TRUTH: Everything You Think You Know About Social Security Is Probably A Lie

I have noticed an increase in Face Book posts from people claiming they have a ‘right’ to their Social Security.  They claim that the money they paid in is theirs and they deserve to get it back.  many even believe their money is in an account with their name on it.  I have made several comments to these people in which I have tried to explain to them that they have been lied to, but rather than ask me for more information, the majority of them attack me.  I guess they believe that they can make something true by screaming loud enough and long enough.  That didn’t work for me when I was a child and, whether these good folks understand this or not, it isn’t going to work for them, either.  Social Security is going to fail because it must fail.  It is Socialism, pure and simple, and Socialism always fails.  But, if you are one of the very few in our society who cares to learn and understand, I’ll try to explain why I say that you have no right to the money you paid in to Social Security and how I know the system must fail.

First, you need to understand that Social Security was never meant to actually help anyone.  It was just a means of opening the door to the incremental establishment of Socialism in this country.  You can know this is true because of what Social Security actually is and how it works.

Social Security is not a retirement fund, nor is it insurance.  The Social Security Act of 1937 and Subsequent Medicare and Medicaid programs established entitlements.  Under certain conditions, you are entitled to apply for Socialized income.  The Act then set up a system of taxes to pay for these Socialized payments.  These taxes are levied on your wages.  If you do not earn your income through wages as defined by the Social Security Act and amended by the IRS, then you do not have to pay these taxes.  However, under certain circumstances, you may be able to apply for and receive Socialized payments even if you have never paid Social Security taxes.  This is because your Social Security taxes are not yours.  they do not go into an account with your name on it.  They are taxes and go into the general fund like all other taxes.  You need to understand this.  Social Security is just a system that was set up to ease people into Socialism and government dependency and it was designed to be paid for off the wages of the very people who were being made dependent upon the new system — the wage earners.  This is the plain, simple truth about Social Security and Americans had better start understanding it.

Something else we had better come to grips with is that this system must fail.  It has to fail.  When the SS Act was passed, you had to be 65 before you could apply for Socialized payments.  But in the 1930s, over half of all Americans died before reaching the age of 65:

Table 1: Life Expectancy for Social Security
Year Cohort Turned 65 Percentage of Population Surviving from Age 21 to Age 65 Average Remaining Life Expectancy for Those Surviving to Age 65










What’s more, there were only 6.7 million people in the nation over 65 years of age.  Today, there are more than 34.9 million::

able 2: Americans Age 65  or Older 1880-1990


Number of Americans Age 65 or Older


 1.7 million
2.4 million
3.0 million
3.9 million
4.9 million
6.7 million
9.0 million
12.7 million
17.2 million
20.9 million
26.1 million
31.9 million
34.9 million

Take a look at the census numbers between then and now.  In the 1930’s, the number of people eligible to apply for Socialism was only 5% of the population, but in 2000, it was 12% and growing.  Now that the government is advertising for illegal aliens to enter the country and then allowing them to apply for socialism, the numbers are getting worse.  On top of all this, it has recently been announced that Americans have reached the point where the birth rate is below the point where a society can sustain itself and it does not take a genius to figure out that America is going to collapse.  But Social Security will collapse long before America does.  This is because — until just recently — the majority of those who were receiving Socialism got back more than they paid in Social Security taxes.

Now, you can find out more about Social Security and the various lies attached to it at this site:

The TRUTH About Social Security (FICA)

However, before you read through it, I want you to understand that it reads like a ‘conspiracy kook’ site.  The problem is, although it is a little stronger in some places than I think is warranted, the general argument on this site is correct: the government has elevated itself to the role of sovereign.  But then, this is the whole point of Socialism: to replace God with the State, then stab everyone else in the back as you scramble to seize control over that system.  In short, it’s despotism for eggheads and nerds who think they are smarter than everyone else but, in reality, are too weak and too cowardly to seize power the old-fashioned way — by force.


Another way you can know that Social Security is just Socialism in sheep’s clothing is by looking at the three municipalities in Texas that opted out of the SS system.

The Texas Model for Social Security Reform

How Three Texas Counties Created Personal Social Security Accounts and Prospered

Now, in the case of these three counties, the people actually do own the money they paid in, and they get more back than they would have ever received from Socialism payments.  They also have greatly increased benefits and the money can be passed on to their heirs when they die.  Also, these three counties are solvent.  they have no debt problems so their people have real, true security.

This is how a system that is meant to actually work should look.  But the government will never do anything like this with SS.  Why?  Because SS is about giving government control over your life — just like I said.  The system these three counties have places control in the hands of the individual worker.  That would never work for the Socialists who want to rule over you because, if you do not need them, they have no power.

Oh!  One other thing: the Socialists cannot allow such a system to go nation wide because it depends on the free market.  You see, the free market works, but that will not due because it does not fit the narrative.  Why, if you find out you can work hard, save, invest and actually get ahead without government, then you won’t need the Socialists.  And if you don’t need the Socialists, they lose their power.  You see, SS is exactly what I said it is when we started — about controlling you and making you dependent on government and the people who run it.


3 thoughts on “TRUTH: Everything You Think You Know About Social Security Is Probably A Lie

  1. Joe,

    The Social Contract desired by our Founding Fathers and the first American Citizen’s is dead.

    We have turned our lives over to the Social Engineering Progressive Zealots over the last 100 years.

    Every major U.S. Government program implemented since 1913 has done nothing other than place a ring in the nose of every single American citizen.

    This is what people do not understand nor do they want to accept. Sadly, it doesn’t matter whether they want to accept it or not. Most will still be too lazy to make the effort to take the time to educate themselves.

    They will vote for whomever lies to them with “if elected I will fix everything and give you things at the expense of others who owe it to you” and then fly off on Air Force One on another multi-million dollar vacation at tax payers expense.

    Break out the pitch forks!

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