Warning People Is Not ‘Defeatism’


Lately, I have had a lot of people commenting that they think I am being a defeatist, and many of them are personal friends of mine.  Well, I’d like to share my point of view for a moment.

First, I am a Christian; a Christian who is trying hard to actually live the teachings of his faith instead of just claiming the name of Christ as though it were some magic cloak that will cover all sins.  It doesn’t, and it won’t.  So, while I pay attention to politics, I no longer place my trust in men.  I did that for far too long, as have most the rest of us.  Look where it has gotten us.  This year, we will chose between a corrupt politician and a corrupt businessman.  Either way, depending on our own wisdom has left us where we will knowingly vote for someone who know to be corrupt in hopes that they will end the corruption.  Well, I might be going way out on a limb here, but I think this is a mark of insanity.  This is why I have decided to actually live my faith and place my trust in God — just like our original founders did.

Now, before I can live my faith, I have to learn what it actually teaches me.  So I have not just been reading the Bible, but I have been studying it — hard.  I have been learning about the ancient Hebrew culture, and their language.  And I have been studying the nations which surrounded ancient Israel.  One of the things I have found is a pattern which repeats over and over throughout the record of God’s people.

First, God stands His people up, and places them in a nation where they can grow prosperous.  Then He protects them, and they become prosperous.  But, eventually, they start thinking they are the source of their own prosperity.  When this happens, they turn away from God.  God is patient, and He starts to warn them, but they usually ignore the warnings.  However, God is also perfect justice so, eventually, He passes judgment on them by turning them over to their own sinful desires.  When that happens, we always destroy ourselves.  Sometimes, however, when God’s people have become wicked enough, God actually sends others to destroy them.

Either way, the Lord wipes away the evil so that only the few who have been trying to cling to Him and His ways remain.  Then He rebuilds from out of this remnant.  If we read the Bible, we will find that it constantly tells us to remove the evil from among us.  This is the reason for the death penalty in Scripture.  It is like pulling weeds so they do not take over the garden.  And when God destroys His people, that is a lot like when a forest fire clears away the dead growth so that new growth can spring up and renew the forest.

Now, I do not know whether or not God is going to save this nation.  He may not.  After all, Israel is the eternal seat of God’s thrown on earth forever, and we are not Israel.  All I know is that the signs suggest we have past the point where a just God must give us over to the consequences of our infidelity.  There is nothing I can do about this.  Either God will save us out of the ashes or He won’t.  Even if He does, I may not survive what is coming.  It could be that none of us will.  All I know for sure is that Scripture is clear as to what I have to do.  If we see danger coming and we do not warn others, then their blood will be on our hands.  But if we see the danger and we warn them but they do not listen, then we are free from guilt.  So I do my best to warn those who will hear the message so that they may have time to turn back to the Lord in time to be saved before it is too late.  For after all, what is the span of this lifetime compared to that of eternity?

So, for me, there is no defeatism — just a realignment of what I consider to be a victory.  I will warn those who will listen, and urge those who already hear to cling tightly to the Truth.  I will live as Scripture commands me and leave the result to God — as Scripture tells me to do.  And I will trust God and His plan.  If I do this, then no matter what happens here in this world, I am assured a part in the final victory.  Now, if you call this defeatism, then so be it.  Just understand one last thing:


[NOTE: I no longer think of my voice as anything special.  There was a time when I believed I had something important to say, but not so much these days.  I write now because I feel driven to do so.  Something inside me will not let me rest until I post the pages you just read.  I’d just as soon not bother anymore.  It all seems like no one is listening and I do more harm than good.  So I have come to trust that whatever it is driving me has all this under control.  Personally, I believe it is God, but others may not.  All I ask is that, if anything I write helps you, or you think it might help others in any way, please, share this page.  Re-blog it, share it on FB or send the link to your friends.  So long as you feel it will do more good than harm, then please, use this page however you wish.  Thank you.]



4 thoughts on “Warning People Is Not ‘Defeatism’

  1. You must be reading and paying attention to the same scriptures as me . Keep sounding the alarm even if it seems everyone is deaf .

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