TRUTH: Religions are NOT Equal

NOTE: I want to start by making it clear that I do not believe ‘faith’ and ‘religion’ are equivalent ideas.  However, the difference between the two is a subject for a different post.  So, for the sake of clarity, I am going to use the term ‘religion’ in a broader sense.  For the purposes of this post and this post only, when I use the term ‘religion,’ I am referring to the belief in a specific god and the teachings and practices associated with how that god is defined and worshiped.

Those of us who live in Western society live in a world that has become infected with the notion of moral relativism.  Moral relativism is based on a contradiction: a lie of logic, if you will.  So, when we apply it to matters of religion and we assert or imply that all religions are equal, we are asserting a lie.  In all cases, this lie has eternal consequences in the hereafter.  However, in some cases, it also holds deadly consequences in the here and now.  This is because all religions are not equal.

At the heart of the argument that all religion is equal is the claim that all religions worship the same ‘entity or spirit force,’ or whatever term you may wish to use to describe this notion of an all-encompassing god.  But this, in itself, is a contradiction.  If we say there are many gods, such as the Hindus believe, then — by definition — there are no gods.  The logical reason for why this is true can be complicated, but it might help to think about it this way.  If I tell you there are many current Presidents of the United States, would you accept my claim, or would you see that this is a contradiction to what it means to be President of the United States?  By definition, we can only have one seated President at a time.  Likewise, by definition, there can only be one god.  As soon as we introduce the notion that there are many, the power that makes a god is divided.  Once this happens, neither is a god because neither is all powerful.  Right away, we can see that this places the Hindu religion in a different category from monotheistic religions, such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Now, in the case of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, they all claim to worship the same god.  In all three cases, this one god lays exclusive rights to be worshiped and clearly states that believers are to have no other gods.  So we have a claim by the Abrahamic religions to be above all other religions.  This is a claim of superiority.  Even if we wanted to do so, there is no way to reconcile the differences between these religions and all other polytheist religions.  Therefore, they can never be ‘equal.’  This fatally undermines the notion that all religions are equal.  Once we understand that the beliefs of these religions place them in direct contradiction with all other religions, we can only continue the belief that all religions are equal by suspending our use of reason.  In other words, to hold to the idea that all religions are equal, we have to intentionally break from reality.

But the inequality continues.  Even though the three Abrahamic religions claim to worship the same god, they do not.  Allah is not the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  The orthodox Jew would argue that the Christian does not worship the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, either.  To understand where the truth lies, we have to actually study the teachings of these three religions.  Once we do, we will find that the Christian does worship the same God as the Jew, the Jew just does not understand his prophecies well enough to recognize their fulfillment in Christ.  But in the case of Allah, Islamic teachings directly contradict teachings held in common between the Jews and Christians — namely the Trinity, which includes the divinity of the Messiah, Jesus Christ.  This means that — by definition — Allah cannot be Yahweh.  Therefore, Islam is not equal to Judaism and Christianity any more than polytheist religions are equal to the Abrahamis religions.

So, why does any of this matter?

Well, if you believe there is a higher power in this universe, a Creator, then it is important to know which religion is the ‘true’ religion.  This is because, in most cases, all religions teach that there is one way to redemption, and that it can only be found by following the teachings of a given religion.  In the case of the monotheistic religions, Jews believe you must follow the Law of Moses; Christians believe you must accept Christ as your Lord and Savior; and Muslims believe you must submit to the will of Allah — and even then it is up to whether or not Allah feels like letting you into heaven.  For the Muslim, the only sure way to redemption is to die as a martyr.

The point here is this: even within the monotheistic religions, the path to salvation is not equal.  If there is a god, then there is only one path to him.  For the same reason there cannot be many gods, there can only be one path to the one god.  This means that all religions are not equal and that means that it is not true that all belief is in the same being and will eventually lead to heaven.  That is called collective salvation, and it is yet another religion in contradiction with all the others.

The simple truth is, if you believe there is a god, then you must understand there is only one path to salvation, and if we want to spend eternity with god, it is essential that we discover which is that one true path and follow it.

[NOTE: I am a Christian.  I believe Christ is the One True Path to salvation.  I believe this because I studied the other religions, and I can show how all but the Jude/Christian faith are internally false.  But I am not going to try to force my faith on you: that is against Christ’s teachings.  You must seek for yourself.  If you want to know why Christ is the only way, this post may help:  TRUTH: Why Christ is the ONLY Way to God.  I would also be happy to answer specific questions.  Feel free to email me, the address is in the left margin.]



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