Talk About History Repeating: It’s About To Be 1912 All Over Again!

Now that it appears as though we are going to be forced to chose between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, it suddenly strikes me that we are about to repeat the election of 1912 — and with the same potential for damage to what little is left of our republic. In 1912, America had to chose between Progressive, Theodore Roosevelt, and Progressive, Woodrow Wilson.  Today, many have a favorable opinion of both men, but that is a condemnation of our ‘education’ system.  So, naturally, out of unnecessary ignorance, we are about to repeat all our old mistakes all over again.  But, before you follow the lemmings blindly over the cliff and into the abyss, at least make sure you understand what 1912 means for us today.

First, we need to understand that a ‘Progressive’ is an American term for ‘Socialist.’  This is not my ‘opinion,’ but the bold assertion of both Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson.  In fact, Wilson went so far as to say that, under the label ‘Progressive,’ America would be made to embrace Communism — and so it has.  In fact, these men had a great deal in common, as explained in this link and book:

Compare and Contrast Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson


Theodore and Woodrow: How Two American Presidents Destroyed Constitutional Freedom

“Either the Constitution means what it says, or it doesn’t.”

America’s founding fathers considered liberty a basic part of our nature―something to be guarded, not usurped by the federal government. As a result, they enshrined separation of powers and guarantees of freedom in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

But a little over a hundred years after America’s founding, those God-given rights were laid siege by two presidents―Republican Theodore Roosevelt and Democrat Woodrow Wilson―who cared more about the advancement of progressive, redistributionist ideology than the principles on which the country was founded.

Both men share something else in common.  One can easily make a convincing argument that they were the first of the 20th Century dictators.  If they weren’t, they certainly laid the foundation for them.  So, if they had so much in common, what made them different?  Well, basically, the same things that separate Hillary and Donald.

Teddy was a socialist who believed in national sovereignty (patriotism), a strong military and government control over privately owned business.  Essentially, Teddy was a Fascist, and so is Donald trump.  Trump shares most of the distinguishing characteristics of Teddy Roosevelt, right down to his pronouncements on immigration:

theadore immigration

On the other hand, Woodrow Wilson was a globalist.  He was the father of the League of Nations (the precursor to the UN).  He believed in the direct control, if not ownership, of everything in society by the government.  He also believed that the President should be an elected dictator, and he said so.  Essentially, Wilson was a Communist, and in his writings, he admitted to this.  This is who Hillary Clinton is, and she has said so.  She has self-identified as an ‘early 20th Century Progressive.’  Well, since Wilson wrested Progressiveness from Teddy after Teddy created it, we can assume Hillary was pointing to Wilson.

So there we go: we are about to chose between a Fascist and a Communist once again.  The first time, the Communist so screwed thing up that the Progressive movement had to change their name to ‘Liberal.’  America recognized them for what they were and they became so reviled that, for the better part of the next eight decades, Progressives had to hide their true identity and desires.  But now that America has forgotten, the Progressives have reclaimed their old name and are open about their agenda.  We survived their first attack — but just barely, and then as a much diminished shadow of our former selves.  I can’t help but wonder whether there are enough Americans left to salvage whatever is left this next go around.

As an aside, I can’t help but wonder: if the Progressives are correct, and the Constitution is irrelevant because we have ‘Progressed,’ how is it we are repeating ‘ancient history?’

[NOTE: I no longer think of my voice as anything special.  There was a time when I believed I had something important to say, but not so much these days.  I write now because I feel driven to do so.  Something inside me will not let me rest until I post the pages you just read.  I’d just as soon not bother anymore.  It all seems like no one is listening and I do more harm than good.  So I have come to trust that whatever it is driving me has all this under control.  Personally, I believe it is God, but others may not.  All I ask is that, if anything I write helps you, or you think it might help others in any way, please, share this page.  Re-blog it, share it on FB or send the link to your friends.  So long as you feel it will do more good than harm, then please, use this page however you wish.  Thank you.]


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