TRUTH: If You Push Gun Control, YOU are Part of the Problem

Yes!  If you push gun control, or even if you support gun control, you are as much a part of the problem with this nation as the criminals who are shooting people.  If this is you, I am certain you will disagree, but I can prove I am right in one sentence:

If passing a law can solve a problem with the human heart, then here is the proof that you do not need to pass gun control — in 1 sentence.


Do you understand?  If you think you need gun control to stop murder, then why do we have laws against murder?  Is it somehow different if a murder is committed with a gun as opposed to a knife?  I doubt the victim would think so.  Or do you think gun control will stop mass murder?  I can show you many cases that prove this is not true.  In fact, I can show you countless examples that prove the stricter the gun control laws, the more gun violence.

Murder is a matter of the human heart, not an inanimate object.  If a person has murder in their heart, the only thing that will stop them is another person who has a heart of protection.  There are many of us out here who will and, in many cases, already have placed themselves between innocent people and those with murder in their hearts.  So the people who seek to stop the good people in society from being properly equipped to protect are actually adding to the death count.  Yes!  If you stop a law-abiding citizen from being armed by pushing gun control, then the next time there is a mass shooting, the fault is not with the gun, but with you!  You are to blame because you stopped the good people in society from being able to save lives by killing the murderers among us.

Let me try to illustrate my point by recounting a science fiction story I read as a child.  A mercenary is stranded on an artificial planet that is designed to eliminate any and all weapons.  When the central intelligence computer controlling the planet detects a weapon, it makes the weapon disappear.  In essence, the planet was the ultimate form of gun control.  Shortly after this mercenary was stranded on this planet, he got in a fight and picked up a chair to use it as a weapon — the chair disappeared.  A short time later, the mercenary gets in another fight.  This time, he uses a wooden stick of some sort — the stick disappears.  This happens several times, and each time the planet made the weapon disappear.  However, by the end of the book, the planet had figured out that the mercenary was the weapon, and it made him disappear.

So here is the eternal truth: we cannot protect people by taking the necessary tools away from those who actually protect us.  This is cowardice and it leads to more death, not less.  So those people who push gun control are actually co-conspirators with the murderers.  If they would not push gun control, then good people would be armed and could prevent many innocent victims from being killed.  This is the truth, and the real world repeatedly testifies to the fact that this is the truth.  Anyone who argues otherwise is part of the problem: they are co-conspirators with the murderer.

One more thing.  Before anyone argues about intentions, don’t!  The road to hell is truly paved with ‘good intentions.’  Honestly, the ‘good intentions’ argument is just an attempt to assuage your conscience and deflect attention away from your own guilt.  And lest the reader think I am preaching, I say this as someone who confesses that I have used the ‘good intentions’ defense far too many times in my life.  Thankfully, I eventually grew up enough to recognize what I was doing and to understand that I have to accept responsibility for my actions.  So, please, don’t try to make the ‘goo intentions’ argument with me.  It’s an ignorant, cowardly and self-centered defense for doing something you know is wrong.



4 thoughts on “TRUTH: If You Push Gun Control, YOU are Part of the Problem

  1. Joe,

    Here we go again. Another 14 dead and 14 injured and we will see more calls for making all semi-automatic weapons illegal, smaller magazine sizes and even total confiscation. All the actions that will have no affect on this type of situation.

    We know all to well from history that instead of thousands being killed it will turn into millions being killed if all firearms are taken by law or force from patriotic American citizens.

    1. chhelo,

      The people calling for gun control do not care about history. Properly understood, history is Truth. But the Truth is not in the people calling for gun control. They are self-deceivers seeking to make themselves comfortable by forcing all of us to join them in their blindness…

  2. Joe,

    Will be interesting to see if they catch the perps. If it is a Muslim individual or small group it looks like they are changing their tactics. Looks like a timed attack, get in and out quickly and live to kill another day. This may become the new tip of the spear for bringing jihad to the US.

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