BIBLE PROPHECY: A New Look At The End Times Prophecies In The Bible


Like many believers (and even some who do not believe), I have always been fascinated by the end times prophecies in the Bible. I have always believed in the Lord, though I have not always been obedient to His Word.  Still, even after I started to obey, I had difficulty accepting the most commonly taught understanding of Biblical end times prophecies,  This would be the interpretations presented in the “Left Behind” interpretation of prophecy: where the Church is raptured, there is a seven year tribulation, during which a figure known as the Antichrist makes peace with Israel, then, after 3 1/2 years, he breaks the peace and attacks Israel leading to Christ’s return and the battle of Armageddon.  For me, the problem with this story is that it simply isn’t supported by Scripture.  There are too many holes, inconsistencies and contradictions in it to be the correct understanding of Biblical prophecy.  Consequently, like I am sure so many others have done, and for the same reasons, I dismissed this teaching of prophecy.  Needles to say, this had a negative effect on my faith — until I actually started to let the Bible speak for itself.  Once I did that, everything changed!

First, let me state this very clearly: I have no desire to lead anyone astray, nor to harm them by teaching them something for which they are not ready.  I know what the Scripture say about teachers who do this, and I tremble at the thought of being counted among them.  So, if you have any question as to your ability to take a new look at prophecy without letting it shake your faith — any question at all — I beg you, for my sake as well as yours, please do not read the posts in this series.  I mean this with all my heart.  I would rather you ignore me and remain resolved in your faith than read my blog and end up being harmed in any way.  On the other hand, if your faith is on a solid foundation, and you know that it will not be shaken if it is tested, then I sincerely hope you will follow this series with an open and prayerful heart.

Second, I want to start by asking you the reader to set aside what they have been taught about Biblical prophecy and give careful consideration to the interpretations I am about to share.  Understand, I am not asking you to blindly accept everything I will say.  In many cases, I’m not sure what to make of some prophecies, myself, so I’m certainly not going to present myself as having a new message.  I don’t.  Nor do I claim to be a prophet.  I’m not.  All I have done is gone back to the beginning and learned to let the Lord’s Word speak for itself, then accept it for what it actually says.  This means resisting the temptation to read the teachings of men into the Scriptures. Finally, I am actually trusting the reader to be obedient in studying this series.  By that, I mean testing everything I say against the Scriptures.  Never trust anyone to tell you what the Lord’s Word says or means; read it for yourself and ask Him to help you understand.  For it is only in this way can we come to the proper understanding of even the most basic teachings in the Bible.  This is all I am asking you to do: give careful and sincere consideration to what I have to share, and test everything against the Scriptures so that neither of us let’s the other fall into a pit along the way.

Shall we begin?


6 thoughts on “BIBLE PROPHECY: A New Look At The End Times Prophecies In The Bible

  1. The fact that there are three views regarding end times prophecy (Pre-Trib, Mid-Trib, and Post-Trib) doesn’t shake my faith. In fact, several years back a Christian blogging friend of mine almost convinced me of the Mid-Trib view! Many of the books I have read (e.g. “Revelation: Unlocking the Future”) and pastors I have known (including Dr. David Jeremiah) have supported the Pre-Trib view.
    It is important to realize that different views on this need not cause division and controversy. Each view acknowledges the most important fact – Christ will return!

    1. EXACTLY! It should NOT cause division.

      However, at the same time, we are told when the tribulation is and when the rapture comes. It is actually in Scripture. Jesus is the one who tells us! It’s just that Satan has deceived us with a false story, so we overlook the passages where these things are clearly explained. Again, stay with me. I’ve spent 5 INTENSIVE years studying this subject, and although I do not claim to have all the answers, I do believe I have the story line straight, with all the major plot themes in their proper place and order (if I didn’t, there’s no way I’d touch this subject). 🙂

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