We All Live In A Gilded Yello Cage, A Gilded Yellow Cage…

If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.

–Samuel Adams

This is one of my favorite quotes, from one of my favorite founding fathers.  However, I think it needs to be updated just a little.  I trust Mr. Adams won’t mind if I re-phrase his words this way:

If you love your stuff more than your freedom, and your safety and slavery more than personal responsibility, leave us.  We do not want your opinion or your help. Cower on your knees as you lick the hand that feeds you.  May your chains not be so heavy that they crush you, and may we all forget that you were ever one of us.

I had one of my Face Book friends tell me that we are not oppressed by our government.  He even challenged me to name one freedom that I have lost.  Dear reader, I cannot tell you how loudly I wanted to tell this ‘friend’ to go home and cower, and that I would do my best to forget that he was ever an American.  Then I realized that he honestly believes that we are as free today as we have ever been — maybe even more so.  That is when I realized just how lost we are.  When an American cannot see the despotism in this nation, then what does it mean to be American anymore?

Well, I know what it used to mean:

Where liberty dwells, there is my country.

— Benjamin Franklin

It meant that an American loved liberty more than anything else in this world, even their country, even their own life.  But we do not have liberty any more, nor do we have many Americans.  How do I know that?

 “The right to use a thing comprehends a right to the means necessary to its use, and without which it would be useless.”

–Thomas Jefferson

Well, I do not have a right to use my car without buying permission from the government.  Try driving without a license and a registration and see what happens.

I do not have a right to use my property without buying permission from the government.  Try building or adding on to your property without a permit and see what happens.

I don’t even have a right to earn a living without buying permission from the government; which means I cannot use my labor without buying permission from the government; which means I cannot use my very life without buying permission from the government.  Just try to start and run a business without a license and see what happens.

If you have to get permission, especially if you have to buy that permission, then you do not have a right in it — period!  This means you literally do not have a right to your own life anymore, but then, this nation is too ignorant to understand this.  All they care about is how many likes their picture of their lunch got.

Now, I just gave three examples of liberties we have lost in the past one hundred years or so.  I could easily name many more, but, if these three do not convince you, a hundred more won’t, either.  That’s because we have been seduced into surrendering our liberty in return for promises that are never kept.  And that’s because we’ve become a nation of lazy cowards who want a government parent to fed them and wipe their bottom:

Most men, after a little freedom, have preferred authority with the consoling assurances and the economy of effort it brings.

— Walter Lippmann, hero of the Progressive movement and modern media.

As long as those lording over us keep giving us scraps of bread and keep us entertained, the majority of us will gladly sell our liberty — and that of our neighbor, too — and all for little more than a promise that others will treat us like children.  Well, even if they spoil you, they are still lording over you, and that means you have voluntarily agreed to be their slave.  And this is what they have done: they have built a cage so ‘comfortable’ that we do not see it.  Hollywood called it ‘The Matrix,’ but it is the same thing: a gilded cage.  So long as they feed you, give you your internet and sports, your Face Book and YouTube, you will accept whatever chains they lay upon you.  Well, that’s well and good, but that’s not America, and such people are not Americans.

Now, others may not care, but I wonder what became of those Americans who would rather die on their feet than live on their knees?  Those who would rather accept their chains may be citizens of this country, but they are in no way an Americans.  Such a people may tell me I have not lost my liberty, but they are in no way sane.  That’s because, deep down, they know they are slaves, but they have been convinced they not only have to accept their slavery to get their promised rewards, but they have to defend it, as well.  Now, how can you say a person who knows they are defending a lie for the promise of another lie a sane person?  I can only think of one way you can say such a person could be considered sane, and that is if they are a coward.  But then, that brings us right back to my original assertion: cowards having no business thinking of themselves as Americans.

So, you are still free — but the government can snoop on everything you do.

You are still free, but they can search you without a warrant.

You are still free, but they can take your property without trial or recourse.

You are still free, but they can jail you without charge.

You are still free, but they can force you to accommodate that which you believe to be immoral.

You are still free, but they can keep you from practicing your faith, and living according to your conscience.

You are still free, but they can force you to pay to support foreigners who seek to destroy this nation.

You are still free, but they can force you to pay for murder.

Yeah, you are free…

BTW: that opening quote, in fuller context:

Distinguishing between Patriots and cowards, Samuel Adams, said: “Contemplate the mangled bodies of your countrymen, and then say, ‘What should be the reward of such sacrifices?’ … If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animating contest of freedom…crouch down and lick the hands, which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen!”


12 thoughts on “We All Live In A Gilded Yello Cage, A Gilded Yellow Cage…

  1. How can we counteract and put a plan into action? Or do we lay down in apathy and tell ourselves “it’s too late”?

    1. Greg,

      I honestly do not know. I am not one to give up, and I haven’t. But I have also come to a point where I’m convinced the only solution left is the one our society no longer cares to entertain: a return to God.

      1. And actually LIVING your principles on an individual basis — especially when the price is high. Unless people see true sacrifice, they will chose slavery.

  2. Being “American” simply means being an American citizen.There is so much freedom in this country that anyone can be American. Because the founding fathers wrote freedom of religion, speech, etc, we have to allow anything in America. Because of the “Great American Melting Pot” mentality, what used to be traditionally thought of as American (ie-white, European, Christian people) is no longer the case. Now an American doesn’t necessarily look like that anymore. Or believe those same things. So in essence America is whoever the people are that make up the country. The problem comes when one person’s beliefs contradict with another’s so much so that they cannot both co-exist. That’s when freedoms start to be infringed upon. And if the masses believe the propaganda of the secular agenda, that is what is going to be the prevailing rule of law. Followers of Christ are not majorly represented in Government. That’s why someone like Ben Carson could never make it into the Presidency. Sad and discouraging as that may be, I think as Christians our primary goal should be to further the kindgom of Christ not make America look the way it used to. Our first allegiance is to Christ. This world/country/government is not our home. We are just passing through. The freedoms we enjoy in this country have turned us into lazy cowards and we can’t have it both ways. Either we are lions for the truth, or sheep for the comfort. Don’t you think how easy it has been for Christians in this country is the very reason we have been led astray? When you can straddle both sides of the fence and blend in order to keep your comfortable gilded cage, why pick a side? Maybe what is happening is God is starting to sort the wheat from the chaff? He is starting to spew the lukewarm from His mouth? Now that American laws are starting to contradict God’s Word, what do you believe should be a Christian’s response? Prayer, marching on Washington, Letters to Senators, revival meetings? I ask in all sincerity. You mentioned return to God but what does that mean practically? (Maybe your next blog post?)

    1. Debbie,

      I’m sorry, but being an American means much more than being a citizen of the nation:

      Why definitions matter: What is an America

      “Because the founding fathers wrote freedom of religion, speech, etc, we have to allow anything in America.”

      This is not true. There is no duty to allow attack or suicide. Oh, and the founders said so (try reading the Declaration, it takes precedence to the Constitution).

      “Because of the “Great American Melting Pot” mentality, what used to be traditionally thought of as American (ie-white, European, Christian people) is no longer the case.”

      Apparently, you do not understand the melting pot, either. It was about becoming an AMERICAN, and has nothing to do with race, but with embracing the principles of liberty.

      “I think as Christians our primary goal should be to further the kindgom of Christ not make America look the way it used to.”

      How can you say this? Do you not understand that America was built upon the principles of Christianity? So, if we do as you suggest, how do we avoid looking like we used to?

      “I ask in all sincerity. You mentioned return to God but what does that mean practically?”

      You must be new to reading my posts, because I have addressed this many times.

      Look, I mean no disrespect here. I see that, in general, you and I are in agreement — especially on the need to look to God first and matters of this world second. But that said, you do not seem to have a firm understanding of this nations past, or present. You are not free anymore, especially if you are a white heterosexual Christian. To say otherwise is to ignore reality. But I do not care about matters of race. I care that God’s people (the Church) has mixed itself with the darkness and either cannot see it, or worse, does not care. So the first step in correcting our ills has to come with the Church (just as Scripture says). The Church needs to repent, and get back to basics — which starts by reading God’s Word and then standing on what it says — not ‘interpreting’ it to suit our desires. I mean, seriously, is it any wonder that we would allow the perversions of man’s laws when we, believers, have allowed the perversion of God’s laws? So, where do we start? Right there, with a second reformation and a SERIOUS revival, and Scripture says that starts by turning back to God and repenting (which means we must stop doing wrong and start doing right — even if it means our own death).

  3. You are correct. I am new to your blog. That being said, I think you misunderstood me. I also mean no disrespect. I think it is unfair to say I do not have a firm understanding of our nation’s past or present. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t even be on this blog, or care what you had to say.

    My point was that Americans today are a group of people from all over the world bringing in different religions, races, ideologies and aren’t largely former British subjects who believe in Christianity and the free pursuit of that religion and all it stands for. (That was the majority of Americans in the time of the founding fathers, correct? Unless you count Native Americans whose liberty we took away to pursue our own or African slaves whose liberty we ignored.)

    Being an American and being a Christian aren’t necessarily the same thing. Yes this country was founded on Christian principles but one does not need to swear allegiance to Christ to become an American. It would be nice but there is still a separation of church and state. America bases it’s freedoms in the Constitution and Bill of Rights not the Bible, even though many aspects of those documents draw their basis from the Bible. To me it sounded like you were saying the Church and America were interchangeable. The Church is a part of this country but this country isn’t just the Church.

    I understand what you are saying that the deterioration of the Church is a large part of the deterioration of our nation’s Christian ideology and therefore our freedoms. I don’t disagree. But, again, with so many other ideologies and religions (or lack thereof) running around contrary to the Bible, isn’t it an inevitable result that over time and misplacement of the majority, this would happen? That’s what I mean by our freedoms of religion, free speech, etc have to allow and accept these other points of view which have now overtaken America.

    if the solution is the Church needs to repent and return to God, that will change the Church but will it change America? One can only hope. Wouldn’t we have to convert all Americans to believe what we believe? Politics seems to be the loudest voice wins, but if the Church isn’t the majority anymore how is that possible? I think what you mean is that the Church needs to more vocal and less complacent and a stronger presence in America so that our liberty isn’t taken away even more. If I misunderstand, I apologize. Thanks for your time.

    1. OK, here is why I say you do not quite understand this nation’s past (or present):

      “but there is still a separation of church and state.”

      This phrase is not in any of our founding documents. It was found in a letter Jefferson wrote to a church to assure them the government could not control their right to worship freely. Today, it has been perverted to mean we cannot have religion in government. THAT WAS NEVER THE FOUNDERS” POSITION! In fact, they said that a people without religion cannot and will not remain free.

      In the Founders’ Words: the Essential Role of Religion in Public and Civic Life

      Next: where we USED to bring in primarily English peoples, today, we are keeping them out and allowing people who have no intention of becoming an American into this nation. You see, you can be a citizen, but that does not make you an American. I tried to get you to read my post on this subject, but it would appear you didn’t. Franklin told us an American is someone who loves liberty, not just someone who lives in this nation. There IS a difference.

      As for the role of the Judeo/Christian faith: as it wanes, so will liberty — period! Look through human history and find me anywhere that the masses were truly free and the Judeo/Christian faith was not the primary influence. You cannot. It does not exist. THIS is why America is an “exceptional” nation: because it is the first and only nation TRULY founded and operated according to Christian principles. Again, Franklin told us this. When asked by a friend where they found the principles for the U.S. Constitution, Franklin replied “In the ancient Scriptures.” By that, he meant the Bible.

      Now, one last thing. The founders said we might come to a point where we would chose other religions, or no religion at all. They also said that, when this happened, we would lose our liberty — and we have! This nation is no longer free, not like it once was. But too few see that. This is the whole point of this post.

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