Claiming A ‘Right’ To Health Care Is Equivalent To Claiming A ‘Right’ To Rape

NOTE: I shouldn’t have to say this, but, sadly, because of the ignorance of our modern society, it has become necessary to state such clarifications.  The following is meant purely as an illustration to help those who might not fully understand the underlying principles of our debate over whether or not health care is a right.  For the sake of clarity, I am stating – unequivocally – that it is not a right (see: natural vs. civil rights).  And to those who argue that it is or should be, I say that, if you claim health care as a right, then I am claiming the right to rape.

I believe the reason so many people in our society believe that health care is a right is because they have been intentionally deceived.  They have been made ignorant: indoctrinated rather than educated.  As a result, too few Americans still know how to reason through an issue critically.  But, even if this were not the case, we have no assurances that enough people would bother to take the time to do so in this entertainment society of ours.  And all of this is by design.

Our society is being “engineered” by people who believe they can direct the evolution of mankind.  The reason the issue of health care is so critical to their purposes is because it strikes to the heart of every individual.  We all experience serious illness; either personally or through members of our family and loved ones.  So it is an emotional issue to begin with, which opens the door to being able to manipulate public opinion about it.  In short, when it is emotionally charged, we are far less likely to stop and think things through.  And because health care is important to every member of society, it provides the perfect opportunity for control.  But what if it wasn’t health care we were claiming as a right, but the right to sexual gratification and reproduction?

If health care is essential to maintaining good health, then why isn’t sexual gratification?  Pent up sexual frustrations can manifest itself in the form of physical violence, and that isn’t good for the victim or society. Also, if people have easy access to sexual gratification, they will be less likely to spend their time doing other things, such as getting involved in crime – or opposing government takeover of society.  Finally, a society needs to reproduce.  With the push to use birth control and have abortions, the birth rate is dropping, which jeopardizes our future ability to meet our social obligations because we will not have the work force necessary to pay the taxes needed to meet those obligations.  Besides, if minorities were allowed to reproduce with whomever they desire, the white race and all the oppression that goes with it could easily and “humanly” be eradicated from our society, thereby solving many of the ills we have been told it has caused.  So it only makes sense that people should have the right to rape.  In fact, we shouldn’t call it rape, we should call is sexual and reproductive care.

Now, I can already anticipate that many will object to this by saying that rape is a violation of a woman’s body.  Well, first of all, it is no longer rape; it is sexual care.  And if you want to deny me my sexual care, then you are a racist, right-wing, religious, hating bigot.  You are the reason we need to have sexual care in the first place.  All you care about is the individual woman and her body.  You show no concern for the less fortunate.  Women, by the very nature of their sex, can get sexual care any time they want it, but men cannot do so.  This is oppression.  It simply isn’t fair.  So, by passing a law mandating sexual care be given to everyone, then men will no longer have to endure the frustration of not having easy access to sexual care.  Nor will they have to deal with the discrimination that comes in the form of attractive women being snobs and refusing to help them out when they are in need of sexual care.  And this is just one reason sexual care is a right.

Our society has to grow if we are going to meet its needs.  The more social programs we pass, the more we need a growing tax base.  But women are using birth control and having abortions more than they have in the past, and this is leading to fewer births.  This demonstrates an irresponsible disdain for the needs of society.  Women have a duty to bear children.  It is their duty to society and to future generations who will need the taxes their kids will pay.  And, once again, women are showing they hate society.  Because they are female, and they are claiming they are the only one who can control their reproductive cycle, they are demonstrating the most extreme form of selfishness.  This is a total disregard for the good of all mankind.  There can be no higher form of hatred or selfishness than to claim you have a right to your body and that it comes before the needs of society.

However, if sexual and reproductive care were rights, then women could be forced to pull their fair share in society.  They wouldn’t be allowed to discriminate by telling a man who needs their care no.  The man would have a right to sexual care.  Women would also be prevented from hating mankind by being forced to replace those who die, thus insuring the necessary tax payers needed to maintain social programs.  And, as I said earlier, since white women will not be able to say no to minorities who decide they want sexual care from them, the evilness that is the white race will soon disappear.

This is why sexual and reproductive care are rights.  And if they aren’t, we should pass a law making them rights.  It’s only fair.

Now, before you start hammering out a reply explaining why I am wrong and how my analogy doesn’t work – STOP!  It most certainly does work.  In fact, there is more to this argument than there is to the claim health care is a right.  Society does need to reproduce, and Western society is shrinking.  A society has a duty to maintain itself.  This is the primary reason societies have historically supported families: to encourage child bearing and rearing.  Health care for the individual is not nearly as important to society because it only affects that individual and, as Ezekiel Emanuel, the architect of Obamacare, has argued; the majority of health care needs are wasted on the young and elderly.  The young and elderly are not as productive and do not contribute nearly as much to society, therefore, they should not receive as much care.  So I can make a very rational, collectivist argument for sexual and reproductive rights as they are directly related – linked, even.  And this means my analogy works.

However, if you are want to argue that sexual and reproductive rights somehow harm the women, show me where the harm is.  The law making sexual and reproductive care into rights will mandate no physical harm can be done to the woman.  SO she will not suffer.  She just has to provide whatever care a man demands.  It is only a minor inconvenience.  Once he is finished, she can go on her way.  What will that take?  Maybe 10 minutes on average?  What harm is that to her in the grand scheme of things.  It’s not like she is being forced to work for someone else who is doing nothing but claiming they have a “right” to make her work for them.  Heck, the woman’s part in providing sexual care might even be enjoyable for her, too.  We cannot say the same for those who have to work to pay for other peoples’ health care.  So my analogy also benefits from being more moral than health care.

Do you see where I am going with this yet?


9 thoughts on “LESSONS IN LOGIC: The “RIGHT” To Rape

  1. Sexual care. That just sounds too progressive.
    Your analogy actually reminded me of a movie called The Handmaid’s Tale. Ironically, it is the right wing as the bad guy forcing women into its “rights”.

    1. Kells,

      Funny thing, isn’t it? When you actually look at REAL history, it is ALWAYS the forces of control that make people do things against their will and not the forces of liberty…

  2. Watch the movie THE PURGE.

    Without a doubt a liberal produced and financed movie. But in their idiocy they have no idea just how much they show WHO and HOW they really are when you watch that movie.

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