AGENDAS: Health Care Is Gateway To American Dictatorship

Obamacare Is About Control, Not Providing Health care

Do you remember when Obama said this?

Now, did you know what he meant when he said it?  Did you even bother to listen to the actual language?  A “fundamental transformation” is another way of saying a change.  In politics, when you change the government without using the legal process, it is called a coup.

Full Definition of COUP D’ÉTAT

:  a sudden decisive exercise of force in politics; especially :  the violent overthrow or alteration of an existing government by a small group

Now, did you hear what Obama just said in the past few days concerning the fight over Obamacare?

Obama: “We’re Now Only Five Days Away From Finishing The Job”

(see video in link)

So how does Obamacare equate to a coup, you ask?  Simple: read the bill.  The “Affordable Care Act” is only one part of Obamacare.  There were other parts written into the stimulus bill which passed before the Affordable Care Act – and that is where the death panels were hidden:

Left Admits They want to Tax You to Pay for the Death Panels Necessary to Kill You so They can Pay for Obamacare

Did you pay attention to what Krugman said?  He actually said we will need death panels and taxes to balance the budget – and he didn’t even blink.  OK, now hold that thought for a moment and let me ask you about Social Security.  We know that, once all the ‘baby-boomers’ retire and are on Social Security, the program will collapse because we will no longer have enough people left working to keep the Ponzi scheme going.  And have you noticed that Washington never seems to be overly worried about the collapse that is sure to come when this happens?  Now why do you think this is?

OK, now go back to Krugman telling you there will be real death panels.  Next, do you remember when – during the 2008 campaign – Obama said we are going to have to get used to accepting the fact that grandma will have to just go home and take pain pills rather than get the care we would currently afford her?  Can you put two and two together yet?  Our “leaders” (i.e. Lords) are not worried about Social Security because they do not plan to have to pay the liabilities because they plan to ration care to a point that the liability literally dies off before they have to be paid.

Now, before you object – DON’T!  This is exactly what Ezekiel Emanuel – a primary architect of Obamacare – has said his plan works: be denying care to the young and old, based on their “contribution” to society and society’s “investment” in that person.  Furthermore, the infirm will be allowed to die because they will never contribute and will constantly requite “investment” with no hope of return (sorry Steven Hawkings).

Now, I may sound hostile here, but that’s because I am.  We are dealing with collectivists.  Collectivists never have a problem killing people.  They see it as a necessary evil in their quest to save the whole human race, but what they are really doing is justifying their megalomania by rationalizing mass murder.  We know this to be true because we can trace an un-broken chain between the people pushing these programs today to the people who pushed them at the beginning of the global Progressive/Collectivist movement.  People such as Margaret Sanger, Hitler and George Bernard Shaw:

Again, before you ignore or dismiss me, remember: Hillary pointed herself directly to these same people:

Obamacare is all about control.  It will give the government control over everything in your life – including your life, itself.  And it is not constitutional.  It doesn’t matter what the Supreme Court says, they are part of the “transformative” process.  The majority of our Courts are staffed by Progressive subversives and they do not care about what the Constitution allows.  In this case, we know Obamacare is unconstitutional because Madison specifically stated it can never be construed to support or allow any form of welfare.  Thus, Obamacare – if it is the completion of our “fundamental transformation” – represents the completion of the Progressive plan to subvert our government.  And everything we know about these people supports this conclusion: that we are watching sedition happen before our very eyes and are doing nothing to stop it.

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2 thoughts on “AGENDAS: Health Care Is Gateway To American Dictatorship

  1. We know who is behind this charge. Liberty minded Americans will be the first to stand, but unfortunately, I see no-one else for back-up.

    The good thing is there are millions of us and I bet they are armed.

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