared to fight at the highest level and with everything we have if we expect to win.

    1. Marksman,

      If it comes to that, then we MUST do it the way our founders did. We must pray, and seek God’s guidance and approval before and during any action we take, and then give thanks for whatever success He grants us. The founders succeeded because they relied on God. If we try ANYTHING without doing the same, it WILL fail — just look at the French Revolution for affirmation of this fact.

    1. Thanks for reading my humble little blog. I wonder, have you read the latest post about Truth and Health Care? You might find my take in that post interesting. I suspect we’ll be of like mind there, too 🙂

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