‘Conservatives:’ YOU Made this Bed; Now Sleep in It!

I contribute to a political blog.  In fact, it is where I got my start in blogging.  I have posted less and less pure political commentary here on the OYL, but I share this now because I thought you might find this post of interest:

‘Conservatives:’ YOU Made this Bed; Now Sleep in It!

If you think of yourself as ‘Conservative,’ I beg you to read this post — all of it, to the end.  However, I’ll warn you now, it will be difficult to read and harder to accept.  Still, not only do you need to read what I have to say to you, but you also need to give it some very serious thought, because the people you think of as ‘Conservative leaders’ have been lying to you.  They have helped to cause the mess we’re in, and now they are turning on anyone who refuses to sleep with them in the filthy bed that they have made.  Worse, they are trying to get you to join them in their treason.  So, please, I beg you, read and consider my words.

Read the rest.


2 thoughts on “‘Conservatives:’ YOU Made this Bed; Now Sleep in It!

  1. Hi Joe,
    This is way off topic but wanted to ask you a question.

    I have been shopping at Sprouts farmers market for years now (they have healthier food choices) but recently I noticed that all of their lamb chops have the designation of “halal” on the packages. I did a little research on it and found this site which tells the method of slaughter but also claims that it is sacrificed to the idol allah.

    The store used to offer meat from New Zealand without that designation. That link above explains the coming “tsunami” of halal meat coming from New Zealand to America. 70% of New Zealand meat is done that way!

    That site states three good reasons why Christians should not consume halal meat! I guess I will need to stop buying lamb from that store! What are your thoughts?

    1. Yes, we are seeing Islam and Shari’a creep into our world more and more these days. It is going to get worse, you’ll see.

      As to meat sacrificed to Allah? Paul already addressed that. So long as you know the idol is nothing, what difference does it make? Just so long as you don’t do anything that you KNOW might cause another to stumble, it is nothing. But then, this is a teaching for those who are FIRMLY rooted in the word. It is not for a believer who is still on milk or bread or maybe even soft meat. I know you’ll understand 🙂

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