AGENDAS: Carroll Quigley Vindicated

Confirmation Of The One Party Pretending To Be Two Paradigm


I have written quite often about how the two Parties are actually one Party pretending to be two.  This was first explained by an insider by the name of Carroll Quigley, who wrote a book titled “Tragedy and Hope.”  Now, Quigley seems to have been vindicated by another new book, “This Town: Two Parties and a Funeral-Plus, Plenty of Valet Parking!-in America’s Gilded Capital,” by the chief national correspondent for the New York Times Magazine, Mark Leibovich.  What this means is we no longer have Constitutional government or the rule of law.  We have literally lost our country to a group of self-appointed elitists who no longer wish to serve but aim to rule over us.  Here, read the story and especially watch the video inside it:

New York Times Correspondent: ‘There’s No Such Thing as Democrats and Republicans Anymore’

Have you ever wondered why the Republicans never really try to fight the Democrats?  Well, here you go – just like I have been trying to explain – it’s because they are the same Party.  They want the same things.  They just have to pretend to be playing the game so we won’t go to Washington and throw the whole group in jail.  When you start looking at what happens in politics from this perspective, a whole lot of stuff that probably never made sense and was blamed on incompetence suddenly starts to make a lot of sense, doesn’t it?

Well, personally, I am beginning to think it may well be time to do just that.  Let’s get the States organized and send commissions from each to charged try and – if convicted – make sure these people are imprisoned.  We’ll start with the crimes of treason, subversion and sedition first.


5 thoughts on “AGENDAS: Carroll Quigley Vindicated

  1. The professor’s premonition(s) fifty plus years ago were quite remarkable! The predictability of republics offers but a glimpse of promise in regards to the longevity of the US experiment.

  2. I’ve been having a bad feeling for a few years that some of “our” side of the media is in collusion with this “one party system”

    One of there goals is to gain control over media- so it stands to reason the same game is being played out in media.

    1. Mike,

      The astute observer should have already noticed signs of this in the changes FOX News has been making. Plus, you will find that I have been questioning whether or not Limbaugh is actually in place to prevent defection from the Republican Party for some time now. Search his name in the RNL records and you’ll find my argument.

  3. Joe,

    FOX is a lost cause. No core values other than making money through info news. O’Reilly has nor grasp of the evils the Democrat Party has become. Hannity, is not the sharpest knife in the drawer and does not have the intellect to even debate a progressive. Turned them off long ago.

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